10 Rohingya refugees picked up by police, sent to detention center


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : 10 Rohingyas refugees living in a make shift camp at Kanchan Kunj area of Jamia Nagar New Delhi have been picked up by Delhi Police and sent to detention center on Wednesday.

“Today morning the policemen came and took away 10 Rohingyas refugees to a detention camp near Shastri Park Metro station, named White House, said Salim Ullah.

Those picked up had valid documents / card from UNHRC.

When we approached the police station and asked why they picked up our people, one police officer said ‘we got the order from top level’ Salim Ullah told Muslim Mirror.

Last week six persons including three minors were sent to a detention after they were detained outside the Anand Vihar Railway Station.

The camp has been set ablaze twice in last fortnight allegedly by members of Hindu extremists groups, said another refugee.

“Uncertain about the future, refugees are trying to flee the camp. This persecution of the helpless refugees is condemnable and civil-society should do something about it, said Ravi Nair, the renowned human rights activist and researcher.

“The latest detention of Rohingyas by police is aimed at state assembly elections specially in Assam and Bengal.The fact is the government cannot send any Rohingya refugee back to their country by force as all of them have got valid UNHRC cards. They are just maligning India’s image on international forum for petty political gain by detaining Rohingyas ”  said advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad of Lawyers Council of India.

During one month almost 200 Rohingyas have been sent to detention centers , over 150 in Jammu itself.


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