12 Muslim families ‘forcibly’ converted to Hinduism


By Hasan Akram

12 Muslim families have been “forcibly” converted to Hinduism and they are now receiving threats saying that they would be driven out  of their village, Harewali, which is located in Delhi’s Bawana neighborhood, Urdu daily, Inquilab, reported on 22 May.

Choudhary Ikram, a village resident, who has filed a police complaint about the same, said, “They have been told if they have to live in the village they will have to live as Hindus only”. He added they are facing a threat to their lives.

Ikram maintained that the “forcibly converted” people are Muslims. They are performing Islamic prayers but they are being pressurised [to change their religious practices.

Advocate Anwar Siddiqui, who is helping the families with filing legal petitions in the court, has maintained the police have not taken necessary measures to save them from forced conversion.

The conversion took place in the wake of mainstream Indian media outlets’ efforts to portray Muslim as spreaders of Covid-19.

This began on 15 May when some people beat a man, Dilshad accusing him of spreading the coronavirus after he reached his village after attending a religious conference organised by Islamic missionary group, Tablighi Jamaat [in Bhopal, capital of the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Following the incident, a group of people “forcibly” took Dilshad’s family members to a temple and made them convert to Hinduism and drink cow urine. Later, they forced a total of 12 Muslim families to adopt Hinduism.

30 thoughts on “12 Muslim families ‘forcibly’ converted to Hinduism

  1. If it’s true, it’s very unfortunate.. Local police should take serious action against the culprits

    1. wah These Rss goons didnt know the value od religous diversity of india which was meintained by great legend Nehru

  2. Hello sir our PM. Mr.Modi, is this your sabka Saath sabka Vikas ????? What action are you going to take on this forced conversions ??? How you are going to secure these Muslim families from the threats they are receiving ??? Can they practice their own religion without any fear and with freedom ??? We wil wait to see your prompt action ???? Please……

    1. India is a democracy and constitution gives them the right to choose religion. There was no force and they have reverted back to the religion of ancestors.

      By the way the concept to convert people is only in Islam and Christianity. Modi ji should ban conversion sctivities of these religion in India. Reverts should be allowed but no conversions.

  3. Muslims are still sleeping about EVM which makes their votes of zero value , and too scared to speak…
    So this is your destiny from Allah, for being fools and not understanding the enemy’s quiet RSS EVM mischief…

  4. That Modi whoever he is needs a lesson, wake up Pakistan Army, words are not enough for India… Imran Khan, are your words just empty words…

    Muslim Arab Leaders are sleeping and lie in the same bed with other world leaders who instigate against islam..

    1. how can west solve growing muslim population.

      growing faster then rats

      any good suggestion.

      rss will reward you, nazis also

  5. Pm modi no is requested to intervene,it can damage the credibility of secular India and it can more devastating than covid 19,nip the evil in the bud ,with respect let these families be proud Indian muslims.hoping to look in it

  6. ye log muslim nahe hai ye khali muslim community mai darr paida karne wali news hai ye bohat badi shahzish horahe hai k Muslims community mai khouf paida kare bolke bus aur kuch nahe

  7. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means “the world is one family” text from Hindu holy script lost its true meaning in India.
    The government, judiciary, politicians,law enforcement on majority side they much options left.
    Instead of living in fear for ever it is better to live in ghettos like ”Johapura’ in Gujarat or ‘Bhiawndi’ in Mumbai is feasible option.
    Let’s carry the skills and sell the properties and relocate in Muslim majority. Not a majority of Hindus are bad but it doesn’t long to corrupt the minds by politicians.

    Jai Hind

  8. Very shameful matter ! No body have right to create pressue on particular choice ! Specually for religion !Modi is the evil ! World know that !

    1. These people left true Sanatan and Are thus doomed. The TRUE Sanatan is Islam. Sanatan simply means Straight path and that’s what Islam is….

  9. They themselves have came back to Sanatnan dharma as they were converted to Muslim few generations back….and forcefull conversions are not carried out in India ….its not Pakistan where all these happens

    1. Let them free and arrange a press conference with local Muslims, in the presence of
      advocate and tv ,print media .Are you ready? Warna wewastha ko thokar mar kar samatawadi Islam swikarne wale fir usi jagah kyun jayenge?wo raaste pe marte dalito ko roti aur pani to pilate nahi.

  10. Also, in hindu majority place conversions are reported for Muslims….they have been protected well by all indians ….and that’s the reason muslims are 25 crore now…at independence they were 4 crore only….

  11. muslims converted back to hinduism good.

    nobeards, topi,s and burqas.

    otherwise deport yo pak by bus, train,whatever

  12. Good, they are back to their original religion, all of pakisthan and indian muslims are hindus by blood, and only poor/illiterate hindus were brain washed and converted to islam…And it’s not a bad thing, while all islam ,arab nations won’t allow to practise hinduism why should we allow you people where we are majority , go to your place or come back to your original religion

  13. There’s no compulsion in Islam! The hindus who chose Islam found freedom have you met these people?maybe you should!

  14. Have you ever been to mewat mev muslims raping dalit hindu children and killing people for not accepting Islam,,, tell me the truth is it the Islam to raep non Muslims and forcefully conversions why you didn’t raised your voice when your own people were doing this sin…

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