Abbas Ansari the son of Mukhtar Ansari breaks record in national shooting


Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: In the 63rd national shooting champion competition, Abbas Ansari once again illuminated the name of Ansari family and qualified for the National Shotgun Shooting Range. The shooting competition held at Karni Singh Shooting Range, New Delhi.

Abbas Ansari is the son of Mukhtar Ansari, who is a current member of legislative assembly from district Mau, Uttar Pradesh.

Significantly, just a few days back, UP Police has seized 06 licensees from Ansari’s residence in Delhi, saying that Abbas Ansari is not a shooter, but he has achieved this feat with cheating. By registering his name in the list of famous shooters of the country Ansari has proved that UP Police claims were false and baseless.

However a score of 95 is required for the national qualification, but Abbas scored 105, performing even better than the qualification requirement.

On Ansari’s tremendous achievement, coach, senior players, and officials associated with the sports department congratulated him. As well, he is getting praise for taking the title of renowned shooter even in odd circumstances.

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