27 Sikhs killed in Kabul gurdwara attack


KABUL, Afghanistan : A worship place for Afghanistan’s Sikh minority was attacked by armed terrorist in the capital Kabul on Wednesday, killing 27 people, a parliamentarian said.

At least four terrorists stormed the gurdwara in old Shor Bazar area, a densely populated neighborhood, at around 07:45 a.m. local time (0315GMT), Interior ministry spokesman Tareq Aryan told Anadolu Agency.

“The special forces of police are busy in clean-up operation inside the compound,” he added.

According to Narendra Singh Khalsa, the only parliamentarian of the marginalized Sikh community, there were at least 150 worshippers and residents inside the worship place at the time of the attack.

Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack through their propaganda site.

The Afghan government, the U.S and Indian embassies in Kabul as well as Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry have condemned the attack.

For years, the Sikh community in Afghanistan lived on the margins of the society. But, they were never targeted in the deadly fashion until Daesh terrorists blew up a generation of its community leaders in a suicide attack in Jalalabad city in July 2018.

The Afghan Sikhs and Hindus generally reside in communal compounds, in an apparently secluded environment to protect and preserve their cultural and religious identity.

Sikhs and Hindus gather in worship places on Fridays — a holiday in the country when markets generally remain closed — to cook vegetarian food, eat and pray together for peace and prosperity.

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    1. coordinator is likely terrorist nagpur shakha..

      Shameful act, the perpetrator and planners should all be hanged in public.

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