4 Kashmiri students attacked by a mob in Rajasthan’s Mewar University

A injured Kashmiri student

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi:  Four Kashmiri students were beaten up in Rajasthan’s Mewar University on November 22.

The attack was carried out by a mob of close to 70 people.

The attacked students have been identified as Bilal Ahmad Dar, an LLB student, Ishfaq Ahmad Qureshi, a BTech student, Tahir Majeed, BBA student and Mohammad Ali, a student of B Pharma.

One of the thrashed students is injured and admitted in a hospital.

“Four Kashmiri students’ beaten up, One Injured in Meewar University Rajasthan. Students were thrashed by a mob of 70 people. They said we were attacked with knifes, rods. The Students who were thrashed by Mob were identified bilal Ahmad dar, (LLB Student), “tweeted social activist Nasir Khuehami.

An argument took place between students from Kashmir and Bihar in the university during the day. The situation was resolved after the Dean and the Proctor of the varsity intervened in the matter.


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