Medicines and other essentials distributed among Rohingya refugees



NEW DELHI OCT 10; A team of doctors and volunteers led by Congress leader  Salman Nizami visited Rohingya refugee camps and distributed relief, medicines and other materials among the refugees on friday. The team conducted a two-day free medical camp and  distributed medicines, food items and cloths among them.

Even poor countries like Bangladesh are ready to embrace Rohingyas and donate some foods from their own plate to feed them. What disgrace Modi govt is  bringing to India’s culture by shutting door on Rohingya’s face?  This never was India’s tradition”  said Nizami

The Myanmar govt has been carrying out genocide against Rohingyas which is tantamount to declaring a war.” Mentioning the worldwide criticism against Myanmar govt, added Nizami

‘A vested quarter of hindutva brigade is hatching conspiracy capitalizing on the Rohingya problem for political benefit, said Nizami.

He urged the countrymen to remain alert against such conspiracy and appealed the people to come forward and help the Rohingya Refugees”.

‘Our team will visit each Rohingya camps in India and distribute food, medicines and essentials among the refugees and  will ensure their safety on humanitarian grounds, asserted Nizami.


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