A Muslim Charge-sheet against Congress


Jawaharlal-Nehru-Indira-Gandhi-Sardar-PatelBy Dr M Anees Ahmad, MM Exclusive,

Muslims should not vote in favour of Congress because:

(1) A Momin does not get wounds from the same burrow twice. However, Congress under the guise of welfare constantly causes damage to Muslims.

(2) Right from its inception the Congress functions as a ‘B’ team of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS. It everlastingly boasts of Hindu communal forces which are hell-bent on implementing Sangh Parivaar agenda through the Congress.

(3) Ballabh Bhai Patel may rightly be equated with today’s Narendra Modi. He was irretrievably a key member of the Congress Party as well as the government. In fact he was in charge of such sensitive ministry as Home Affairs.

(4) If the members and activists of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS were involved in the Pre-independence anti-Muslim riots so too the Congress stalwarts and a majority of its cadre are equally accountable for the crime.

(5) There are documentary evidences to corroborate the fact that the merchants sympathetic to the Congress tacitly supported the rioters of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS. They also served the British rulers with ‘As you may be pleased’ to keep their (British rulers) mouth shut. These merchants also absolutely ensured that the police under the British rulers functioned in the same way as for example the Gujarat Police did under the Modi government in 2002. The riot report of and around 1942 is replete with the references to the same.

(6) During the anti-Muslim riots in the aftermath of partition Ballabbh Bhai Patel was the Home Minister. The ordeal the Muslim underwent at Delhi and surrounding areas is now part of history.

(7) The Muslim discriminatory policy was initiated as well as practically demonstrated by the Congress only.

(8) Much before the independence the colonial rulers conducted provincial elections. Congress came to power in several provinces. The Chief Ministers of the Congress ruled provinces were shot with a secret circular of the Congress Working Committee meeting presided over none other than Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The said secret circular specifically instructed the Congress Chief Ministers to take the following actions:

a)  In the first place should not be posted in any key positions.

b)  No  Muslim police officer or constable should be posted in areas where they require arms. They (Muslim police officers) are assigned such duties where they may be managed without arms. The said secret circular contained some nine or ten instructions which were basically aimed at rendering Muslims toothless and powerless so that in case of communal violence they are not in a position to defend even themselves.

(9)  As a matter of fact, save a handful of such secular and moderate leaders as Aruna Asaf Ali, Subadhra Joshi and Hare Krishn Mehtab, the Congress leadership as well as the cadre was predominantly occupied by bigot Sangh and Mahasabha mentality.

(10)  For the past 65 years, but for a brief period of 8-9 years, Congress had a directly or indirectly ruled the nation. This 8-9 year rule is not a continuous one rather is in two parts with a gap of 12-15 years in between. The ‘indirect’ is only a technical term to denote direct non-Congress rule. Otherwise during these years too, it enjoyed substantial say in the government. During this period the Muslims faired from worse to worst. Congress is the major culprit for letting the Muslims down in all respects. The social, educational and economic destruction of Muslims is the result of government policies coupled with the full-fledged implementation of these anti-Muslim policies by the administration. These facts are confirmed by the Sachar Committee Report – the high power committee appointed by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh under the Chairmanship of Justice (Ret’d) Rajendra Sachar. The same is the case with other almost half a dozen high power commission reports. Actually, these Commissions were formed, from time to time, to assess that how far has the goal of reducing the Muslims to the level of Dalits been achieved.

(11)   The prejudice and Muslim hatred of the administration, police and security forces is quiet manifest. The book by the former IPS Officer Vibhuti Narayan and other such books – as do more than a dozen reports of judicial commissions that probed the anti-Muslim communal riots – reinforce the Muslim apathy of the government and the administration. There has never been a serious effort – either on the part of the government or the administration – to put into practice the recommendations of these reports. The various reports of the police reform commission too, stand witness to the anti-Muslim attitude.

(12)   In Jammu and Kashmir the Chattisingh Pura massacre and Pathribal police encounter is a Cold Blooded Murder. The forces which committed these unlawful and criminal acts then and even today enjoy unconditional Congress patronage.

(13)   The Congress Party, government and the administration are equally responsible for the prejudice and the injustice meted out to Urdu in the country. However, the Congress shares the major blame for the simple reason that the entire efforts to annihilate Urdu were made during its rule.

(14)   In and post 1977 we observed that each time Congress weakened Urdu acquires a new lease of life. There exists a direct relationship between the progress of Urdu and downfall of Congress. Moreover, it is the consequence of the collapse of the Congress that Muslim could garner political privilege, however little it may be.

(15)   The demolition of  Babri Masjid is yet another glaring example of the tyrannies of the Congress. In December 1950 the idols were secretly smuggled into the Mosque. At that time Congress ruled all the states without any exception in the country. It was the Congress, who instead of freeing the Mosque from the illegal occupation, locked up the Mosque, and thus deprived the Muslim of their fundamental right to say prayers in the Mosque. Then again in 1980, the Congress government opened lock and permitted 24 hour puja. It was telecast live on the state owned television channel DoorDarshan. This action created a kind of hysteria among the fascist forces of the country.

(16)   The Shilayanyas on wakf land of the Babri Mosque was carried out by the Congress. Rajiv Gandhi began his last election campaign from Ayodhya with the promise to establish Ram Rajya in the country.

(17)   The demolition of Babri Mosque is the darkest eyesore on the face of Narsimha Rao’s Congress government. Police, security forces and administration are subordinate to and under the direct control of the central government. Had the central government wished, it could have easily protected the four hundred and fifty year old national heritage and the place of worship of more than twelve crore citizens. Ironically (or so) Moni Baba (Narsimha Rao) slipped into coma from 12:00noon to 05:00pm whereas the police and judiciary were just a mute spectator. Idols were installed in the make-shift temple on the Mosque debris. All of this took place under the watchful eyes of Congress government.

a)  The dismissal of Kalyan Singh government was mere an eyewash drama.

b) Police and security forces oversaw the safe passage – of the culprits and several lakh Karsewaks – out of Ayodhya.

(18)  Congress government is to be blamed for the inadvertent delay in the settlement of title suit of Babri Mosque.

(19)   A substantial time period elapses since Sachar Committee is made public. Should the government genuinely concerned about it action could have been taken on at least 75% – 80%, if not hundred percent of its recommendations. However, uptill now it is only all talk and no substance, promises and substantially negligible paper work.

(20)    The Congress is to be squarely blamed for developing the communalism in teh security forces, intelligence and bureaucracy. The majority of security forces is anti-Muslim. 90% – 95% of intelligence and bureaucracy is fascist and implements the agenda of Sangh Parivar. Congress never made sincere efforts to rectify the condition, rather it is the result of its blindfold attitude and practical support.

(21)  Sweets were distributed in the IAS Academy at Dehradun soon after the demolition of Babri Mosque on December 6, 1992.

 Clash of Civilisations by Samuel P. Huntington and End of History by Francis Fukuyama are taught as text books at the IAS Academy of Dehradun. Both of them are known anti-Muslim and anti-Islam scholars.

(22)  In 2001 the US declared ‘War on Terror’. This foreign policy of US was made an essential ingredient of the Indian national policy framework. The then National Security Advisor M.K. Naryanan is the architect of this U-turn in the internal policy. He continued in this position even in the UPA government which came to power after the NDA. He in full connivance with the then Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil caused irreparable loss to the Muslims of the country. The anti-Muslim communal riots strategy was cunningly converted into bomb blasts. This feat is attributed to the joint efforts of RSS, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Narayanan and Shiv Raj Patil (the Brahman Congress leader from Maharashtra). Consequently, a series of bomb blasts rocked the nation. Ironically, the blame for all of this mischief was put on Muslim youths. This strategy proved more lethal than the communal violence. The policy of branding the entire Muslim community as terrorists is still followed by the IB and ATS under the supervision of Congress and saffron bureaucracy. Those who should have been behind the bars enjoy the comforts of Raj Bhawan in return of their Anti-Muslim stance. Obviously, Congress is guilty of this reward to them for their Muslim hatred.

(23)  The latest innovation of communal Congress is the creation of so called fake Indian Mujahideen and other such organisations.

(24)    The credit for the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir and Manipur (North East India) goes to the Congress. Also the credit for bringing to naught the efforts of Hemant Karkare too goes to the Congress and NCP.

(25)   Former IG of Maharashtra Police S.M. Musharraf is his book Who Killed Karkare reveals that bomb blasts in the country are carried out by the IB. Also, the IB is actively involved in capturing the Muslim youths. The IB is an important department of Home Ministry and functions directly under the Prime Minister Office. Therefore, Congress is guilty of incessant repression.

(26)  Under these circumstances Muslim should decide for themselves where would their so called Congress worship lead them to?

(27)  As a matter of fact at the Centre as well as state levels such governments should come to power which are totally devoid of Congress and RSS elements.

(28)   A non-Congress, non-BJP third or fourth front may only be a viable proposition that may guarantee law and order in the country.

Mind you! Small and regional parties would be always in the  interests of the minorities and Muslims.

Last and the most important point that unless and until Muslims acquire power, the Muslim would continue to be menial servants of Sonias, Priyankas, Rahuls, Mayas, Mamtas, Mulayams etc. and will not get the respect they deserve. 

(Dr M Anees Ahmad is convenor of Muslim Siyasi Bedari Forum , Lucknow he can be contacted at Email: siyasibedari@gmail.com, Mob -9918133465 )


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  1. Very well summerise from independent to till date but not advice where should we go.what will be future stratigy

  2. Look everybody…the traitor in M Anees Ahmad speaks in full force…Anees Ahmad congratulations, you are an ideal jehadi and true promoter of the cult conceived by Mohammad i.e the ISLAM…

    Your chosen words will reverberate for times to come…

    “Mind you! A strong and stable centre is not beneficial for Muslims. The more the centre is weak, the more the Congress and the BJP are weak, when the small and regional parties would dominate the interests of the minorities and Muslims will be safe.”

    1. Your chosen words will reverberate for times to come…

      “Mind you! A strong and stable centre is not beneficial for Muslims. The more the centre is weak, the more the Congress and the BJP are weak, when the small and regional parties would dominate the interests of the minorities and Muslims will be safe.”

      If there is any muslim who does not want to spit on your face for saying that, he too should be kicked out of India(into Pakistan).

  3. Shall i , u should make another muslim league so we will gain for a hindu nation but this time u will sidelined for example ,falisteen.

  4. Your job seems to be posting anti Muslim comments for RSS/IB/NIA/Congress/BJP. I am eager what kind of salary package they offer to half educated intellectuals like you.

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