A R Rahman defends his daughter’s right to wear Hijab, posts another photo in Hijab


By MM Staff

New Delhi : Grammy and Academy Award winning musician A R Rahman has defended his daughter’s right to wear Hijab.

The musician’s daughter Khatija had donned a Hijab, covering her body in its entirety, save for the eyes during the Slumdog Millionaire 10th anniversary celebrations.

AR Rahman responded to criticisms over daughter Khatija’s  choice to wear a Hijab .Her conservative appearance was met with criticism with Rahman himself being called out for “forcing” his daughters to dress modestly.

Several people on the internet expressed their shock at seeing Khatija dressed so conservatively, especially since Rahman is an internationally-acclaimed musician with a diverse musical repertoire. Some also accused him of forcing his daughter to dress in a niqaab.

However, instead of being apologetic, the music maestro  responded to the critics by posting another photograph of his daughter  wearing a Hijab along with Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani with the hashtag #freedomtochoose.

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    • Freedom of choice ??? Don’t contradict yourself. In Quran , Muslim women are ordered to wear hijab.Its a mandatory requirement. There is no option to choose but comply. ‘Freedom of choice’ words from Muslims are nothing but sugar coated lies to win argument over kafirs.

      Forcing to wear hijab is cruel and using ‘freedom of choice’ words for it is clearly against quranic principles.

  1. He is indeed progressive as:

    – He is composing music.
    – He is associated with the film industry.
    – His Wife & another Daughter don’t wear Hijab.

    He is not forcing his progressivness on his family:

    – As he does not object to his daughter wearing the Hijab/Niqab.


      • My reply would be same as i have given to Iqbal. Didn’t want to write same reply twice. So you can reply to that if you would like to.

    • Wearing a hijab does not mean that it is their social backwardness. They are as free and open as you and I are. Maybe you need to mingle with them to get to know yourself.

      • In Islam, woman is like a parrot in the cage.. she may get protection by wearing hijab but has no freedom.. it is very unfortunate that muslims defend hijab. You know more than 50% Indian Muslim women are illiterate… no education, no job.. only child production machine…

  2. Every Muslim women aren’t forced to wear a niqab. We are not socially backwards. Why is it when someone is in the public eye they have to criticise what their families are doing, it’s none of any ones business but there’s. Have a good hard look at yourself

  3. To be naked or half naked was the practice of stone ages. Some people follow it even today and are proud of it and imagine that it makes them progressive. The West believes offering wife and daughter to get is kindness and hospitality. The practice is in Vogue in parts of India too. In North some marry only one woman to all the brothers so that there is unity and no division in property. Progress is not arrested by hiding the body parts. To be naked or half naked is regressive and shameless and animal like.

  4. Hijab is a most civilised dignified way of representation of a women in a society.
    In Ancient India people do not wear complete dress and now they r wearing.
    Nobody can say nudity is a civilised way of representation.
    Wearing hijab is a welcoming approach from women bcos it simply shows how u want to represent yourself in your society.


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