A young Muslim IT engineer beaten to death by Hindu Rashtra Sena men over morphed FB posts in Pune

Members of Hindu Rashtra Sena with its leader Dhananjay Desai ( in white Pajama and Kurta).

By Muslim Mirror News,

PUNE: The defamatory pictures and  derogatory references  about the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackery, Chhatrapati Shivaji and other Hindu gods which were shared on Facebook on Saturday, and later re-circulated on WhatsApp, by a Hindu boy finally resulted into the death of a  young Muslim IT engineer from Solapur who was living in Pune.

Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh

Aaccording to reports in the Indian Express and Hindustan Times. A Muslim IT professional, who was no in way connected to the circulation of the pictures, was attacked by the mob and killed, say the news reports.  The Indian Express  report says, “Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, a 24-year-old from Solapur district was beaten to death by a mob after he was returning home” from offering namaz. His friend Riyaz who was with him when the attack took place told the paper, “Moshin was targeted because he was wearing a skull cap and had a beard.” The police arrested seven people associated with the Hindu Rashtra Sena (right-wing fringe group) and the chief of this outfit Dhananjay Desai, adds the IE report. This isn’t the only incident of violence that the pictures have caused.  According to Indian Express, the photos have triggered communal tension in the city as  “activists of Hindu outfits and political organisations indulged in violence and arson and more than 200 public transport buses and private vehicles were damaged in the past two days.”

Notably  it was  Nikhil Tikone , a Hindu boy  from Kasba Peth , Pune who uploaded defamatory pictures of Shivaji and Bal Thackeray  under the name of ‘Nihal Khan’ which triggered violence against Muslim community in the city.

A police team reached the spot soon but the assailants fled from the spot, leaving behind their motorcycles and wooden  sticks. Police seized three motorcycles that helped in identifying the assailants. The arrests were made on Tuesday. Mohsin was admitted to a private hospital where he was declared dead around 1 am.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) Manoj Patil said all seven accused are associated with the Hindu Rashtra Sena.

However, before his arrest, Hindu Rashtra Sena chief Desai told The Indian Express that his outfit was not involved in the murder. “We understand that circulating derogatory pictures is a cyber crime but the problem cannot be solved by killing innocent persons. We did condemn the uploading of derogatory pictures, but we did not plan attacks on innocent persons. We have branches across the state and there is no incident of attack carried out by our activists till now,” Desai said.

Nikhil Tikone
Nikhil Tikone: Photo by Pune Mirror

The Crime Branch of Pune summoned Hindu Rashtra Sena chief Dhananjay Desai for questioning and arrested him in connection with an earlier case at Pune Cantonment police station, relating to distribution of objectionable pamphlets in March this year.

Desai, according to the police, is a history-sheeter who has been named in 23 cases of extortion, rioting and other criminal offences. Being a chief of Hindu Rashtra Sena whose members have already been arrested by police for murder of 24-year-old IT professional Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh in Hadapsar on Monday, police will certainly question him regarding the case during their thorough investigation.

Last year he was also questioned by crime branch police in connection with the murder of anti-superstition activist Dr Narendra Dabholkar.

Hindu Rashtra Sena (HRS) was formed about a decade ago by Desai, who hails from Mumbai and currently stays at Paud in Pune district, the HRS is known for its aggressive agitations on Hindutva issues. On several occasions Desai has shared stage with controversial right-wing leaders like Pramod Muthalik of Shri Ram Sene and Himani Savarkar of Abhinav Bharat, members of which have been arrested by state ATS for their involvement in Malegaon 2008 blasts. He was chief guest at a function to release a book by Sanatan Sanstha activist Vikram Bhave, who has been convicted by session court in the Thane blast case.

HRS was in news for the attack on Star News office at Mumbai in April 2007 ( for telecasting a news item on a Hindu girl falling in love with a Muslim youth) and for staging protests outside Dutt’s Mumbai residence in May 2013 claiming that he was being given VIP treatment in jail.

The HRS had also taken an aggressive stand in support of Lt Col Prasad Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya and other Hindu radicals arrested in the Malegaon blast case by state ATS lead by late Hemant Karkare.

The derogatory photographs, uploaded on Facebook and circulated through WhatsApp on Saturday, triggered communal tension in the city as activists of Hindu outfits and political organisations indulged in violence and arson. More than 200 public transport buses and private vehicles were damaged in the past two days and incidents of arson, stone-pelting and rioting were reported from many parts of the city reports The Indian Express.

Later the dead body of Mohsin was taken to his native place in Solapur where last rituals were performed by his family and relatives

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  1. BJP/ Modi victory has emboldens Hindu communal, violent, fanatic elements like VHP, bajrang Dal, SS, Ram sena. These radical forces in the name of Hinduism are inciting Hindu masses and creating conditions that provoke ordinary members of their community against minorities. RSS through its affiliates, created most violent & fanatic , terror gangs like VHP and Bajrang Dal. these VHP, BD, RS inflicts pain, humiliation, intimidation, torture, death on minority population. My question is who has control over them? can Mr. Modi answer this. Is this what Modi refers as good governance.

    • is it true that in all Muslim countries, organizations like RSS and others instigate violence. Comedy got its own limit Sir

      • Dear Deepak, more than one crore Hindus are employed by Muslims in Middle East and in South East Asia supporting nearly ten crore Indians. These Indians enjoy the life in heaven except few exceptions. Be thankful to them. Why blame on Muslim countries.

        • Dear Shuja, more than 20 core Muslims are employed by Hindus’the divine human kind’ in Hindosthan. So, Muslims must be thankful to Hindus. Stop blaming Hindus for all this.

          • Dear Ramji Sharma…..over 20 crore muslims are lived in india, it is their own country, they work for their own beloved country and Indian Government provide employment for all national citizens whether they are hindu or muslims or whatever religion they belongs to, so every indian should be thankful for their country not for any Hindu.

    • why you r trying to Pull MODI in to this there is no connection its just that something uploaded on fcebook and there was an irruptiion nothing to AGAINST MINORITY ONLY….if you remember ( or wish to remember) earlier similar case happened during JAMES LANE BOOK ..paras..and BHANDARKAR INSTITUTE RUN BY BRAHMINS WAS ATTACKED SIMILARLY.. so anybody who will say anything against SHIVAJI may face irruption as HE IS A ROLE MODEL FOR MAHARASHTRIANS & INDIA …i can understand you are still not able to digest BJP win ..but why you r trying to pull them in this case …didnt you find similarity when MOMD. PAIGAMBER was sketched..there was muslim irruption all over the world much more people were killed ..!!! why you think that other religions should remain secular ..and muslims can do anything ?

  2. those who is involved in this mission i don’t know they are hindus or muslims . but i want to say one thing about that gang …. they are not come from one father…….. and for that mother’s shame on you giving birth that busterds…….think b4 when some gang want to do this mission .. fight with poorness , why fighting with innocent people ……….. think ur self . when thinking about like this mission……

  3. where is Mr. modi sir what he playning for stop this voilence .. inn shaa allah i hope mr modi cannot taking any wrong step.. ..

    • this case is a local one to be handled by congress government in maharashtra …NOTHING TO DO WITH MR.MODI & BJP …dont try pull them here

    • Modi is a CM not God. How do you expect him to control the stupidity of a whole mass of people all over the country? Especially when we have stupid rioters all over the country. Instead of waiting for politicians to protect us, we should try to change our own attitudes first.

  4. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace and give Jennah in Ahirat . Ameen.

    Pray to Allah to protect Muslims from these people .

  5. When Allah was drawn as cartoon, (not even defamed), the entire Muslim world protested and how many were killed.. Before pointing others mistakes, correct yourself

    • In this case mr intelligent its a hindu nikhil tikone himself posted objectionable content of his own religion / religious leaders and these super intelligent sena group went and killed the person of a different community.
      As for the killings of innocent people is wrong everywhere. Here we indians are talking about the wrong happening in our country. When a saudi comes to reason with you, then you give your logic to him! SOmething wrong for one community is always wrong for other community too , no matter which part of the world. Injustice is wrong. Dont try to undermine a crime because other people do it too. Next we will see you will murder someone as say so and so also commited the same crime so its okay.. No its not! Use your brains or go back to school!!

      • The point is that some people like to believe they are more victimised than others. Drawing Saraswati nude was wrong, drawing Mohammed or Thackeray objectionably is also wrong, and yet the media and peopel react differently when its a Hindu figure being insulted vs a Muslim figure. And as a result, in the end, riots happen. Its all just gangsterism.

  6. This news is wrong …..! Nikhil tikone is my friend. He doesn’t uploaded such photos .. this news paper is spreading wrong information about nikhil tikone …. ! Please ignore this news otherwise I will compliant against newz paper..

  7. This is open murder of a youth just because he is muslim,A young 24 years youth was killed without any crime or mistake.His only mistake is that he is Muslim,This is terrorism.Now Muslims are being terrorized by these Hindu out fits belong to sangh parivar group and by state terrorism,We know young muslim youths are being harassed,booked in false cases,put into jails and Media is demoralise them by publishing base less false stories.Now all educated citizens of our country know the same,We should fight this injustice to protect the dignity of our country

    • you are living in INDIA ..here is democracy & courts powerful to give punishment even if person belong to MAJORITY …not like PAKISTAN ..recently Mr .HAMID MEER WAS BANNED AND HIS NEWS CHANNEL WAS closed down since he trying oppose ISI

      • why you people always give references of Pakistan…… this all is happening in ur India and its largest domocratic country in world un like pakistan. we must acknowledge wrong things.

        • Masood,

          First of all, some Indians do ack wrong things perpetrated by right wing factions (irrespective of their religious background). Period.

          >>this all is happening in ur India….
          Are you a pakistani?
          If not, I won’t mind bashing you and being labelled as a fundamentalist hindu.
          I was never communal in my life.
          Never ever write anything like above if you are an Indian.

      • Yes, what type of democracy we live in! and the courts of law with due respect at least admit the deceptive/false framing of charges against muslims but after a very long period when the innocent presented as culprit is already victimised by the Police for around 12-15 years in police lockups and jails. Now the Pune Police Commissioner Mr. Saitsh Mathur says ‘we can’t arrest anybody without proof’. Well said, but in our democracy it applies only to the majority, while minority innocents can be arrested even without any charge from their bedrooms while sleeping and kept behind bars for years without chargesheet. What a democracy! what a shame…

        • Oh right as if Hindus never get arrested falsely or never get victimised. Stop playing the victim card everytime, my dear Muslim citizen and then we can see real progress.

  8. Why do you people want to kill Salman rusdie and guys who made mohammed cartoons ? same reason this guy was killed..idiot fanatics are everywhere

    • In this case mr intelligent its a hindu nikhil tikone himself posted objectionable content of his own religion / religious leaders and these super intelligent sena group went and killed the person of a different community.
      As for the killings of innocent people is wrong everywhere. Here we indians are talking about the wrong happening in our country. When a saudi comes to reason with you, then you give your logic to him! SOmething wrong for one community is always wrong for other community too , no matter which part of the world. Injustice is wrong. Dont try to undermine a crime because other people do it too. Next we will see you will murder someone as say so and so also commited the same crime so its okay.. No its not! Use your brains or go back to school!!

    • It’s simple, ‘coz salman rushdie is a criminal who himself wrote ‘satanic verses’, but this poor innocent youth was never involved in any act of blasphemy. Don’t you understand the meaning of a criminal and an innocent. Here the HRS workers are core criminals and their leader Desai is a murderer, they must be punished severely.

      • if salman rushdie is criminal so is “Praying to Allah”…Does it mean we should sentence all religious Muslims to gallows.

        • IC,

          How can “Praying to Allah” be a crime? Each one of us have the right to pray as we like. I am a hindu and I do respect a muslim’s right to practice his prayers.
          However, I won’t respect a muslim who puts his religion before India.

  9. guys…. please dont associate these HRS-bastards with hinduism…. mr modi should just ban and dismantle this organisation with help of CBI. they are an outlawed organisation. just see their name-

    HINDU- no one preaching violence is a hindu by any definition.
    RASHTRA-means national- what sort of nationalism preaches killing our own citizens?
    SENA-army- an army doesn’t attack unarmed men in hinduism….

    • I don’t think Mr. modi has guts to ban or dismantle these kind of any organisation…the time will see more events like this.

        • Why should it be only Modi? What about those leaders who preach hatred other than him? And such idiots exist in both Hindus AND Muslims AND even Christian (through their missionary programmes). Let’s all wake up and change our mindset first.

    • Well said Ashwin.

      We know people like HRS mentality are very few and most of Hindu brothers r Broadminded like you.

      Hope we see this is mindset in all Indians….

  10. Hindu rashtra sena should be banned and all its goons should be taken behind bars. If i was given some authority i will shoot them in one line..I request all my brothers not to get provoked to any kind of violence after this incident.Be united to deal with these kinds of facists bloody criminals.One important thing also please don’t try to defame or malign people who are of national importance.

    • This is not that simple dear Arjun. It was quite pre planned, it is reported that Nikhil Tikone , a boy from Kasba Peth , Pune who uploaded defamatory pictures of Shivaji and Bal Thackeray under the name of ‘Nihal Khan’ which triggered violence against Muslim community in the city. If our law agency don’t address this properly at the right time another incident may happen within a week/fortnight. We should take out such criminals and handover them to the Police before they harm our society. It is obligatory for both communities whether hindu/muslim. BUT, do you think our Police is so unbiased??? Although few cases from majority also suffered a lot by unfairness of Police, but they are of different nature.
      While Pune and Nagpur are the epicentres since more than a century to create such animosity against a particular community by showcasing them as monster for Hindu community. Ultimately this helps them to divert the minds of community and practice the old hypothesis of inequality, making them super humans.
      If the centre wishes to grab these people from their dens it’s not a big deal for them. BUT, IB….???

      • Btw its a false news so PLEASE STOP SPREADING THESE LIES. Its not even that boy Tikone after all. He was framed as well.

  11. This is some new Outfit who is trying to malign the new Government at the centre. Dont fall for this , they do not represent BJP RSS or SS. Just by namking Hindu rashtra Sena they dont belong to BJP. This is just to cut Hindutva votes in coming elections in Maharashtra. As always.

    • How the new Govt. at the centre get maligned? dealing law & order situation is the State Govt. responsibility. So, it’s clear that Hidutva supportive groups want to malign the state Govt. to get benefits in the coming assembly election. Now its duty of the state Govt. to react against these perpetrators strongly to make an example in future for these type of hired goons to think twice/thrice before committing such crimes. They should be punished severely, we’ll see the role of judiciary now!
      India will prosper only when justice prevails equally for all citizens without discrimination.

  12. This is so very cave men like behavior…Article 66A should be removed and blasphemy should be allowed in internet virtual world(if not in real world). It is only if free expression becomes norm that such hate crimes in the name of religion will stop.

    • Better you keep mum, if you don’t understand the seriousness of the problem. Article 66A should be exercised rigorously and implemented impartially. We should teach our children good things, to respect other human beings and their corresponding religions, blasphemy should not be allowed at all, which delivers nothing but ‘hatred’. We have lot of things to build our country, our nation. When will we be serious. People like you are very secured and earn bread and butter even if the system is closed for a week or so, but millions of poor earn their bread only (not butter) on daily basis. If they don’t go to work their children sleep empty stomach. You are well educated, do apply your brain and think over again.

      • If police starts becoming very strict with people who indulge in violence on tehg pretext of “feeling religiously hurt”, it will take less than a week to settle all issues once and for all. Why blasphemy does not result into riots in non muslim worlds…The lumpen elements in Hindus have switched to being violent on blasphemy, only because they think muslims can get away with being violent on blasphemy…Had Muslims allowed blasphemy, no Hindus would have acquired any moral courage to do this cave men like behavior. The criticism and ridicule are important part of critical thinking and progress and it should be promoted and facilitated …the idiots who resort to violence should be swiftly and sternly dealt with.
        People become violent “Only and Only” when they know that they will “NOT” be held responsible for their actions…it has absolutely nothing to do with being “religiously hurt”…That is a big bunkum. For e.g I am hurt because all religions spreads ignorance and idiotism…That does not mean i will get violent and start asking state to force people from becoming religious.

        • Better you try to understand the difference between ‘Criticism’ and ‘Blasphemy’. We do welcome healthy criticism in a gracious manner, which is observed everywhere, but Blasphemy itself is like a cavemen behaviour which you do wish to. Brother there is a very thin line between love and hatred, it’s like an electric switch which stays in one position only, either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. Erroneous criticism may lead to anger but blasphemy (which reflects the intention behind) invites only violence. Unlike criticism, there is no end to blasphemy. Mockery or ridicule could never be called as criticism. Islam never allows disrespect of other religions.

        • IC, please inform this to all those terrorists. Before you talk about cavemen Hindus, I think we should understand why Hindus are reacting like this. ITs because of the Hindus’ perception that religious terrorism is not being tackled by the governemnt or the law and is just used as a tool for political gain. I’m not saying these people are right, but by no means are only Hindus ‘cavemen’ here, and by no means is this an isolated incident.

  13. Hello to all Punekar… Whatever happen in Pune from last 3/5 days not at all Good. It is Kindly request to all Indian. First we are { Human} God make this Beautiful World. God dint say ur Panjabi,Hindu,Muslim,Sikh……… we all are made bey GOD & that is a Fact.No one can do. Think about Y.?American are 15/20 and western Country. They don’t fight like us. They want to take their Country, must be Best of best. Their are lots of think to say.We can make our Country Best of the Best. So Its a request. Want to her just 1Voice { JAI HIND } if I make any mistake I am really Sorry…

  14. No matter who uploaded material Hindu/Muslim. If anyone finds content provocative go for legal means no person/group has right to kill or attack any citizen. Govt should Ban such group and take strong actions against who responsible for killing.

    Beware BJP you people are voted for development only and development only possible if peace and harmony is there among all communities pls focus their and kick these barbarian groups out of society.

    • 100% justified. BUT, brother do you think it’s going to happen. I’m also 100% sure after 2/3 days people will forget and new issue will be created by our biased media. All the culprits will be released one after another within a month or two, due to inappropriate framing of charges by the Police. On the contrary few innocent educated youths will be caught and pushed behind the bars for 5-10 years just to frame charges against them, 5 more years for hearing and after 15 years they will be released, thus by spoiling their career.
      This slow poisoning against Muslims and Islam is not new, it happened during congress era as well and happening all over the world in different scenarios. Muslims and Islam have become cereal between the two stones of a flour mill, one stone is SUPERIOR and the other is INFERIOR. The so called Superiors want to showcase Muslims as a Monster and continue to rule Inferior. Just read the biography of Mahatma Jyotirao Govindrao Phule who dared to respond to the atrocity by so called Superiors of Pune. This atrocity against Muslims is due to the fact that a Muslim neighbour supported Mahatma Phule in his basic education.

  15. Hindu right wing groups Main motivated, make violence and Killing innocent people for getting political Power and money

  16. I strongly smell conspiracy behind recent chain of incidents. There are elections in coming future in Maharashtra. At this time, Communal violence is used as handy tool to take advantage in the votings. Victory of mr modi rather defeat of congress must have made these politicians mad. Their political career is in danger. So I am not surprised if anybody used such vicious method to achieve political motive. Hindu rashtra sena chief was interrogated in the killing of nareshchandra dabholkar. Activist. He and his team must have sold itself to some politician. I believe reacting the way these people reacted over defamation case was preplanned. And these politicians played with our emotions this time also. Everybody here can think and make judgements. I have been close to educated Muslims and Hindus. nobody intend to kill people on such incidents. This situation will change. I believe there are some politicians who are really willing to change scenario. But it will not happen overnight. We must not react we must respond after conscious brainstorming. Patience is the key to paradise!!!!!!

    • 100% agree with your Mr. Amitabh, well said. Miscreants are everywhere, unemployed youth, and unfortunately, they come as very handy as Power Tools for the Politicians.

      I think we need to:
      a. Create more Jobs
      b. As a society collectively, guard against it and not over react.

    • Amitabh you are exactly right. Actually there is an ”Election winning model” is working in our country, according to this model use rumors, hate, misuse of editing software, misuse of social media, false history, spreading myths all done by a well established cyber cell run by some greedy corporate, their agents leaders & well sync it all with Goons, media & interested parties. You also saying right that we Indian should, specially educated youths have patience & should not react on non sense things spreading in our country to loot it’s all natural resources by some gangs of powers & make us all fool by giving us a lolly pop of rumors & blindness. Thanks. we real Indians should unite to save our country.

      • Mr Hilal

        Thank you – i read all the posts here specially – I felt you were the most sensible of all no offense to others though!
        Whatever mistake has happened if that guy wrote derrogatory comments against Shivaji he should be arrested not killed and if he is fixed in this scandal then there is a big conspiracy which all of us has to realise and keep our calm – just imagine where this incident is happening and why a Muslim boy suddenly he will come out and say somthing like this – I seriously doubt this is a big political conspiracy – lets hold our patience and please I request all my mulim brothers to remain calm and attack this together as a citizen of this country

    • Yes, even I’m thinking so because really this isn’t the first or only time people have posted inane stuff in facebook. And I just despise this destruction of public property, is this what I pay taxes for??

  17. all the learned muslims know it well that muslim hate campaign is today essential for success in politics. but a large number of hindu learned from all sections are there to sense the dangerous consequences of this threat. the right minded people should come and act immediately and save the country.

  18. I heard many muslims saying Kasab was innocent. Though they claim Islam as a religion of peace, yet they say Osama Bin Laden was good and righteous. Now it is hard to believe if any such statement to be believed.

    In Bangladesh and Pakistan where hindus were second largest population are now facing extinction – they are robbed, raped, killed and what not. So if you say Islam spreads peace, I would rather ask such people to practice right Islam rather than lip-service and advertising. If killing innocents, women and kids in bomb blasts is Islamic then there is no way any non-muslim can take Islam to be peaceful.

    • Yes, he may be innocent, just go thru the famous book “Who Killed Karkare” that’s available in 8 languages. Is it a big deal for our agencies to manage the things as they like? It’s happening all over the world with the support of biased media to malign a particular religion. The reason is that more and more people are getting attracted towards virtue of Islam. The whole world is not afraid of Muslims but the Islam. This is the only religion on the face of the earth which has a complete system of living with its own rules & laws from heaven.
      Although, there may be few cases of atrocity against minorities in Bangladesh & Pakistan, but it’s almost negligible compared to atrocities by upper caste against dalits in our own India (just refer to the happenings on daily basis in Rajasthan, MP, UP, Gujarat, Goa etc.), while the atrocities against minorities specially muslims in India is beyond comparison. By this I’m not defending our neighbours, I strongly condemn those acts ever if it occurs.
      I do agree completely with your suggestion of practicing right Islam, that was the main cause of spreading of Islam so rapidly. In the early days of Islam people use to accept it by observing the good conduct of muslims but today it has befall scarce, because majority of muslims have become astray to Islamic teachings because of illiteracy. Now due to deceptive portraying of Islam as a monster by the unfair media, curious people mostly feminine in the west studying the facts and sooner they get attracted towards the simplicity and decency of this faith that too from battle grounds of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. why? you simply think over it, (even Indians do opt, after A.R Rahman, actress Monika, music director Yuvan Shanker Raja, actor Jai all from Tamil Nadu FI are few examples of recent). Nobody is telling them to do so, and the demeanour of today’s muslim is not of that eminence of past as I said earlier. Killing innocents, women and kids in bomb blasts is all perpetration of the west and falsely published by the coward media.

      • Please Jaz, stop spouting this ‘secular’ crap. Do you even think that half of those crimes against Hindus are reported by our media? Do you think the government would allow it? Original Islam might be peaceful or not, but quite a few of its people most definitely are NOT. Deal with it. ANd then we will start talking about all those decent Muslims who are NOT terrorists but have decided to see beyond their identity as a Muslim and also see themselves as Indians, neighbours, friends and fathers and thus not hurt others. These decent folk don’t raise a voice against the violent elements and THAT’S the real cause of the problems we face today with terrorism.


  20. i have read many comments.
    manny say that Allah humsab ki hifazat farmayee

    hum ye kahna chah rahe hy ki khuda bhi un logon ki madad nahee karta ko apni hifazat karne khud khada na ho

    mansoor khan
    bharatiya muslim party

  21. Katil kahegi duniya humeen ko , aur hamara he katle aam hoga , kuyen khoda te humin phirenge , aur paani bhi humin pe haraam hoga.

  22. Does any leader or the Media has the guts to come out and extend an apology to the Muslims as they have been criticised for no faults and 1 person has been martyred for no reasons.

    The Media is silent on this, if it was vice versa the media would have bombarded there channels with the breaking news. Shame on our Media.

    • Media is like a ‘DUGDUGI’ in the hands of business community the ‘MADARI’ and the Government is the ‘BANDAR’ who dances as per the wish of industrialists. This is the actual scenario of our globe.

    • And has the media ever apologised to every Hindu, Christian, SIkh and Buddhist for that matter? Has the media ever apologised ever for the lives it destroys? Why do you expect these miracles to happen for you?

  23. Hang the culprits who killed the innocent boy in public by setting an example so that these losers and cowards will think thousand time about their own coming nightmare.
    Cut the hands of those who will try to divide India

  24. It is very strange that people who gave hate speeches like Varun Gandhi,Pravin Togadia,Akbaruddin Owaisi and many more are day by day gaining popularity.

    The most valuable thing is human life and zameer.

    Its high time to change the system by first becoming part of it and then not letting anyone spill dirt on it.

    People should go and see Indian army where the Mandir Masjid and Gurudwara are always side by side.

    We have to rage another struggle for Indian Independence 1857 which failed and this time we have to decide what role each of us is playing and in what sense.

  25. Anti-social elements can be dealt with when all decent and law abiding citizens come together and tell the government that they stand united in the face of aggression against any one of us.

    • You are one of the few people here speaking with sense and logic and I applaud your thinking. I hope more think like you. And then we can truly change India.

      • Ironically all the sense has been bestowed upon people like you,and all the people above are nonsense,why don’t you shed this mask,and profess candidly that you are pleased with the murder and justify it openly.

  26. When in the name of GOD will these ppl understand that we are all brothers. We are all men with brains. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians(and every other religion) no matter what, we are and we stay brothers.


    I have read all the comments. All Muslim and Hindu brothers, please don’t make arguments at least here. Someone just died because our brothers DO NOT HAVE PATIENCE UNTIL THE TRUTH IS REVELED.

  27. nikhil tikone must be hanged out and must be given death sentence and also find out who inspired him to do this worsed thing.


    • Mr Pakistani,

      Please remain in your failed state and don’t try to intere in India…..Muslims in India must be thanking almighty that there anscester never migrated Pakistan….

      NOTE : More innocent Muslims are killed in Islamic Republic of Pakistan than anywhere as. Way you treat your minorities is even worse


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