Abandon uniform civil code and protect personal laws: KIFF



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Kuwait : Kuwait India Fraternity Forum (KIFF) Tamil Chapter conducted a “Convention for Shari’ath Protection”, which was focussed on the recent burning issue in India “Uniform Civil Code” at Al-Dasmah Teachers Society, Kuwait here on Friday.

Kareem Deen, Secretary of Tamil Chapter presided over the function in the  presence of Saifuddin Moulavi (President, KIFF) and Shihab sahib (Secretary, KIFF).Tamil chapter former president Kifayathullah gave introductory marks.

Dr. S.M. Hyder Ali, Founder, TVS Hyder Groups felicitated the programme.

A warm reception was given by the KIFF to Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, National Executive member of Popular Front of India, who was invited from India as the guest speaker.

Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff addressed main topic “Uniform Civil Code: Endanger To Pluralistic Character of India”.

“India is a nation in diversity. Our nation is known for its various religions and cultures. National values and constitutional principles of our country uphold Unity in Diversity as the basic character.  Unfortunately, the BJP government which acts as an agent RSS is engaged in efforts to destroy the pluralistic nature of Indian society and nation, Mr. Yusuff said.


He further added, “BJP government moves and Sangh Parivar propaganda to introduce a Uniform Civil Code by abolishing separate Personal Laws now practiced by different religious communities is also part of this communally motivated political game. Any effort to destroy the diversities and impose uniformity by force will cause to drain the trust of minorities and raise mistrust between the communities. The dissatisfaction and mistrust so emerging will ultimately lead the nation to disintegration. There are reasons to believe that the real intention of those who seek elimination of Muslim Personal Law is not a civil code, but a civil war. It is not nationalism, but anti-national motives that are behind this demand.

Since gender justice is the spirit of Islam, Muslim community and its institutions must be able to end the misuse of Talaq. But Uniform Civil Code is not the way to protect the rights of women upheld by Islam. Muslims believe that among the various Personal Laws that exists in India, their personal laws are more practical and progressive. Different customs exist among the majority Hindu community with regard to marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc. Despite the enactment of Hindu Code Bill, there is still no uniformity in the customs among the Hindus. Different customs prevail among different sects and in different regions. For example, uncles are permitted to marry daughters of the sisters among the Hindus in Tamil Nadu, but it is banned in Haryana. This diversity among the Hindus in India have never been seen a barrier to the national integration.

In the last two and half years Modi government failed at levels. Due to the price hike, train fare hike, fuel price hike, cutting subsidies, hate speeches of sangh leaders and BJP MPs, non-stopped communal clashes against the minorities, dalit atrocities, etc., the BJP govt was facing anger from the people and they want people to forget the real issues that make their life miserable and the people indulge in non-issues. Sangh Parivar’s hues and cries for Uniform Civil Code and against Muslim Personal Law is part of this political game plan.

Popular Front plays a lead role to expose the failures and the real face of the fascist agenda of hindutva Modi govt and we are in the fore-front at national level against the govt’s move for the implementation of uniform civil code along with the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Hence we request not only Muslims and other minorities, but all responsible Indian citizens to raise their voice and stand-up united against the divisive policies of BJP government”.

While concluding the convention, KIFF called for the Indian govt. to abandon uniform civil code and protect personal laws of all religions.

State committee members were present in the dias. More than 300 people including 40 women participated in public meeting and vowed to protect the Shari’ath, the Muslim personal law at any cost and raised their voice against Uniform Civil Code.


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