AMU alumni meet Union Health Secretary for a Central Hospital in Okhla


By Muslim Mirror News,

a piece of UP govt. land lying unused in Jamia Nagar
a piece of UP govt. land lying unused in Jamia Nagar

New Delhi, May 6: A group of AMU alumni led by P Mohammad on Monday met Union Health Secretary KN Desiraju and his team of Health Ministry Officials including Joint Secretary of Ministry of Health, Government of Delhi for establishment of a Health Care Infrastructure in the Minority Concentrated Okhla area. Mr. P was accompanied with Mohammad Aslam and Nehal Ahmed Siddique.

In the meeting Union Health Secretary directed the join secretary of ministry of health Delhi government to provide the complete report about the publicly funded health care infrastructures in the Okhla region and ready to provide all support through recently approved National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) by union cabinet and he will write a letter to Delhi Health secretary to create all health care infrastructure on the line of many well funded program.

Union Health secretary has taken a strong view to eliminate all institutional bias for the policy making within his ministry and he has assured the AMU alumni to provide all copy of communications with them to do the proper follow-ups at the different levels of the decision making to expedite the implementation. Union health secretary will also write a letter and speak with the health secretary Govt of Delhi to write a letter for transfer of available agriculture land from UP Govt so that proper capacity planning can be possible for all health care infrastructures and requested AMU Alumni to speak with UP Govt also so that transfer of land will be expedited for the creation of well equipped health care infrastructure in the Okhla region.

As per available statistics, around more than 40% patients in AIIMS/Delhi Hospitals are from Muslim Minority only that means the health care infrastructure in the Minority Concentrated areas are fully ignored. The places like Okhla with more than a million urban poor and lower middle class Muslim Indian population in the very backyard of power centre of Delhi is without any basic health care infrastructure facilities. From the last five years the reported number of Dengue and Malaria cases is highest from this region of Delhi only and these reports are published and discussed widely in national Media without any preventive and corrective actions from Health Ministry. The available corporate hospitals in this area are Escort/Apollo/Holy Family but the treatment cost of the patient is so high that even a reasonable upper working middle class can’t afford any treatment as the cost of simple delivery of a child is around one lakh rupees and a unit of a blood transfusion costing rupees ten thousands (In case, blood will be provided by patients relatives).

“This seems that Indian state has completely withdrawn from providing any health care infrastructure in any poor and lower middle class population having Muslim Minority Population including Okhla region of Delhi,” says Parwez and suggests government to use an unused piece of land of UP govt. in the Okhla area.

“There are enough UP Government Irrigation Department land available in the neighbourhood of Okhla that is not utilized for any Irrigation related works now and if Central Govt. is sincere then the health ministry can write a letter to UP Govt. to transfer this land for creating these vital health care infrastructure services for the urban poor population of this area. Any available Govt. land in any neighbourhood of a population has a right to demand for these very basic vital health care infrastructure services. These vast tracts of available land within the irrigation ministry of UP Govt. have no use for any irrigation department purpose and this is matter of willingness for the Central Govt of Delhi to demand this land for their optimal use for the poor local population,” he says.

He says that his team will also put pressure on the UP Govt. to allow Central govt. to use the land for the purpose.

“We, the AMU Alumni based in Delhi region will take a responsibility to further pressurise the Govt of the day in UP to transfer the land to the ministry of health once the health ministry will write a formal letter to the govt of UP with full plan of utilization of lands and after prior approval for the purpose of creating health care infrastructure. The majority of the population of this Okhla region is the poor and lower middle class rural migrants from UP and there is no reason for denying this legitimate demands by the Central Govt in Delhi to provide these basic facilities for the poor migrants population of the UP,” he says.


  1. This is a great initiative by AMU Alumni’s and MuslimMirror for a very fundamental things like health and education.

    Guys, this is the real example of leadership. Keep it Up.

  2. These are the works that should be’ initiated by so called AMU Old Boys Associations of DELHI but they are only busy in making political capital out of AMU without any constructive works for the Community. They are organizing only Sir Syed Dinner in a year and don’t have any caliber. Now, it’s time to wake up and take up genuine issues and problems community needs. This is the real vision of Sir Syed.
    Great works Guys!!

  3. Muslim Umma is only passionate about politics without any constructive activism and push for the community problems. Masha Allah, we are very happy that some people from AMU is raising these issue with great interest, commitment and articulation in front of respective officials.

    This is a very appreciative good trends evolving within community young and dynamic leadership.

  4. This is a good model for decentralize pressure groups for all local areas within the Minorities. All the local people including AMU, JMI Alumni’s, lawyers, doctors, school teachers should part of this pressure group to work as a watch dog..
    Gud Works. Thanks for these initiatives.

  5. All Alumni of AMU and Jamia in middle east support this good cause as the most of the resident there are these alumni’s and they should at least write a letter to health ministry to further build pressure.

    Good works and Insha Allah this will pay to all AMU Alumi’s putting their hard effort and push!!



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