AMUSU condemns the brutal attack on Kashmiri students. demands action against the culprits


10426188_921010674583250_1422351966752386399_n (1)By Muslim Mirror News,

Aligarh, 7 Dec 2014 Aligarh Muslim University Students are shocked at the attack on Kashmiri students at Global Research Institute for Management and Technology in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. In a statement AMUSU President said: “We strongly condemn the entry of local goons into the college premises and their attack with the iron rods and other weapons on students of the college. It is not only the shame for the College administration but also deliberate negligence of the state authorities, who could not help the students in time. It is also a national shame that such activities are taking place regularly against the students from the valley in the educational institutions, and the authorities are unable to ensure the safety.

AMUSU stands with the victims of the violence and demands strict action against the culprits. We demand strict action against the College administration and civil administration that failed to provide security to the students. We call upon MHRD to take notice of the situation and make campuses peaceful and productive for higher learning. Said Abdullah Azzam, President of  AMUSU in his statement.

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  1. Shameful and cowardice act of mindless violence against innocent students from the valley in the name of nationalism. Expecting any action against these rowdy elements from the state government with a saffron leader at helm is a tall order.


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