Open letter to PM Narendra Modi- from an Indian Muslim

PM Modi

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The most amazing feature about democracy is it’s dedication to bring unity in diversity. Democracy is unique in fostering opposing ideologies, giving them equal space and opportunities, bringing them in an open contest and then after the results are out, leaving no one behind instead making governance everyone’s business, taking everyone along. Using the opposition for the imperative job of ‘check and balance’ on the ruling party. It is that democracy which inspired me to write to you today.

Today is your day, Mr. Prime Minister and I must say welcome back! Welcome back to a victory which you and your party created with perseverance, commendable strategies and mesmerizing speeches. I take this opportunity to bring to your kind attention the state of two most marginalised groups of India – Dalits and Muslims. In your victory speech, you said that this election has left India with only two castes- the poor and those who work to eradicate poverty. I would like to bring your attention the different aspects of poverty. Mr. Prime Minister, denial and delay of justice is also poverty- those outlawed by mob presence and your silence are poor. Lack of equal opportunities is also poverty- those being denied opportunities are poor. Stripping of dignity and respect is also poverty- it’s the theft of belief in the constitution. Absence of fair representation is also poverty- it’s the deprivation of equal social footing. Appropriation of the image of any community is also poverty- it’s against the tradition of Liberty. But the greatest of all losses of a democratic state is the presence of fear and the creation of threat against any community of the society. These are the greatest poverties of our society today whose eradication we look forward to.

In your acceptance speech, we heard you say that you will not work with bad intentions and your work will bring everyone along. It was a promising statement to hear, giving rise to hopes against all doubts. There was hope that my Prime Minister will admonish lawyers if they were to attempt protest for rapists. There was hope that lynchers and murderers would never again be as emboldened as to record and commit their crimes. There was hope that no student ever again would be aggravated into suicide nor would any student disappear from a National University’s campus. There was hope that my Prime Minister will quash every attempt made to disturb the fabric of the constitution. There was hope that the independence of the Judiciary of the country will be upheld as a sure sign of justice. There was hope that marginalization will be yesterday’s story. Mr Modi, we need to understand that never will we see peace unless the privileged among us would step out against the injustices done to the voiceless. Privileged people like me and you.

In your address at the Parliament, what you said about the relationship between the opposition and the minorities is a naked truth.  The minorities have been cheated. Had the ruling party been any honest in its intentions, the education status, employment opportunities, and political representation, socio-economic standard of the minorities would never have taken snail’s pace. The otherisation of minorities wouldn’t be the talk of a country as fast tracking towards development as ours. Minorities would not have been seen as ‘vote bank’ instruments, turned only to on the event of elections. The new addition of ‘sabka vishwas’ in your slogan is something minorities are looking forward too as well.

In it’s 2014 manifesto, BJP had promised different plans for the social justice and economic empowerment of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes. But the ratio of plan allocation for Scheduled Castes (SCs) to total plan allocation was a lowest of 5 years at 6.55% in 2018-19 while their population share is 16.6%. Dalits are the worst sufferers of issues like health inequality, mal-nourishment and socio-economic discrimination. National Family Health Survey (NFHS) has recorded the numbers regarding the social issues which are dismaying whereas employment trends from National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) have been discontinued after 2011-12.

On the end of Muslim community, the  Sachar  Committee indicates that backwardness among the community is lower than SC/STs. They have especially lower representation in decision making positions like the IAS, IPS and in the police. Indian Muslims have the lowest per capita expenditure (MPCE) among all communities. Even though Muslims are the second largest majority of the country, constituting more than 14% of the whole population, their political representation is at its lowest at 4.7% at the Lok Sabha.

The GDP rate of India is at the lowest in five quarters. According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (2018-2019), in 4 years growth was negative. As the fifth fastest growing nation of the world with the largest young workforce in the world, this number couldn’t be more dissatisfying. The young, unemployed citizens of our country hope against hope that this tenure wouldn’t be about selling Pakoras.

One of your leaders, Maneka Gandhi, said in her election campaign that if Muslims do not vote for her, she wouldn’t give them jobs, were she to win. But as you said, whatever happened during the election campaign will be treated as bygones. So, we will try to forget. Forget that Muslims were threatened to be sent to Pakistan if they wouldn’t vote for you. We will try to forget that your senior leader, Hegde, campaigns against Dalit reservation. We will try to forget that your closest aid, Amit Shah, referred Muslims to as infiltrators. We will try to forget that Yogi Adityanath called Muslims green virus. We will try to forget the communal furor of the BJP campaigners. And in return, we will surely ask you to disaffirm the image given to you by the Times magazine as Divider-In-Chief. You must, through your governance, disapprove headlines which have stated that your win is bad for India’s soul.

You spoke about abiding by the commitments of democracy in your speech. The strength of democracy lies in inclusiveness, harmony and development along the lines of national interest. As the great win seems to have instilled in you a greater sense of responsibility and humility, we look forward to witness its fair display from you.

Mr Prime Minister you always talk about 130 crore Indians , we hope you will not discriminate on the basis of caste and creed. Mr Prime Minister, ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas’ (collective efforts and inclusive growth) is tour motto, we hope that marginalized and discriminated Indians will not be left out in your idea of  Inclusive India.

Mr. Prime Minister, you must remember that still 55% Indians don’t have faith in you and it’s your duty to win their faith by your actions in coming years.

Mr. Prime Minister, God has given you a historical opportunity, now it’s up to you to decide how you want to be remembered by the coming generations of Indians.

Yours sincerely,

Zainab Mojibi

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  1. Hope there will no minority appeasement as in Bengal and Kerala, no tukde tukde comments in JNU, country shall be above every religion, no stone pelting in Kashmir, no effacement of hindu idols by SCs, no one to have teary eyes for Batla house terrorist, no one to say Osamaji and sympathise with terrorist from Azamgarh, if any will be dealt quickly and firmly. You take a step we will take two

    • You haters take thousand steps, Indian Muslims only need to sit down calmly and pray to one Almighty Eishwar!
      Allah subhan wa ta’aala is enough for all believers!
      You plan and Allah is best planner of all!
      Indian Muslims have a win-win situation always!
      Racist extremists torture and kill them and they die as martyrs and go straight to highest Paradise. You let them live and progress, they pray to One God, give charity and go to Paradise.
      Sanghis are confused about what to do next now they have EVM-replaced Hindu Rashtra with them.
      So happy that Sanghis are now reading Muslim Mirror India and learning a better culture and loving inclusive way of life!

    • Dear Kishitij Sisodia,
      We are the citizens of the country, our homeland is one. Our interests are one. We are together in warding off enemies, in protecting our land, in contributing to the prosperity of our country. Why is there so much hatred? If we have differences, let us solve them. Tell us talk about it. But first, not with hatred, with shared interests, with hope!
      I will try to answer all your questions but if in your heart, you’re will be guided by dislike for Muslims, no argument of mine will matter.
      You say there is minority appeasement in Bengal and Kerela? How about we bring out the statistics and compare them? What us real appeasement, is the statistics or what is being said for election campaigning? Do we have any reservations? What is our employment status? What is our social representation? The statistics say that it is lower than SC/ST groups.
      Tukde tukde gang? Haven’t you already read that the video was fake? If you haven’t they please do see for yourself. And then as a responsible citizen should, take all the TV channels and them people into account who have distorted the image of those students based a fake video. Who have led people like you in an abyss of lies and hatred for their benefit. Their benefit of divide and rule. Divide and profit. Shouldn’t we already come out of it?
      Research a little bit. Read about issues not just one source but different sources, so that you know that right from wrong. The people of Kashmir are being tortured wrongly. The army is not being faur to them. The army has no accountability. Ever institution of a democratic, secular country should be accountable! Innocents are being hit. Their lives and future is being destroy. Do not see everything from the lens of a jingoistic, have a heart for God’s sake! Read news, search for news and take people’s opinions, from different groups, even if theg differ from you. Maybe you will come to know that the batla house encounter was fake.
      Last but not the least, we do not need to beg you or anyone else for our rights. This is our country as much as it is yours, we are as much of citizens as you are.
      I, from my side believe that. Do you believe that too?

    • Oh, sure we need to! We are the voice of justice, of inequality! We are the voice of the voiceless. We will step up. We will change the narrative. We come from a Prophet SAW who was never, ever defeated in positivity. Cheer up, sister/brother and come along. Let us give our hand to all those who need a hand. Because we are the believers of a Merciful God. ❤️

    • Kshitij sisodiya ji
      I strongly condemn the act of terrorism everywher where it is actually happened wether the act of Batla house,Azamgarh,Godhra ,1984, bhagalpur, stone pelters as well, I condemn the people who want to divide further. But i cannot understand why the government and the head working committee of the govt keeps quite on lynchings and defamation of any minority. You can see and search everywhere that if the thing will related to opposition the people in the govt starts hunting them down with the help of all the paid media. When this will stop ? Read the above letter carefully once again.

  2. Madam
    5-10 percent extremists in every religion are dangerous to the society
    Unfortunately these 5_10 percent extremists in Islam at this point are most dangerous as we are
    Unfortunately even highly educated Islamist are justifying this killings citing holy scriptures
    The same research has shown the fate of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh
    This also is having an impact in India thanks to social media.
    What is the solution?
    Only sane Muslims like you can be the solution

    Or wait for the day you become a majority in our country


    • I would like reference to your claim that even highly educated Muslims are supporting killings in the name of scriptures. Muslims are the single most persecuted community in the world today yet if you cannot appreciate the calm and restraint shown by them, I’d say you’re being unfair.

  3. Bhakts only can read the writing on smokescreen of paid and bigot media. .they can’t stand and argue with facts…their reasoning brain in the drain…

  4. Dear Ms. Mobiji,

    While I am reading your letter , I cant stop myself to appreciate your command over the English Language and richness that you displayed in selection of the chosen words, I also congratulate you for standing up and putting up your thoughts on a platform like this on behalf of the entire Muslim community. Your article is indeed a reader’s delight but at the same time it saddens me, to the core, to see that inspite of all this stylish selective usage of language, you are no different in your thought process than an ordinary Muslim that I have come across till now in my life.

    Inspite of all the glorious academic background that you may have behind you (which I am sure you must be having), I still see you as portraying yourself and your community as mere victims of hate and prejudice with global connotations without reason or rhyme.. I beg your pardon with my limited understanding, experience and wisdom, but your letter today has compelled me to put my thoughts forward as a ordinary Hindu. Before I proceed further, I wish to make things clear that I am no Modi / BJP / RSS Bhakt either and really believe in Humanity with a Nation Neutral, Religion Neutral perspective AND for your kind information I didn’t voted for them either.

    My experience with my Muslim brethren has led me to conclude the following points (Correct me if I am wrong. I will be only more happy to be corrected )-

    1) All Muslims think they are victims of a certain global conspiracy programme against them from ages (May I ask, what makes them think like this and how is this possible. Is this a part pf some secret strategy by so called victims ? Muslims ruled the globe more than any other community ever did and have the highest fertility rate till date at 4.5 children per couple and is also the fasted growing religion in the world. And You want us ordinary Non Muslims to support your growing tribe with our sacrifices and compromises by giving you reservations and other privliges. Infact it is estimated that Europe will become fully Islamic by as early as 2030 and yes its as per the grand Muslim design (no offences meant). And Madam Superior yes there is a data on this which you can easily search on Google. BTW I know before hand that the credibility of this data will definetely be questioned by eternal victims and nothing can make it look credible to them. So cant help in that case !)

    2) Muslims are never happy in their own country. They go to a non islamic country and then try to have their laws in that country imposed by claiming victimhood and all other things related to it.

    3) Muslims constantly insult people from other religions (subtly) by giving them Hidaya (which they claim it to be guidance) with only one goal and that is conversion.

    4) When Muslims do any act of violence against a Non Muslim, the strategy by elite amongst them with a voice definetely is mere public condemnation (but backhand support to the terror perpetrators) with a rider that it is natural uprising against a unjust supression of eternal victims.

    5) Male Muslim youths befriend Hindu/ Jain girls by introducing themselves as Hindus or Jains and later convert them by making them fall in their love and also brainwash them to follow their questionable ideology. Do you know Madam Superior what happens after that in the families of these girls ? Their parents go retard and families shatter irrevocably. This has happened with one of our relatives so Yes, you cant question this now with your constant argument of presenting data and facts.

    Without much ado and without wasting too much of your important time, I will only tell you that please dont abuse our intellect by asking us to buy your victim hood and nationalism. I can say this with cent percent confidence that the religion of these eternal victims is not a religion, Its a Programme of Progroms . .

    Correct me on the following things , if possible –

    1) Why Eternal Victim Hood is only a Muslim Monopoly ? ;
    2) Why the World is so Biased Against You Guys ??? Dont you think it is time for some reforms within your own community and a liittle bit Self Introspection.
    3) What, Where and How have Muslims contributed POSITIVELY to this modern world ? I am talking of original contribution here and not copied ones. like Centuries old Arab Mathematicians ( Now dont mention the achievements of our Bohri / Shia Brothers or Hon’b;le past president APJ Abdul Kalam whom your ulema even refused to acknowledge as Muslim because he used to believe in Bhagwad Gita as well)
    4) How can you count our Dalit brothers with you in the same breath as yourself ? I mean why are you so concerned about them ? (Is it because they form 60% of the Hindu chunk ? So a clever strategy behind that. Remember they are the pillars of Hinduism because they refused to convert to Islam inspite of all centuries of oppression and persecution at the hands of elite Hindus and Muslim rulers . And Yes for your kind knowledge please read Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts on Islam and why he chose Budhism over Islam before you again mention them in the same. tone and tenor like yours. Its time to be enlightened !!!)

    With this, I close my argument and hopefully wait for a intellectual reply without any malice or prejudice.



  5. Dear Mr Nitin,
    Really appreciated of expressing sense of respect,humour in replying.
    Facts cant be denied that Muslims and Dalits are downtrodden in Our beloved country and hardly left with opportunities to rebounce in Nation due to suppressions/planned divisive policies being implemented on ground since decades.

    Having said that; would like to point out that it’s high time to accept this reality and instead arguing reasons beneath them, I would have been most happiest if could have shared ways and Means to prosper under democratic umbrella with due respects with each other.

    My solution to end this divisive political agenda’s is to create atmosphere of increased interactions between Hindus &Non Hindus right from childhood to all ages.




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