Anand Patwardhan exposes the reality of RSS


By Anand Patwardhan

Their founding fathers came from the most conservative Brahmin castes, with enormous faith in the culture that empowered them.

They opposed the mainstream secular freedom struggle and started to mobilise along religious lines from the early 20th century.

They openly admired Hitler and said that it would “profit” India to copy the Nazi approach to minorities.

They stated that their top three enemies were a) Muslims, b) Christians and c) Communists.

Arguing that Hindus and Muslims were irreconcilable, they propagated the two-nation theory, exactly as did their mirror opposite, the Muslim League.

They along with the Muslim League supported the British even during the 1942 Quit India movement.

They, along with the Muslim League, instigated unparalleled bloodshed during Partition.

At the dawn of Independence in 1947, they rejected the tricolour national flag and flew only their saffron flag.

In 1948, they murdered Mahatma Gandhi and distributed sweets afterwards.

In 1950 they wrote bitterly against the Indian Constitution, preferring the Manusmruti instead.

In 1951 they opposed Law Minister Dr Ambedkar’s Hindu Code Bill that granted Hindu women the same rights as Hindu men. Dr Ambedkar resigned in disgust, so the work of drafting a Uniform Civil Code, which was his next stated goal, was never fulfilled.

In 1956 they opposed all those who along with Dr Ambedkar, walked out of caste-ridden Hinduism to embrace non-casteist Buddhism.

Despite continuing heinous atrocities against Dalits, they continue to oppose any questioning of “holy” scriptures that enshrine the caste system. They continue to pretend to the world that their religion is the most tolerant one on the planet.

In Kashmir, they bitterly opposed Article 370 granting autonomy to the region, which in great measure, fuelled militancy to grow in response.

In 1987, they glorified sati in Rajasthan to make electoral gains.

They bitterly opposed the Reservation policy for Dalits and Other Backward Classes until they finally realised the electoral damage of their stand.

In 1992, they demolished the Babri Mosque and destroyed the fragile unity between Hindus and Muslims.

They targeted and murdered Christians working for the educational and medical needs of Adivasis.

In 1998 they promoted the atom bomb and even wanted to build a temple to it. They also began weaponising the bomb and started a nuclear arms race with Pakistan that has brought the subcontinent to the brink of nuclear holocaust.

After engineering countless communal riots throughout the post-Independence era, they started a pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.

They carried out a witch-hunt of whistleblowers like Teesta Setalvad and her team just because they challenged the post-riot impunity of their justice system.

Other communal riots in Muzaffarnagar and many other places followed as when required by the exigencies of elections.

They carried out terror attacks and bomb blasts in Goa, Thane, Malegaon, Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and many others places and attempted to pin the blame on Muslims, until their game was exposed by a brave police officer, Hemant Karkare.

From 2013 on, they murdered three well-known rationalists and many unknown ones, as well as threatened scores of others.

Today, they and their mushrooming affiliates are giving arms training to vigilante groups across the countryside to attack minorities in the name of a beef ban and love jihad.

Their rapidly growing youth wings are terrorising campuses across India, opposing all other student bodies be they secular, democratic, Gandhian, Left, Dalit or any combination of these. They violently oppose or defame all rival groups and individuals whose thinking challenges their hegemony, from Professor Sandeep Pande of the Benares Hindu University, to Sheetal Sathe of the Kabir Kala Manch, from the students of Film and Television Institute of India to those of the Ambedkar-Periyar group in Chennai and the Ambedkar Students Association in Hyderabad.

Their ideology now combines a medieval cultural mindset with a free market economic model that surrenders sovereignty and natural resources to foreign multinationals, modern avatars of the East India Company.

And they called Rohit Vemula, their latest victim from a section of society they oppressed for thousands of years, an “anti-national”.



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  1. Why This nEws papar write nonsense about RSS? Why dont U write about Islamic terrorism all over the world? First criticize ISlam then talk about others

    • @prafulla kumar….abbey gadhaylal ….this is a muslim social forum website and NOT a newspaper…anyways a new chaddiwala idiot has arrived to bray his “hoshiyaari”. we certainly care to condemn any terrorism be it be even so called – islamic..but how about your you being pacified to glorify evil RSS…..sanghi scum.

      • First this is definitely not a social forum . I inquired and got the reply that its a forum for journalists first and muslims later. Second several of the allegations against the RSS have been blown out of proportion. For example the RSS did not oppose Dr. Ambedkar chief opposition came from his own party members. Second Just like all so called muslim organizations are not the same all HIndu organizations are members of the Sangha . Up till now the courts and even the SC of India have acquitted the RSS from any illegal activity.

  2. everything said by anand patwardhan is not correct. You see what was the communal position in the period of mughals. were we not living peacefully during that times.why the muslims not opted for terrorism
    during hose times.why so much hindus are still living in India.why they did not become muslims .brothers better study quran at least once, then comment on Islam.We are well aware that we are not better muslims, and that is the reason world is against muslims and Islam.

  3. Rss killed m k Gandhi rss was spy British govt before independent world said rss is a world biggest terrorist group. Insha allha when come islamic rule in india we finishing the rss coward root we through the rss to mahishashoor dalit God take action against coward Brahmin go to hell with ravan

    • Sir do some research before commenting. The RSS was not Involved in the assassination of Gandhi . The Supreme Court of India did not find anything which could link the Sangha with Gandhi Assassination . RSS is one of the few right wing organizations which accepted Dalits . Savarkar had asked Gandhi to abolish castisim but it was Gandhi who refused . Godse was not a member of the RSS when he decided to kill Gandhi. Also Mahisashur is not a Dalit God . I am a Dalit and I dont know of any Dalit worshipping Mashisahura….Idiots barf out stupidity when they write . The Asuras and the Devas are BOTH CHILDREN OF RISHI KASHYAP AND THUS ASURAS ARE BRAHMINS …. Its hilarious when people who dont know a thing about Dalits write as if they are experts …..and as far as Islamic Rule is concerned a Dalit will never accept that . Baba Saheb Ambedkar had no place for Islam neither do we …Read Ambedkar’s book ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’ and know how angered he was on the whole Idea of Islamic State.

  4. Patwardhan spoke the truth. When no injustice is done to high cast, yet they oppress others due to superiority complex. As for Muslim militancy it is a reaction to huge injustice done to them in middle east and soviet liberated countries by white Christians. This reaction is much light compared to atrocities heaped upon them. RSS BJP BJ AND ALL SUCH TERROR ORGANISATIONS ARE TACTICALLY SEPARATE BUT IDEOLOGICALLY SAME. THEY ARE PARTNERS IN THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

    • Yes…Muslim terror is ‘ much light in comparison with the atrocities heaped upon then” great insight …Please do explain what atrocities have the RSS ‘ heaped’ upon the muslims which compels them to blow themselves up just for the sake of killing the Kafirs ? Talk sense and not hearsay. ..and for your information even non HIndus are members of the RSS and that includes thousands of Muslims as well …almost anybody can make an allegation against anybody BUT as long as those allegations are not proven in a court of law them mean nothing .

  5. Brahmins are real enemies of non-brahmin people. I am from Maharashtra and I have seen how RSS and their Brahmins are trying to misguide lower caste Hindu people against Muslims. but it’s because of Chatrapati Shivaji’s contribution and his friendship with Muslims we are came to know about Brahmin people’s real intention. Also RSS people are present in IB and in most of the media

  6. This kind of terrorism doesn’t come in terrorism, they are not terrorists? These terrorists spread hates towards muslim only….. Wen these enemies of country are called terrorists they can’t control themselves.


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