Official: Arab countries pressing Palestinian leader to talk to US


Following UAE and Bahrain’s decision to normalise ties with Israel, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is under pressure from Arab countries to talk to US.

Abbas refused to negotiate with the US although he was under pressure from Arab countries, an official of Abbas’s Fatah movement said Sunday.

“President Abbas is facing unprecedented pressure from Arab brothers and the international sphere to negotiate with the US administration and take the customs revenues cut by Israel, but he does not accept it,” Mahmoud Al-Aloul, deputy chief of Fatah told the official Palestinian television channel H.

He said everyone knows that Israel tried to liquidate the Palestine cause but Palestinians choose to stand up against the oppression.

The Palestinian Authority will never return to its previous situation and stopped coordinating with Israel, he said.

The UAE and Bahrain signed US-brokered agreements on 15 September.

The resistance groups in Palestine denounced the deals maintaining that the development does not serve the Palestinian cause and that it ignores their rights.

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