Are Muslims’ indirectly helping in making India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’?


By Hem Raj Jain

Since late eighties and especially after the demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992 by Hindutva forces in the presence of the observer of Supreme Court of India (SCI), the Indian Muslims have allowed secularism to be destroyed in India by their acts of omission. The Muslims could have saved secularism in India as mentioned at  , but by not filing 6 writ petitions in Courts Indian Muslims has paved the way for the political ascendency of BJP / Hindutva forces.

Now that the BJP has secured nearly 350 seats and the opposition parties Congress and its allies (UPA) secured about 95 seats. The remaining seats which are about 100 have been secured by small parties and independent candidates.

The BJP & its allies need 362 members for 2/3rd majority and they can easily manage it (either under pressure from Hindutva forces or by offering ministerial positions to small parties and independents).

This 2/3 majority is bound to embolden the Hindutva forces in demanding the BJP to construct the Ram Mandir (which is the real cause of political ascendancy of Hindutva forces including BJP) and abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

On both these issues Indian Muslims are sensitive. Hindus have every chance of losing their case for Ram Mandir in SCI because Hindus are depending on the argument that Lord Rama was born at the disputed site of Masjid. But Muslims have adduced a very powerful & effective argument before the Court that ‘Ram Charit Manas’ (through which majority of Hindus know about the life of Lord Rama) written by Goswami Tulsidas after construction of Babri-Masjid in 16th century, does not mention about Lord Rama’s birth place to be at the disputed site.

So in such a scenario the Hindutva forces will demand BJP to bring a legislation to construct Ram Temple at disputed site which SCI (Supreme Court of India) will not allow as India is a Secular country. Obviously then Hindutva forces will have only one alternative left that is to ask BJP to bring constitutional amendment to convert India from Secular to Theocratic State, the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

If SCI puts hurdle in this Constitutional amendment by saying that Secularism is the ‘basic structure of the Constitution’ then SCI can always be ‘disciplined’ by the threat of or actual impeachment especially when BJP & and its allies have 2/3rd majority in Parliament (separately or through joint session of Parliament).


As for abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution (which gives special status to the State of J&K) which Hindus want to be repealed (for changing the demography of Muslim majority Kashmir in favour of Hindus, on the excuse of fighting terrorism), will obviously trigger strong reaction not only in Muslim Kashmir but in Pakistan also. This will result in huge increase in terrorist activities (even by Pak proxies), loss of lives and bloodshed in Muslim majority Kashmir at the hands of security forces of India.

Mass scale communal rights & bloodbath is bound to follow abolition of Article 370, issue of Ram Mandir and making India a‘Hindu Rashtra’ due to the presence of militant Jihadis and global terrorists (like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and various such organizations in Pakistan)  lurking around India.

If people still have any confusion about the political goal of BJP then the fielding of ‘Sadhvi’ Pragya (an accused of terrorist blast which has been termed in political discourse as Hindutva / saffron terrorism) as its candidate from Bhopal (where she won because Muslims are not defending Secularism) is ample proof that BJP is heading towards ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Here it is pertinent to add that in the interests of rule-of-law, I have been repeatedly asking Indian Muslims (to move SCI for restoration of Babri Masjid) through national and international media including in a prominent Islamic Indian newspapers as given at  but Muslims have not done so which can only be due to one reason that Muslims do not want to protect modern & progressive secularism in India and instead want India also (like most of the Muslim countries) to become a medieval & oppressive Theocratic State, the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

In a nut shell Indian Muslims can wake-up even now and file the said 6 writ petitions in the Courts.

The 6 writ petitions are:

Writ Petition in SCI under Article 32 of the Constitution for restoration of Babri Masjid

Writ petition under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) all reservation laws which, in the name of backward castes, is given even to those Hindus castes which once ruled in India

Another writ under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for abolishing (discriminatory against Muslims etc and favouring Hinduism in a secular India) all the laws related to cow protection, beef eating etc which are the cause for lynching of Muslims and ‘Dalits’ in India

Writ petition regarding failure of the concerned authorities to discharge their duties under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C. and punishment (to executive magistrates and armed forces who failed in promptly stopping riots Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002) so that in the future riots (if any) can be stopped promptly and effectively.

Writ petition under Article 13 and 14 to stop the discriminatory process of NRC

Writ petition in J&K High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution for getting plebiscite in united J&K as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’


Hem Raj Jain is the author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’.

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  1. Your perceptions are wrong. Muslims did just the right thing. Communalists have 3000 mosques on their list. To be taken up one after the other.

  2. Writing is on the wall.Naa samjhogay to mith jaaogay hindustan waalo.Tumhaari daastaan bhi nahi rahegi daastanon my.Dear Muslim brothers democracy is the worst shirk of modern times. We should abandon this comedy circus and concentrate on Aaqirath.Otherwise we will be wiped out.Democracy is the worst tyranny of majoritarianism over minorityism.We can never expect justice from this system designed to make rich richer and poor poorer.ALLAH IS MAALIKAL MULK He gives ruler ship and he takes away ruler ship depending on his will.We will get rulers based on our aamaal We muslims must shun this democracy forever and must refrain from electoral politics.,banking system which is the worst oppressor in this world ,stop taking loans on interest bcoz if we indulge in riba than allah and his prophet is waging war on us.And if Allah has planned for our destruction than who can save us.Remember our holy prophet(pbuh) has cursed all 4 who indulge in riba.By taking the curse of our holy prophet (pbuh) can we succeed in this world.concentrate on striving to strengthen our emaan aamaal and do daawah than the circumstances will change .If not than even if shaik abdul qaader jeelani r a and shiek nizamuddin auliya r a descend over the world and if ruler ship is offered to them and they rule over our country ,even than the circumstances of Muslim community will not change. because of our lusts for the worldly comforts and lux

  3. Well written Brother Hem Raj Jain Sir!

    It is a shame you are fighting for Indian Muslims to create awareness and we Muslims cannot appreciate nor understand what action is needed from us at this moment!
    This is our unfortunate tragedy….confused and visionless leadership.
    Is our hero Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi or Maulana Mahmood Madani reading this to file the 6 mentioned essential petitions to ensure Indian Muslims stay human citizens and are not demonized to be killed and humiliated easily with impunity?
    All our leaders have multiple conflicts of interest and hence become partners in crime by remaining silent or making statements about totally unimportant issues.

    Noone is filing court petition to scrap unjust election results got by 20 lakh illegally replaced EVMs and 7 delayed phases of election by ECI to probably give time to replace with preset EVMs into strong rooms!

    Though I dont agree about need to reconstruct Babri musjid, better wisdom would be to reclaim the entire land or however much the court decides legally and construct a huge tertiary charitable Muslim hospital for all religions and castes….will be very profitable to create love, harmony and respect for Muslims all over India due to their wisdom and noble gesture, and be of humanitarian benefit to the entire region governed by CM Mr Ajay Singh Bisht..aka Adityanath..


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