Assam : 68 year old Shaukat Ali thrashed for selling beef, forced to eat pork

Shaukat Ali

By Muslim Mirror

Gauhati : A shocking incident a 68-year old man named Shaukat Ali was thrashed by an angry mob for allegedly carrying beef and forced to consume pork  in Biswanath Chariali of Assam on Monday.


The man, a local called Shaukat Ali, was thrashed by a mob of Hindutva goons  while on his way to a ‘line’ hotel, a business he has been running for 35 years.

When the old man was being thrashed the mob was abusing his religion and making videos.

The situation grew tense as locals surrounded the man after he was accused of carrying beef and he was subsequently thrashed and forced to eat pork.

Police later dispersed the crowd and Ali was  taken  to the Civil Hospital in Bishwanath Chariali after the incident.

It may be mentioned that beef is not illegal in Assam as more than 10 different non-Muslim communities consume the meat.

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  1. Time for serious Hindu population control in India. Wish God should send extremely infectious diseases among the Hindu majority cities. May they be wiped off from the face of Earth

  2. When there were no Muslims in India then the election will held on the basis of upper cast and lower cast and the India will get degrade and again Brahmin will rule India by making Indias the slaves and democracy will be destroyed …. Alass

  3. I’m ashamed by what is happening in my country. My Muslim brothers have seen these atrocities far too long now, government is blind and country in mmm peril

  4. It’s a shame to all Indians and to so called democracy. We are heading towards Stone age… It’s really aache din ????

  5. At 68 a person is working hard for his daily needs and unliterate jobless crowd doing ugly things to him.
    Country itself become shameless and this nature of this country had been represented as nationalism.
    Is there anything called Law & order in this country and it has already become joke.


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