At least 19 migrant workers including five children died on their way home since lockdown

A migrant worker carries his children to return to his village .

By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi, 29 March: At least 19 migrant laborers including five children reportedly died in their struggle to return home since Prime Ministe their Narendra Modi announced on nationwide lockdown on March 23.

Apart from these deaths 11-year-old Rahul Musahar died of hunger yesterday when Jawahar Tola in Bhojpur, Bihar.

At least four people were dead including two children and the other four injured after being run over by a vehicle on Kundli–Manesar–Palwal (KMP) Expressway early on Sunday morning in Haryana’s Nuh. The incident took place when eight people were walking on the expressway, heading towards their hometown amid Coronavirus lockdown, reported ANI.

Eight persons including an 18-month-old boy and a nine-year-old girl who were part of a group of migrant laborers returning home in Karnataka’s Raichur district, died in a road accident on the outskirts of Hyderabad late Friday night, said a report.

While a 39-year-old man, a home delivery boy for a private restaurant in Delhi & was the father of three, died in Agra after walking for about 200 kilometers.

A 32-year-old man in West Bengal’s Howrah went out to buy milk during the lockdown on Wednesday when he was beaten up by the police. He later passed away after the thrashing. His family has alleged he died of the injuries, reported India Today.

A Twitter thread of  Kanika a post graduate student of Emory University in Georgia is  tracking  the horror of migrant workers who are walking back to  home by foot or  cart.

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