Babri Masjid ‘s conversion to Hindu Temple : Time for Muslims to introspect


By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

There is no need to lament and no need to cry foul over the Indian Supreme Court’s decision to award the land of the Babri Masjid to Hindus to construct the Ram Temple. There is also no relevance to accept the five acres of land elsewhere to rebuild a new Masjid. Injustice is done, and injustice should be resisted and fought back.

We know the reality that under the present government, every state institution would serve the interest of the political elites, belonging to upper-caste Hindus who believe in a militant and resurgent interpretation of Hinduism.

We know that there would be many more Muslim places of worship that would be taken away and awarded to upper-castes under the pretext that their gods and goddesses were born there.

We also know that the government institutions would be used to create a narrative of history to negate the Muslim presence in India.We also know that the Court succumbed to the political demands of Upper-caste Hindus despite the fact that it could not prove that there was a temple on whose land the Babri Masjid was built. The Court said that there was a structure under the mosque, but it did not say that the structure was that of a temple. There is no evidence that after the demolition of a temple, a mosque was built. On the basis of what archaeological insight can court decide that after 500 years. But the fact is that the court decided to favor Hindu’s claim to build a Temple on the land where the Babri Masjid once stood and destroyed by the fanatics.

We must realize the fact that the Supreme Court is not the ultimate agency of justice. There is an authority higher than every human authority that imparts justice to all those who are forced to accept injustice. That authority has yet to implement its verdict over this Court injustice. Until that happens, the believers in Him must not lose hope and work harder to make their lives meaningful.

But the resistance must go on, and we must fight back the injustice. How to fight back the injustice is the issue? To educate every Muslim and empower each one with an understanding of faith that leads them to make their existence relevant to society and the time they live in. It is the only way forward.

Mosques are symbols of Muslim’s commitment and dedication to one God and the Guidance He has given to humanity. But the education and using it under the guidance of God to serve humanity are the real manifestation of our true faith.

We need to think outside the box to rejuvenate our community. We need to take steps to inspire ourselves for a future that is meaningful to us and others.

Not only in India but elsewhere, we must organize ourselves to ensure that no Muslim child remains uneducated in modern sciences. Simultaneously, we must also ensure that each Muslim child receives a basic religious education to empathize with humanity as part of a commitment to God.

To achieve, we must create educational and social funds to finance higher education as well as to create institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and orphanages, etc. We must also develop a religious and social curriculum that liberates us from focusing on non-issues and empower us with the capabilities of serving all the people around us to improve their living standards.

It is possible only when our youth take the leadership role in our organizations and institutions. It is possible only when we think critically and challenges every tradition that has shackled us for centuries.

It is time to build the present and the future rather than curse the past. We have to change the reality for ourselves, and we can no longer depend on anyone else other than God and his guidance to show us the path and the path of God is the path of progress.

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