Biden keeps out two Democrats for their BJP-RSS links


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Nearly 20 Indian-Americans have been included in the Biden-led administration but individuals, known for their BJP-RSS links have been kept out.

Obama administration staffers Sonal Shah as well as Amit Jani, who worked on the Biden campaign team, have so far been excluded. Their links with far-right Hindutva organisations have been brought into the limelight by over a dozen Indian-American organisations.

Sonal Shah’s father was the president of Overseas Friends of BJP-USA and is the founder of RSS-run Ekal Vidyalaya for which she has raised funds.

Amit Jani: He was the ‘Muslim Outreach’ coordinator of ‘Name Biden’ campaign. His family reportedly has ties with PM Modi and other BJP leaders.

To ensure the Biden administration does not backtrack on excluding such elements, 19 Indian-American organisations have written to Biden pointing out that many South Asian-American individuals with ties to far-right Hindu organisations in India are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The exclusion of BJP-RSS supporters comes in the wake of opposition from Indian-American organisations and loss of such candidates in the previous US elections.

Congressional candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni and former US Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard have lost the previous elections.

3 thoughts on “Biden keeps out two Democrats for their BJP-RSS links

  1. Biden should stay away from such fascist elements who create wedges between people of different faiths and collect funds overseas for propagating their hateful ideologies back home.

    1. Who is fascist here……..who indulges in conversion……do not respect other faiths……and to paint Hallelujah across the world………Hypocrite…….

  2. Looks like Biden doesnt hv a stand and listens to his protege,tis is giving out a wrong signal on his capacity…

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