BJP MP asks Muslims to start burning their dead bodies instead of burying them


BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has once again stirred up a controversy, saying that demarcation of cremation grounds and graveyards at different places in Uttar Pradesh should be done on the basis of population of two major communities.

He also said that the Muslims should also start burning their dead instead of burying them.

“There are around 2 to 2.5 crore ‘sadhus’ in the country and if we start building ‘samadhis’ for all of them, one can imagine the amount of land that will be needed. Similarly, there are 20 crore Muslims in India, and if all have to be buried, then what about the land availability?” he asked while addressing a public meeting in support of BJP candidate Shrikant Katiyar in Bangarmau seat bypoll in his Unnao parliamentary constituency on Sunday.

Sakshi Maharaj further said that there should be a law under which no land should be given for burials and all communities should opt for cremation. “Otherwise, one day, we will not even have land left for farming in the country,” he claimed and added that “our patience and decency should not be tested”.

The Samajwadi Party said that the BJP was pursuing “politics of hatred, which was what they do in every election”.


5 thoughts on “BJP MP asks Muslims to start burning their dead bodies instead of burying them

  1. Islam is the second-largest religion in India, with 14.2% of the country’s population or approx. 172 million people identifying as adherents of Islam (2011 census).

    Approx 180000000 crores Indian Muslim
    Evan a less than 80000000 people if offer 5 times prayers per day means
    80000000@ 5 Times ×17 times Bow there head on this earth while praying which is 136000000 times so indian muslim are more patriotic then any other and he deserves a decent burial by virtue by being a muslim.

  2. Wow. That’s great. Let’s start by burning his body first.

    Cause this is how oppression starts and good, patriotic Muslims are converted into terrorist.
    First you take every right 0f a Muslim existence. And now.. you take the 6 feet of earth they want to die in peace with.

  3. What the heck they are doing to Muslims. They are taking all the rights to live now they want to take away6ft grave they want to die in peace they bowe down to this land 5times a day. It is shame full you donot have land. They have a land but they want to ply politic with Muslims.

  4. Excuse me.We have our own “Kabristans”(graveyards).We have no shortage of those .There is a small graveyard in every town or in every large region of a city.
    That is enough for us.There is no shortage.We don’t need more graveyards.And no,they aren’t causing any shortage of ‘land availability’which you are insisting.
    Most graveyards have most places vacant because ,maybe you don’t know,but when a person is buried,his grave sinks deeper in the ground in a few years opening up place for another grave.due to this ,there will never be a shortage of graveyards.Moral of the story-Have full knowledge of a disease before prescribing a cure for it.And worry about your own issues before worrying about us.

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