Book on ‘India’s Eastward Thrust – Predicament and Prospects’ to be released soon


By  staff reporter

A new book ‘India’s Eastward Thrust – Predicament and Prospects’ is awaiting arrival. The book primarily deals with India’s relationship with Southeast Asian countries. The book actually is an attempt to analyze India’s Act East policy threadbare.

According to the author, Syed Ali Mujtaba, there are three ‘Cs’ in India’s predicaments; Connective, Commerce and Culture and these are also its prospects.

Discussing about connectivity, the author says that there are several projects underway linking India with ASEAN through land, rail, optic fiber, Air and Sea and all of them are ambitiously progressing. With regard to trade and commerce, Dr Syed is of the view that India and ASEAN trade partnership is inching towards a five trillion economy. And on cultural side, his view is that people to people contacts are bridging the social and cultural difference between the two regions.

The author opinion that China’s predominant position in Southeast Asia is a major factor that impinges on India’s eastward thrust. Many ASEAN countries are willing to host India in their region to counterbalance China but concerns of deliverables part from India and not like annoy China, says the author about his forthcoming book.

With Chinese shadow looming large on ASEAN, India seeking strategic depth in Southeast Asia may become a sensitive matter therefore New Delhi must manage China through adjustments and cooperation, cautions the authors who is a senior journalist.

The final word on India’s eastward thrust is, even though there are enough predicaments in pursuing India’s Act East policy, there are abundant prospects to which there are no diminishing returns.

Dr. Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai, India. He currently works as the Head of the Department, Visual Communication, Guru Nanak College, Chennai.

He has authored two books, “The Demand for Partition of India” Mittal Publication (2000) and “Soundings on South Asia”, Sterling Publication (2005). He has contributed a chapter each to about 10 edited volumes and his research papers have appeared in several reputed journals in India and abroad.

Dr Mujtaba has field experience of many Southeast Asian countries. He has taken his PhD from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He was a Jefferson fellow at the East West Center, Hawaii.

The book ‘India’s Eastward Thrust – Predicament and Prospects’ is published by Mittal Publications, New Delhi. Any inquiry about the book can be sought through Email:

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