‘Burn effigies of Modi-Ambani-Adani and boycott Ambani-Adani products’


By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: As the protesting farmers’ sit-in enters in the 17th day, civil society groups on Saturday called upon people to make the All India Protest Day on 14th December a grand success. They urged people to burn and boycott  products of Ambani-Adani and gherao of BJP offices and leaders on the protest day.

While expressing complete solidarity with the struggling farmers against corporatization of agriculture, workers union AICCTU said farmers need all out support from the masses that have been fighting a just. It underlined that the farmers have categorically rejected the government proposals in writing and demanded scrapping of anti-farmer Farm Laws.

AICCTU alleged that the Modi government’s proposals favour only corporate profit at the cost of Indian farmers and the new laws make the cultivation unprofitable and unsustainable.

“They want the entire farming community to be subservient to Indian ruling corporate capital. The laws are aimed at displacing farming community from agricultural operation and at handing over them on a platter to corporate sharks like Ambani and Adani and finish right to food security.”

 It said the movement is correctly directed towards burning and boycotting of Ambani-Adani products and gherao of BJP offices and leaders and to defeat the “Company Raj led by Modi government of BJP-RSS”.

“AICCTU extends wholehearted support and solidarity to block Highways on 12th and burning of effigies of Modi-Adani-Ambani combine, where ever possible, on 14th, the all India protest Day”, it added.

Meanwhile, women Organisations also made call for wider participation in Dharna on 14th December with the farmers.

Annie Raja of NFIW,  Mariam Dhawale of AIDWA, Kavita Krishnan of AIPWA, Chhabi Mohanti of  AIMSS  ,Poonam  Kaushik of  PMS and Meetali Gupta of  AISMS issued a joint statement in support of December 14 Protest Day call.

Reiterating the support and continuous participation in the Farmer’s struggle, women organizations called upon women all over the country to participate in large numbers in the ‘district level Dharna’ campaign by farmers on 14th December 2020.

They underlined that the three farm Laws are not only against farmers but it is detrimental to the food security and sovereignty of our country. It is in violation of the National Food Security Act.

“These bills not only dismantle the Public Distribution System (PDS) but will lead to scarcity of food, uncontrolled price rise, more hunger and malnutrition and starvation deaths. In India two-thirds of women and children are already malnourished”.

They also pointed out that “These three Laws do not recognize women as farmers. As it is only around 12% farmland is owned by women farmers. The land owning farmers will become bonded labourers of the corporates. The Future of the agricultural workers, around 45% of them are women, will be a big question mark.

“Instead of empowering farmers, the Modi government, through these Acts’ not only make the farmers beggars and slaves of corporates but make the Government of India itself an accomplice to the loot and exploitation by corporates.”

Women activists also pointed out that Amendments to the Essential Commodities Act are nothing but legalising hoarding and black marketing. Eventually the government will disappear from procurement and distribution of essential food items.

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