Central Waqf Council 67th meeting: Implement all provisions of Waqf Act asks Najma Heptulla to state governments


najma_heptullah11By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi: Union Minister for Minority Affairs Dr. Najma Heptulla on Tuesday asked the state governments to implement all the provisions of Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013.  Chairing the 67th Meeting of the Central Waqf Council (CWC) here she said that Waqf Act will be implemented in letter and spirit. The Minister, who is also the Chairperson of the CWC, stressed the need of streamlining state Waqf boards across the country.  During the meeting Council members discussed important issues concerning the effective functioning of the State Waqf Boards in the country. They discussed issues in depth and took decisions for the better management of Auqaf. The Council decided   that:

*To carry out awareness campaign to sensitize waqf institutions.

*Muttawalis to furnish Annual Report to the State Waqf Boards as per format designed by Central Waqf Council.

*CWC members to visit State Waqf Board(s) of their respective state and report.

*Council to encourage educational development of the community through technical institutions.

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  1. Let us thank Madam Jaoya lalita for proposing to help poor Muslims with
    with food in Ramadan.
    Times of India does not entertain Muslims appreciation but only
    criticism against Muslims & Islam.

  2. What is WAQF many caror muslims does not know, because of lazy WAQF members. They never try to educate muslims about WAQF, they just simply sitting as a board member and enjowing life.


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