China launched crackdown on fasting in Muslim dominated Xinjiang

Muslims in Xinjiang

With Muslims around the world observing the holy month of Ramadan, Chinese authorities have again launched a crackdown on fasting and religious practices by Islamic minorities.

  • Fasting and other displays of religious affiliation are viewed as “signs of extremism”
  • Chinese authorities have long viewed organised religion as a threat to party loyalty
  • Mass surveillance and detentions have intensified over the past three years in Xinjiang

The restrictions are particularly enforced in the Muslim-majority Western province of Xinjiang, where Chinese authorities frequently stay at the homes of Muslim families to suppress religious activities, according to the Human Rights Watch and activists.

During Ramadan, Muslims fact from dawn to dusk as a religious duty   and refrain from smoking and other vices.

Amnesty International said in a report released late last week Chinese authorities view Ramadan fasting — along with other displays of religious affiliation including beards, headscarves, regular prayers and avoidance of alcohol — as a “sign of extremism”.

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  1. Allowing Islamic faith to grow is the first step to convert non-muslim country into Islamic.. I think China is correctly handling this situation.


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