Communal clashes between Muslims and Sikhs in Hyderabad, 4 dead in police firing , curfew imposed

The Naked Truth ..Security forces and Hyderabad Police were with rioters flashing naked swords, while Muslims who were pelting stones in self defence had to face the bullets of BSF in which four Muslims died.
Photo: Siasat Daily

By Muslim Mirror News Desk,

Hyderabad: Four persons died after police opened fire to control a communal clash in Rajendranagar under the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate today morning. Police said that trouble started at Sikh Chowni in Kishanbhag area of Bahadurpura where a religious flag of Sikh community was burnt last night by some unknown miscreants. Sources said that the issue was resolved last night and things were brought to normalcy after some heated arguments between both communities but in the early morning Sikh youths armed with swords started assembling at the spot where police personnel were  deployed but they didn’t act to control the volatile situation and remained mere spectators which led  to turn the situation worse.

10302278_275236282648910_5121837328683034200_nThe armed Sikhs attacked Muslim houses in Sikh Chowni and set ablaze properties. Muslims from neighboring areas started to assemble after news of attacks started to spread which led to stone pelting between both communities. 10 private vehicles were burned down by rioters.

Rapid Action Force and Border Security Force officers which were stationed for election security was immediately called in. Paramilitary forces first fired tear gas shells and then opened indiscriminate firing over Muslim stone-pelters killing one on the spot seriously and giving lethal injuries to 20 others; another youth later succumbed to injury in Olive hospital.

14183463694_a0a87c3eaf_zSources claim till now four persons have succumbed to bullet injuries, all of them Muslims, and their dead bodies have been shifted to Gandhi Hospital.

Some of the injured are currently under treatment in Nanal Nagar Premier hospital, which includes women and children injured in clashes.

Sec 144 and unofficial curfew have been imposed in Rajender Nagar police station limits with whole of Kishanbhag getting barricade by RPF personnel. Cyberabad Police commissioner C.V. Anand visited the spot and organized paramilitary and police picketing at sensitive spots in the area.

98 thoughts on “Communal clashes between Muslims and Sikhs in Hyderabad, 4 dead in police firing , curfew imposed

    1. What is a ‘Common Factor’ below?

      India: Muslims vs Hindus
      Muslims vs Sikhs
      Pakistan: Muslims vs Christians
      Muslims vs Hindus
      Sri Lanka: Muslim vs Buddhists
      China: Muslims vs Christians/Buddhists
      Africa: Muslims vs Christians
      Middle East: Muslims vs Jews
      Europe: Muslims vs Christians
      USA: Muslims vs Jews/Christians
      Malaysia/Indonesia/ASEAN: Muslims vs Christians/Buddhists

      Please, Live and Let Live.

      1. Being Religious is a good thing. But being an Extremist is really bad. India doesn’t need extremists.

        So, stop saying that your religion is the best.
        Being Peaceful, Forgiving, and Kind is the best religion.

      2. The common factor is RSS Chaddiwale who unfortunately have spread their evil roots in Police, Administration, Military, Judiciary, Education & elsewhere.

        As long as RSS is alive, there will be no peace in India and innocent people will suffer due their RSS’s evil conspiracy.

        1. If you think RSS is violent, why your darling Congress government has not banned it ?

          SIMI and other Islamist groups are banned because they showed their real face.

          If RSS wont exist, my name would be Mohd. Ajay ( convesion method which you guys use )

          1. RSS does not exist when moghuls ruled and india was one of the developed one you are still not mohamad 🙂

          2. You people are so afraid of getting reverted to islam lol. The real fight is called up not like this extremists Rss and its eunach gay hindus who take help of police and call themselves a hero.Islam is indeed peace.we are peacefull enough untill someone triger us.

      3. In most of the places you will find that Muslims have been suffering because of the injustices done by the other communities.

        1. RSS is responsible for 911 attacks, BOKO Haramis, Taliban, Global Terrorism, daily Bomb blasts in Muslim countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan.

          Modi/BJP is responsible for Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Typhoons, Landslides.

          Bloody Idiots.

          1. India needs that all Muslims are well-educated. Then only they will be unbiased like rest of the Indians.

      4. Common factor:-
        Unknown people burn the train gujus attacked muslims.
        Unknown person burn sikh flag sikh attacked muslim
        Unknown people put shit on shivajis status marathis attacked muslims,
        Muslims try to protect themself in return police fire and muslims die.
        Please live and let us live.

      5. Dear Brother,

        Study religion Islam before commenting, muslims are being tortured in India. This is well known fact. The reality is that around the world christanity is droping, hinduism is droping, buddhism is droping, sikhism is dropping and Islam is slowly rising. 50 years of dirty oil politics is driving the world and who is behind you know it. It was not possible unless muslim countries and communities shia and sunnies remain united so they continued to fight and behind every such episode is the western legacy who initiated it. Jews expansion and settlement continues and palistinian state is not recognised. Barma Buddhist are jalous of expansion of Islam so is in Srilanka. Similarly christians fear in Africa. As every 10 years the data around the world shows that Islam is expanding. Hence these religions are taking the popaganda against Muslims and Islam. If you just remove communalism from your mind, becaone neutral and study Islam. You will embrace Islam. Please dont see the propaganda going on against Islam around the world.

  1. This photograph clearly depicts how biased our security forces are,wielding of sword by a sikh youth right in front of security personnel tells all.

      1. Who had seen burning of the flag at the time of burning. It could be any anti-social element, with the intention of creating communal tensions. Normally such deeds are done by the saffron brigades only. The Sick youths and some leaders may be paid to create such trouble. RSS,Modi brand of poisons started showing its bad effects. If “Bagwan,God,Iswar.Allah all curse a nation evil forces comes to prominence.

        1. Dear Dravidan,

          3+7 = 1 how is that… Clash between muslims and sikhs and why is MODI Brought into picture.. Please make sense dude.

          1. This is Modi’s next rule. They are bringing tension in the minds of minority. The flag was burnt because to create a clash between minorities. I being a sikh have no aggression against muslims. We must live like brothers.

          1. Can u post the link to that CCTV footage, which shows muslims burning the flag.
            If it is there then catch the culprits and punish them. That does not ligitimise roiting and killing innocents.

          2. If some has proof show it let it out
            There would definitely b punished. ..whoever has done
            Why should innocents loose their lifes
            Muslims burnt flag
            Their fight resolved
            Non muslims attacked
            Police fired and muslims gt killed
            Ye acha hai! :/

        2. RSS Goons must have burnt the flag and incited Sikhs against muslims. Otherwise muslims have no hatred towards Sikhs.

          1. Those who dont have understanding of Quran are now spreading lies and creating issues between Hindus and Sikhs.

            Hindus and Sikhs are always united and will be united.

        3. Ah, Dravidian is using a fake name and spitting poison now. Why would Saffron brigade poke their nose when they are trully dedicated towards Sikhism.

          Hindus and Sikhs have no issues between them and Hindus pay their respect towards Sikhism too.

      2. In the recent past many attempts were made by saffron brigade to incite riots as revealed by investigations such as throwing meat in to the temples and stabbing of muslim youth,so why excusively consider it to be a job of musims.

        1. What is a ‘Common Factor’ below?
          India: Muslims vs Hindus
          Muslims vs Sikhs
          Pakistan: Muslims vs Christians
          Muslims vs Hindus
          Sri Lanka: Muslim vs Buddhists
          China: Muslims vs Christians/Buddhists
          Africa: Muslims vs Christians
          Middle East: Muslims vs Jews
          Europe: Muslims vs Christians
          USA: Muslims vs Jews/Christians
          Malaysia/Indonesia/ASEAN: Muslims vs Christians/Buddhists
          Not you should have come to a conclusion who creates the real problem in the world.

          1. The common thing below is the word muslims , by this I can say that Islam is the only true god’s religion and all others are shaitanic , so all shaitan’s in the world fight with haqq that is Islam. Americans blow there own buildings and attack on muslims, but one thing is, you can kill muslims but not Islam. I can type for hours on this topic, but its like blowing horn infront of a deaf.

    1. you are a muslim thats why saying this. The same thing can be imposed on the person who is throwing stone from the terrace.

    2. the sikh boy behind security force tells that Muslims were the first to pelt stones ,they injured number of Sikh persons and damaged there force fully paramilitary forces had to open fire.if the incident of burning of flag had not happened
      all this had not happened.the camera shows two muslim boys doing such activity.

      1. What business these Sick boys have with the swords in their hands and roaming in Muslims residential areas. With swords in hands they are not came for a friendly cup of coffee, they came to kill these unarmed people, What will you do such situations except throwing stones or run away. If the attack comes at your home , where you will run away leaving behind , the women,children and elderly people at home. In a desperate attempt if they threw stones , they did a right thing. The sick also could have thrown stones, had the opponents attacked their homes. But the uniformed murderers should not have murdered these unarmed, helpless people. They were not unbiased, they have come prepared to kill. The uniformed criminals had not tried to disarm the sword wielding sick rioters, they were in company to attack the Muslims households.Any Govt. worth its salt will punish this uniformed terrorists/

        1. What is your mind, have you forget what akbaruddin owasi said in his speech : leave both the community free for 15 minute

        2. What Akbar owaisi said is resonating clearly. This time too, police worked with Rioters to kill muslims and then fired on innocent muslims.

          But they forgot that those who die have become shaheed and they will live forever. Alhamdulillah every muslim boy and girl knows that one day they have to return to Allah & we can stare at death & not afraid of it.

          Could there be any better way to return to your creator other than the way of a Shaheed?

      2. the picture clearly says that who is in wrong action Muslim or Sikh. sikh boy pelting stone toward to muslims who are standing on roof……………..and police fully supported to sikh and kill the muslims

  2. From this news it is clear how muslims are always shown as victims(when opposite is true). They burnt Sikh flag, why don’t you focus on that. An oh, couple of days back they had problems with jains too. Couple of months back they are problem with jats. Such peaceful community.

    1. Mr.Rakesh you are right , the Muslims were victims everywhere, because their Islams teach them peace,asks them to be submissive to God and His commands, tells them not to rob others,don’t harm others, don’t kill innocents, even at war women,children,elderly and sick not to be attacked, even the dead bodies of the enemy to be respected and dignified, etc.But in Gujarat their tormentors gang raped women then burned them, children fed petrol and burned them. innocent women, children,sick,elderly were mercilessly killed as per Modi followers barbaric culture. It is not Hindu culture, as those cowardly criminals claims, they are just hiding behind Hindus for protection, but the God fearing real Hindus knows the difference. These victims when resolve not to be victims and swear to protect themselves, their kith and kin, and their hard earned properties then alone they will cease to be victims.Let the patriotic Indians come together to say NO to communalism.

      1. Had akabruddin owasi not given such a speech. That would not have happened. You just see all Muslims contrary you will get answer what islam teaches

      2. I agree, every religion teaches Peace, but recent few incidents draw a difficult picture ..

        1) Azmal kasab killing innocents in Mumbai.
        2) Bangladeshi/Pakistani soldiers chopped off body parts of Indian soldiers – even private parts.
        3) In Godhra train incident – which caused later big riots – 4 train coaches were set alight using petrol – killing 60+ ppl – including women & children.
        4) Recently in Muzaffarnagar (UP), few muslims made lewd comments on hindu girls — which caused riots there.
        5) in January 14 in Pune, a muslim bus attendent raped a hindu minor (12 yrs), girl’ father still fighting for justice. thank god – there were no riots.

        There have been numerous such incidents — muslim youths keep their women under heavy parda — but give very little respect to other religion’ girls.

        Still we hope — that all communities will live together peacefully – that’s the ONLY way out – but yes — muslims should improve themselves on education front & should restrict themselves to 2-3 children – specially when they don’t have big/huge salaries —- these two factors would be very helpful in improving their condition in India.


    2. u are right rakesh……..where ever they live…they have problem with other community……lets support our sikh brothers……jai modi

      1. Now its out in open. RSS is inciting sikhs to fight muslims. It was their own plan to first burn the Sikh flag, blame it on muslims and then let the two communities fight.

        Unfortunately Sikhs fell for that plot.

        1. plz blame RSS for India’ freedom fight against British, or 9/11 attacks, or mumbai attack, or 1984 Congress planed riots, or Boko Haram kidnapping 200 girls as well —— we will read carefully !!

    3. flags can be restored but not lives. Muslims are the vicims here, may b by their own actions or by someone else’s.

  3. OMG!! What distortion of news!!! lol.. why is the muslimmirror so biased and untruthful??? Read TOI or nay other newspaper for right facts!!

    1. I really appreciate the moderators of the page who publish all the comments by non muslims from outright silly ones to abusive where as most of my hard hitting comments devoid of any abuse in main stream media are never published.

  4. Am from hyderabad.
    Let me tell all those pointing to muslims, twisted news.
    Flag was burnt, first of all dont know who burnt.
    Next, matter was resolved through dialogue.
    Precautionary police is picketted.
    Next, mob of sikhs with swords n knives assembled, police kept quiet, why, were they to

  5. Police should inquire what was the cause nd why conflict started . Political parties should kept aside . All political parties should be restrained . Who ever is the cause of conflict whether Sikhs or Muslims severe action should be taken to aviod reoccurrence .

  6. Am from hyderabad.
    Let me tell all those pointing to muslims and saying twisted news.
    Flag was burnt, first of all dont know who burnt.
    Next, matter was resolved through dialogue.
    Precautionary police is picketted.
    Next, mob of sikhs with swords n knives assembled, police kept quiet, why, were they to protect them or stop them.
    How do sikhs got so many swords in no time, they are permitted to carry them, fine.
    But its nice of sikhs that they attacked properties not lives.
    So now muslims, unaware of the situation, assembled and retaliated.
    Next police opens fire on a mob carrying nothing but taking few stones from the ground and throwing- do they need firing to control.
    Ok, are all protocols vanish now.
    Who ordered it.
    Is it not that they should first do lathi charge, then tear gas then rubber bullets then fire on feet, thighs, and in the end, direct fire.
    Lathi charge was sufficient for few unarmed youngsters, but they were fifired with full knowledge that they were unarmed other community.

    The irony is that there is no casualty or injury in the clash but its the police who caused the human loss, which could have been very easily averted.
    Its high time this community should discuss and have some contingeny plan in place to prevent from police atrocities n bias against a particular community.
    If we cannot trust our protectors that is police then its over.

  7. This clearly a biased article. The truth is that some muslims burnt and disrespected Sikh religion’s most holy flag, causing sikhs to retaliate. Just imagine it happening the other around, such as sikhs disrespecting muslim koran – there would be 100s dead!

    On top of that, the muslim mob unwisely attacked the police, causing injuries to several policemen. The police had to fire back to save themselves in self-defence. It is not reasonable to expect the police to not save themselves when being attacked.

    1. Did you see them burning Sikh flag?? Any evidence? It was RSS Chaddiwalas who burnt the flags to hurt Sikh sentiment & then blame it on muslims.

      Muslims in Hyderabad never had any problem with Sikhs for so many decades. Why would they suddenly hate sikhs without any rhyme or reason.

      Question is Who is going to gain from all of this? Not muslims coz they dont run the government, not sikhs as they too have nothing to gain from it. Only RSS Sangh parivar will gain from this episode as it will fit into their agenda of divide & rule.

  8. While america is becoming stronger and stronger, India is becoming victim of riot,be it gujrat,hyd or mum.Every one want peace except some.Fighting in the name of religion is not foolishness

  9. While america is becoming stronger and stronger, India is becoming victim of riot,be it gujrat,hyd or mum.Every one want peace except some.Fighting in the name of religion is not foolishness?

  10. Only modi responsible ….guys because muslims and sikhs didnt vote for modi dats y …he created misunderstanding between dem….

  11. Useless youth on both sides Sikhs as well as muslims,dieing and fighting for politicians to gain,if you idiots have brains use this determination and dedication to improve your families economic conditions

  12. Muslim need to respect other religion also. Main difference was created by Jinna and kept Muslim like gaddar to Bharat. But Other Muslim who are in India has to prove and create difference and take all region in confidence and condemn such incidence which hurts other religion sentiments. I never faced any problem with any friend from all religion.

  13. Your are absolutely correct Rakesh they always show themselves of being victim. however it is always muslims who create nuisance. Actually just look around the world wherever these shitty people there are riots and war going on. Be it chchenya in russia, xinjiang in china, serbia, middle east with Israel, boko haram nigeria, kenya, you name it and you will find every where they were the only ones to start nuisance. Muslims have problems with all the communities in world, christians, jews, sikhs, hindus, jains, buddhists everyone. they destryed buddha statues in afghanisthan, in india too they destroyed many temples and build masjids on them like babri masjid on ram temple. may i ask muslims if they would allow a hindu temple in mecca and madina in saudi. the facts is there is not a single place of worship of other faiths in entire middle east. when they have already taken their part in form of pakistan they don’t have any rights to live in india. would you part with your property after you have seperated with your brother. not the same applies here. but vote bank policy of congress allowed a assam and kashmir to become muslim dominated states. all muslims in assam are from bangladesh. ther should be cbi inquiry about relation of owaissi brothers with pakistan and isi. want more facts?

    1. you are an ignorant,bigot indian.Find out the reality behind conflicts you mentioned from web.There are temples in UAE and oman,in saudi there are no hindu citizens then why they would allow by the way when you don’t believe in granting equal rights to rightful citizens better don’t comment about others.

  14. Badi sarm do gal ah Sardara ne kurbanya ditti desh vaste.. Akaltakh tu hukam sunna chai da ah ki sare sardar Delhi lalkile toh pujjo aur apni takkat dekho suleyanu .. Assi sikhi vaste aur apni koam Di raksha vaste SAR katwa bhi sakne ah TE SAR kat sakne ah

  15. Govt should deploy a commitee who can actually do a rapid research to find the people who started this clash by flaming the holly flag…on top of dat i just want to know ” why people see muslims as victims everywhere?” they are the one who burnt the holly flag and put stones at sikhs and police in the morming when evrything was settled!

  16. when ever such events starts to occur, some morons will start to fill up web with communal messages.
    look guys, think about population of India. out of them very few people express although they are concerned to such issues. out of them a very few will accuse govt about biasing.

    we are victims of so many problems in India. so let us not get ourselves in such one sided talks.
    A few people belonging to any community will always want take advantage of situation.
    let us not add fuel.

  17. why muslim have issue with all other religion why they start this all.
    godhra was intiated by them and then see the results

  18. Dear all hindu brothers, read all ur antimuslim comments.
    What an excellent job by media, it can change the mindset altogether.
    Rss, another hatred spreading entity, brainwashing to the extreme.
    The number of muslims killed by US n israel, is in millions, all innocent civilians in afghanistan, iraq, libya, palestine, many more.
    All the so called problems started by muslims are managed n funded by westeners, and then blame muslims n islsm for it. Its an international conspiracy, which rss has become a part of it.
    More than 90% attacks in india r by nonmuslims, to blame islam.
    U guys are far away from the reality.
    Godhra, yet to prove, purpotedly done to carry out attack on muslims.
    9/11, again a conspiracy, check on net.

    What was happening in india before other faiths appeared, fighting among kingdoms killing innocents, which faith was killing which faith, which faith treated their brothers n sisters as untouchables and slaves, keeping animals in house was ok but not these humans, for hundreds of centuries,
    Killing an innocent lady by throwing into her husbands funeral, the faith which still follows the highest superstitions in the world.
    Look into urself before pointing fingers at others.
    Should all that be forgotten.
    How many of u read, understood and implemented vedas, puranas or upanishads in ur lives, have u atleast seen them n u call urself belonging to that faith.
    First get true to urself. Pages r nt sufficient to write about more.

    Read quran once, u ll know the meaning of life, a book which remained unchanged to comma n fullstop for last 1450 yrs.
    u ll experience the unexperienced, the ultimate truth.

  19. Picture say it all. Sikh youth(dont know if they are really sikhs or RSS goons disguised as Sikhs) covering their faces, openly brandishing Swords & Knives infront of Policy, paramilitary forces.

    And police instead of disarming & arresting them seems to be planning how to kill more muslims.

  20. As a Muslim Indian, All i can say is Sasri Akaal.

    Let the muslims build the tallest flagpole in hyderabad and weave the largest Sikh flag for our brothers to heal their hurt hearts.

    Sikh Mussalman Zindabad!

  21. Why This Kolavery Kolavery Di ?

    Answer –
    We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another.
    In this world there is room for everyone, and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in.

    remedies for Kolavery Di

    universal brotherhood.
    respect Each other.
    Respect the community – your own, and others’.
    show hospitality to every one.
    Don’t cause violence or don’t be violent.
    Love Your Country.
    whoever may be he/she is, is called indian in overseas.

  22. Oh come on you both hindus and muslims…this type of talks against each other communities only shows your class guyss…just live with peace..and dont bother about the communities of terrorists..they are just terrorists not hindus or muslims…these all things are political happenings…..

  23. Everyone should know that Islam spread with minimum bloodshed on the most ignorant people,and in a very less time.
    they should also know muslims ruled India for several 100 years they never forced Islam in fact many built temples
    pls read authenticated history and watch 100’s of videos on Muslim and terrorism
    most riots happened after 1947 and ofcus after the pulling down of Babri masjid.

    1. No yaar thats not the fact yaar all that happen because of auranjeeb not because of babri masjid first he was trying to make all hindu’s muslim it started from there yaar not after 1947 this is wrong

    2. Brother imran,no matter how much you push a closed envelope it will not open,time has come for indian muslims to assert themselves, no need to feel guilty and no need to convince anybody,hatemongers will come to their senses when peace is shattered.

  24. REALTY OF KISHANBAGH RIOTS as per Jasvinder singh sikh channel. They say :- Mere muslim bhaiyoo Mai subah se dekh raha hun sari news ko, ye jhagra SIKH aur MUSLIM bhai ka bana diya gaya hai. Kisine hamara dharmik jhanda jise ham sikh nishan sahib bolte hai usko jala diya aur wahan par ek muslim bhai ka ID rakhdi jisse sikho ko lagaa ki kisi muslim ka kam hai tabhi jhagra hua. aap sab socho ki kisi ne janbujkar kisi muslim ki Photo ID rakhi taki danga ho.
    Sikh aur muslm community me ghagra karwane ka plan hai ye. jo bhai shaheed hue mujhe bhi afsos hai. magar allah miya janta hai ye aap aur hum logo ko aapas mai larwaane ki sazish hai. bacho isse mere bhayo.

  25. My sikh brothers fight side by side with me in border, I will take bullet for my sikh brother if any dirty disgusting muslim tries to attack him

  26. imran/bangalore this is for you.

    is it true that islam spread without bloodshed. bullshit, whereever muslims have gone they have killed local people raped and forcefully married their ladies. no one can forget what bastard Aurangzeb did he alone killed lakhs of hindus and sikhs. babar destroyed ram temple to build babri masjid. by the way do you know that bharat was from afganisthan to bali in indonesia. kandhar was actually Gandhar from where came Gandhari it is 5000 years in mahabaharat. do you know kabul was made by lord ram’s son kush. every where muslims are there they are fighting russia, india, china, thailand, phillipines, burma, the list is endless. and you talk of muslims as peace loving. bullshit!

    1. If u think that whole lot of indian muslim community can be subdued by force then you are mistaken as indian muslims are not miniscule in proportion.All sensible indians realise that it’s the peaceful atmosphere that would take the country forward,confrontational attitude will result in chaos and violence then even investor friendly person like NAMO can’t do much,u are not just dealing with indian muslims,every move is being watched and judged by world in general and muslim countries in particular.For your knowledge remittances from expatriates outweigh the money earned from exports,if nations start shutting doors then will you fill your stomach with muslim hate.

  27. Gujarat main kachch ke ran ko aabad karne wale sikho ko gujarat gov. Ne jo 1947 se base the unhe gujarat chodne ko kaha hai,partisent ke waqt kuch logo ne pagadi pehan kar sabse pahle muslim per attac kiya bad me katle aam suru ho gaya tha.

  28. we should live like brothers, muslim , chiristian and hindus.l the day wil come all will die becuase of natural calamities, religion , gods will be immaterial. India is country survivied by hook or crook. Anything has happened, religions is blamed. All religions are good. Hindu believe all Gods. Muslim tell Allah is only God, Christians are telling Jesus is the God. Anyting has happened, people go for work, enjoy life, as life goes like this. Religion is not important, only survival day to day is become miserable. Roads are bad, Rape are increasing, Education and Unemployement. Fighting will not solve the problem. We should bring all the religions people and discuss quarterly , so everybody will live peacefully. Main population and conversion and reconversion is danger for progress of country. All should lead a good life, government should help poor and need persons. If we fight, our country will be targetted by China.
    Let us live happily and mingle with good heart

  29. I think the problem is with the way muslims think in India. 18 – 20% people in India are muslims. So that makes their strength around 20 Crores… thats comparable to entire europe’s population. Yet how many top Institute do we see run/started by muslims? According to AMUs survey there were only 98 Higher education institute run by muslim/muslim organizations.
    So for 20+ crore polulation only 100 colleges? Compare this to other community, you’ll find christian institute in each and every corner. Jain, Sikh all have established huge education institutes. So people from these communities get opportunity to get educated and slowly but within few generations their economy status improves… and some of them in turn again contribute to their community again, by way of starting Institute, hospitals, etc.
    However when we see muslims, we see a rich muslim is more interested in opening Madrasa, Mosque, etc…. but seldom any higher education institute. At the max some kind of Arabic College.
    And hence major portion of the population remain uneducated and their population keeps increasing, and they get stuck in the mess.
    So the solution at hand would be for educated & successful muslims to invest in the education of their community. That way the entire community will improve.

  30. Communal riots kills innocent people …doesn’t matter if they are Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus ….har bar hamara hi koi mar raha hota hai….,

  31. Whoever supports this act of violence. surely it will happen with your mothers and sisters and then you will decide who was wrong and who was right. This is our indian mentality why blame leaders when the people of this country are damn racist. Now when people here get a chance to write they are spilling their venom wonder what happens when they are given mic. Trying hard to justify this act will get you nowhere but will make your soul enter darkness.

  32. Why do you throw stones at Ganesh Idols???

    If you don’t believe in idol worship, then don’t do it. Why do you see other religions from Islamic prism?

    We don’t believe in Islam and your medieval practices. Our religion is different. What is your problem, if we practise our religious rituals?

    Why do you think everyone should bow to Islamic dictates? Grow up!

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