Congress expresses grief over Pune IT professional’s killing

Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh

New Delhi : The Congress Wednesday expressed condolences at the murder of a young IT professional in Pune by alleged activists of a right-wing fringe group over remarks made on Facebook.

Congress spokesperson Shashi Tharoor told reporters that the party expressed its “deep condolences to the family and loved ones of 24-year-old Mohsin Sadiq”.

Sadiq was beaten to death in Pune by seven men alleged belonging to an outfit that called Hindu Rashtra Sena because of apparently derogatory comments about late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray.

Tharoor added that the death of Sadiq was a “very serious indictment of some of the extreme beliefs that have been allowed to take hold in the imaginations of certain people”.

“The answer to an opinion is another opinion, the answer to a word is another word, not violence,” he said.—-IANS

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  1. Nothing is going to hapen by mearly greving, Mohsin family should be compensated for the loos. has anyone demanded that ….??

  2. some people arguing for common civil code.why cant we just try islamic shariahs criminal procedure code to punish antisocial elements.fear of law does not exist in india especially in criminals.we can see in GCC countries the innoscant people always ahead to stop any antisocial activities because law never harrass anybody .but here its vice versa.whenever crime takes place people watch as mute spectator fearing just to avoid legal harrassment.

  3. What Congress instead should be doing is making sure that law and order prevails and the culprits go to trial.
    Maharashtra is being ruled by Cong/NCP govt. shouldnt be too tough for secular congress to live up to what they say they believe in.

  4. BJP/ Modi victory has emboldens Hindu communal, violent, fanatic groups like VHP, bajrang Dal, SS, Ram sena. These radical forces in the name of Hinduism are inciting Hindu masses and creating conditions that provoke ordinary members of their community against minorities. RSS through its affiliates, created most violent & fanatic , terror gangs like VHP and Bajrang Dal. these VHP, BD, RS inflicts pain, humiliation, intimidation, torture, death on minority population.These people are enemies of India. My question is who has control over them? can Mr. Modi answer this. Is this what Modi refers as good governance. our concerns are turning into reality now, increasing violence is unleashed by Hindu terror.

    • Yehi Acche din hai bhai un logon ke liye. Aur isiki wo baat karta tha. Faltu me Muslims uske so called “vikas model” se inspired ho ke apne vote baant diye. We are very badly divided that’s why these bullshits taking advantage.

      Kitni seats aisi hai jisme Muslims decision maker hai. Par nahi hum to apne vote bantenge sab fakiron me to natizen aise hi aane the. aur ye sab hona hi tha.

  5. This is similar to another incident in Kerala a few years ago in which a Professor’s hand was hacked off in broad daylight in a pre-planned manner by some Muslim youths, because they felt that a question in question paper insulted their prophet…

    The religious bigots are ruling the roost in every corner of this country… The problem is that most common people are law abiding hard working citizens who work for make their ends meet and do not have time to take on these religious goons, whereas these religious lumpen are getting paid from black money.The law will easily catch a common man protesting, but will appear eunuch when religious bigots are let loose.

    It is because the common citizen wants to concentrate on earning their livelihood they do not want to take on these religious lumpens directly…But these religious bigots should understand that, if a common man is pushed to wall and if they were to respond in the same measure then these religious lumpens do, they will then not even find a place in their hell to hide. A common man pushed to wall is more dangerous than the terrorists that these religious groups deploy to create ruckus on streets.

  6. Parties like shiv sena be banned.what are they doing ,spreading regionalism and hatred among countrymen.Bal thakre was not a man to take inspiration from,doing regional petty politics

  7. what to comment when they are saying one wicket is down.
    means what?
    allah is watching all of us
    and he will surely help us because we are pain


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