Congress goes to EC over Togadia remark


togadiaNew Delhi: The Congress Monday filed a complaint with the Election Commission over the alleged hate speech by VHP president Pravin Togadia who reportedly said Muslims should be thrown out of Hindu areas.

In a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner, the Congress urged the poll panel to take prompt action.

It also said nothing has been done so far in the case of Bharatiya Janata Party leader Giriraj Singh’s hate speech in Jharkhand.

“In quick succession to the recent hate speech by Giriraj Singh at Bokaro, Jharkhand, Pravin Togadia targeted his guns… by exhorting Hindus to forcibly evict Muslims and take control of their business houses,” said the Congress letter signed by the party’s legal cell secretary K.C. Mittal.

“To describe such a statement as a hate speech in violation of the Nodel Code of Conduct would be too mild. His statement is anti-national, provocative, inflammatory and an open threat to persons belonging to a particular community,” the Congress said.

The letter added that the hate speech was aimed at getting votes for the BJP and prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi “with whom they share the same philosophy and ideology”.

The letter also blamed the commission for not taking any action against Giriraj Singh, who had said those opposing Modi should be sent to Pakistan.

“Unfortunately, such statements are allowed and permitted by the BJP to seek votes by spreading hatred amongst different communities and religions. Unless the commission takes stern action against people making such speeches, fair and proper election cannot be conducted.”

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