Covid-19 patients are ‘literally being murdered’ in New York hospital , says a nurse


By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

A frontline nurse treating COVID-19 patients in New York has alleged that patients are “literally being murdered” by medical negligence and mismanagement every day and nobody was paying any heed to the issue as “they are all minorities”.

Speaking out in despair 37-year-old Nicole Sirotek described work at the frontline as like ‘going into the f***ing twilight zone,’ and told of hospital units in such disarray that she was once assigned to care for a patient already in a body bag, said a Daily Mail report.

According to Sirotek, ‘I legitimately don’t know what to do anymore. Even the advocacy groups don’t give a s*** about these people. Like literally, Black Lives Don’t Matter here.’

Sirotek told of one patient who died while waiting for an X-ray because her warning that the anesthesiologist had misplaced a ventilator tube was ignored.

She described how a resident doctor defibrillated a patient with an already beating heart and a nurse who placed a feeding tube into a patient’s lungs.

Sirotek made her whistleblowing allegations in an emotional video posted on YouTube. Her decision to go public was driven by despair as her attempts to advocate for her patients have all fallen on deaf ears.

The city has had more than 170,000 cases of the virus. It became the epicenter of America’s pandemic spread in a wave that saw hospitals and medical staff overwhelmed by sickness in their own ranks and patients beyond their help.

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  1. What ever this nurse told Seems accurate if we correlate with Doland Trump’s comments.We can expect about 2Lakh deaths in US.Coz same like what Bill Gates depopulation game.Killing patients in the hospitals.


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