Cow is an animal like horse and dog, those who worship cow are idiots : Justice Katju


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : Stoking yet another controversy former Chairman of Press Council of India and retired Supreme Court judge,  justice Markandey Katju here speaking to News MX  has said that cow is like any other animal- horse and dog- and there is nothing special about it to be worshipped, worshipping a cow is stupidly.

From June to December I was in America , people are laughing at us over the killing related to cow eating.This government had brought  shame for us around the world , he said.

Justice Katju was responding to a question on watering of parks in Noida to stop Friday prayers. Justice Katju said provisions in Article 19 give full rights for a gathering of any community peacefully  without arms and hence it was unconstitutional for Yogi government to stop Friday congregational prayers.RSS is organizing Shakhaas in parks so why Muslims are being denied to pray in  parks?

Over the last few years, cows seem to be at the centre of every political and social debate in India. From beef ban to attacks by gau rakshaks — everything seem to be dominated by the holy bovine animal. Former chief justice has continually took jibes at this and made hilarious suggestions that have gone viral.

Earlier he had made a suggestion for Bollywood filmmakers that what he claimed would be a greater success than Baahubali! Taking a cue from Hollywood’s ‘The Planet of the Apes’, Katju had suggested in India one should make the film ‘The Planet of the Cows’! Yes, he said this film would also garner 10 times more revenue than the epic franchise that has gripped the entire country.


  1. Mr Katju has no problem of Jews and Muslims not eating pig meat and how most people don’t eat dogs! If eating everything without any compunction is the mark of civilization,then cannibals should be seen as most civilized! Actually,most young people of the West are taking to be vegans in large numbers for the concern for animals being killed for meat. When human conciseness and aesthetics become higher, we will be vegetarians for our concern for the suffering of animals! Nothing to smirk about that!

    • True. What his emphasis was on however was that worshipping or killing fellow humans in protection of an animal sounds bizarre to him. Even though the headline suggests it, he was not actually questioning validity of belief itself. He also spoke of it from a Hindus point of view as ‘gau mata’ is a term coined by traditions rather than religious texts and beliefs.

    • The matter is not whether u eat or not but of killing humans for that …many hindus in Nepal ,goa,nagaland,kerala and Tamilnadu eat beef pls don’t blind fold yourself ..eating cow is allowed in vedas. Even vivekananda says so

      • @Moheen, do not propagate false info. Vedas strictly prohibit any kind of violence against animals. And Vivekananda’s statement is quoted by muslims out of context. He had said that “You will be surprised to know Vedic brahmins used to consume cow meat.” He was talking about specific period when brahmins got corrupted. Those corrupted Brahmins used to consume cow. Do not put any statement out of context.

    • Justice is talking about worship of cows. Many scholars of Hinduism say beef eating is not prohibited. They state even Lord Rama ate beef. What is the reason for forbidding beef eating. Dalits eat beef. Vegans develop vitamin B12 deficiency. Do you know any Olympic Gold medalists who are Vegans?

      • No hinduism talks about beef consumption is not prohibited. Hinduism is very vast.. you muslims take specific portion & quote it out of context for your benefit. Also, do you have any proof, lord Ram ate beef?

    • It’s not a problem of eating Beef or pork. Hinduism doesn’t prohibit its followers from eating meat.
      The problem is killing human beings for eating meat.

      Under the current Government the country had practically gone to the dogs

    • Mate you wanna worship it or shag it do what you like to it, but main point is the killing of poor innocent individuals lynching them is over cow meat etc.
      This is ridiculous and a shame on your sick leader Moody and his likes.
      Jews and Muslims don’t go round killing people for eating or sacrificing a pig.

    • Then y r highlighting fucking cow issue does it makes any blood sense to it.U Indian are bullshit killing muslims for eating beef.what the shit.And u talking about cannibal.oh come on man here we are talking about animals and people not people bearing facious minds and one more just be a man and stop killing muslims for eating beef.Ok and if u eating pig well indians are swine v dnt give a fuck.just whatevr u want to.but put your nose into our matter otherwise we know how to put cock into i

    • Your missing the point here nobody is saying that dog or pig is holy, The indians believe the cow is Holy as it gives Milk, Mr Katsu also rightly pointed out that goats camels sheep etc gives milk that don’t make them holy. Also nobody so getting killed for eating /selling dogs or pigs yet u slims are being killed for selling /consuming beef and that is what this is about you dumb dumbs! !! ..

  2. Absolutly ryte….i feel pity for india and indian people….and my mind always gives red signal when ever i thought about the backwardness of this country….

  3. Yep. This is very true. The world is laughing at our stupidity. To me Personllay I think Human beings are the king of this world like we say Lion is the king of jungle. Everything in this world is for us.

    There is a lot of people who don’t eat meat because they say they don’t want to kill animals and its cruelty. I respect your point of view. In the end God put each and Everything in this world for humans. And all these tree and animals have their on purpose.

    Cow_ For milk and beef
    Hen_ egg and chicken
    Cannabis _To get high and for cancer

    God is awesome. He knows what he doing

    • Lions eat deer, deer eat grass!
      Carnivorous animals prey on herbivores, man is omnivorous — see he has mixed teeth — canines, incisors, premolars and molars!
      A Muslim is allowed to be vegetarian by choice, eating meat is not compulsory–advocated only infrequently.
      Non-veggies respect veggies, and should also be vice-versa!
      Scientifically, meat protein is the best protein and best source of iron and vit B12.

      • Islam offers to consume any food because Islam finds its necessity for physical benefits. However, hinduism has much deeper analysis of food. Hinduism relates food to spiritual advancement. For spiritual growth, human soul needs to be pure. For pure soul, your mind needs to be pure & for pure mind, your food needs to be vegetarian.
        So do not justify meat consumption against Vitamin theory.

        • Very well said brother!

          I don’t know why you keep secular in your screen name. Mujhe toh is word se nafrat si ho gayi hai. Secularism in India is all about minority appeasement and nothing else.

  4. Stray cattle have become a menace and nuisance in all cities of UP.
    If people are going to attach sanctity to this or that animal such things alone will happen.

  5. Mr. Katzu is more famous for illogical statements. It is true that worshipping cow as mother is a sort of stupidity. Still killing a domesticated animal is against ethics. Muslims can take porks. No harm. Nobody objects. Christians take all around the world.

    • To eat or what not to eat is an Individual problem, who eats what? But to enforce anything illogically matters, if one consumes pork, a rat or a dog is no problem, why should be problem when someone eats cow meat . Many Hindus consume beef .and if at all they think she is their mother then why they treat her brutally many videos surfaced in social media from UP

    • To eat or what not to eat is an Individual problem, who eats what? But to enforce anything illogically matters, if one consumes pork, a rat or a dog is no problem, why should be problem when someone eats cow meat . Many Hindus consume beef .and if at all they think she is their mother then why they treat her brutally many videos surfaced in social media from UP

  6. Religion is one’s own choice. Kind of idealogy too. Imposing it on others is evil. Throughout the world real reason for discord and enmity is attempts to force one’s own values or faith or idealogies on others. National and International laws are responsible for all this. Quran orders guarrantee of religious freedom to non muslims. Religious freedom without freedom to practise what is in ones religion is hypocrisy being practised in every country by the majority there. Without safeguards for minorities which is a fact in every country democracy has become a sophisticated name for majoritarianism and dictatorship of the majority. Right now the world is run by idealogical dictatorship or religious dictatorship.

    • Dusre ke common sense ki parwah karne ki koi jaroorat nahi. Agar kuch kar hi sakte ho toh dusre ke religion aur feelings ko respect karna sikh lo.

  7. I treat cow as gau mata. I worship it. It has tremendous religious value to me and my community. If somebody slaughter it for consumption; I will definitely protest , and revolt and do whatever I can to safeguard it.

    • If u worship the cow right bit u see sometime her own baby when grows nd become ox then he starts mating with her own mother what type of religon u follow

      • That’s not true ! Stop misguiding fellow readers. In Islam in the name of halala daughter-in-law can marry her old father like father in law, and have sex. In Islam you marry and fu*k your own sister. What type of shitty religion you follow.

        I think animals are in better category than Muslims.

  8. Human beings are the best of creation and humans are highly intelligent and superior to animals. What is the logic of a human being worshipping an animal, any animal? Man domesticates animals and animals do not domesticate humans. So who is superior. In this Logic Justice Katju is correct.

    • So as per your logic whoever superior can slaughter inferior. I am amazed. With your logic Muslims should get slaughtered everywhere then.

      Agar meat khane ka shauk hai toh suar kha le!

      • Brother if cow is not an animal,then she should be guide by civil laws.
        Ultimately Everybody should be guided by law in a society.
        Parliament should bring more laws to protect her privacy.

  9. You are deviating from the issue. The issue raised by Justice Katju is worshipping the Cow. Why a superior creature like a human being should worship a lowly animal like a cow? You can answer this question first. Then we will discuss meat eating. I never said superior can slaughter inferior.

    • Faith and belief system are personal. You cannot seek logic in it. Your prophet flew on a pony. Do you believe that ? Are you an idiot ?

      For majority Hindus cow is matter of religious value. It should be down rightly respected. Period. When its matter of faith and belief system of a person, nobody has right to question it ?

  10. Salam to Hon”ble Justice Sahab

    To show the right way to the Indians

    Only vote Banker are using innocent peoples

    No love to them to the county, but to fight each other

  11. Many of these current Indian cricket stars eat beef T Bone steaks whilst on tour. Worshipping an animal is surely out of order.


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