Dalit teen shot dead by upper caste men after temple visit in Uttar Pradesh


In a shocking incident, a 17-year old Dalit youth was shot dead allegedly by four persons after an argument over monetary dispute at Donkhera village in Uttar Pradesh, police said on Tuesday.

Vikas Jatav was sleeping at his house when the four men– Lala Chauhan, Horam Chauhan, Jasveer and Bhushan– came and opened fire at him late on Saturday night.

“Hearing the gun shots, we rushed to save Vikas. The four men had fled by then and Vikas was bleeding. He died by the time we reached hospital,” the victim’s father Om Prakash Jatav said.

All the four accused have been booked for murder and two of them have been arrested, the police said. They have been booked under section 302 of IPC (murder), and under SC/ST Act.

Om Prakash alleged that his son was murdered by the four men from upper caste after an argument over entry into a temple in Domkhera village.

“The fight had erupted after Vikas went to the temple to offer prayers on May 31. The upper caste men objected to it and Vikas argued with them,” said Om Prakash.

He said that a complaint was filed on the same day, but the police did not take action in the matter.

Superintendent of police (SP) of Amroha, Vipin Tada, said, “During the initial probe, it has come to the fore that there was a dispute between Vikas and the accused over money. The brother of Vikas had taken a mango orchard on rent. Lala and Horam were also partners with him. Later, they fell out after a money dispute. There was a brief fight over it a few days ago.”

Lala Chauhan and Horam Chauhan have been arrested and the remaining two will also be nabbed soon, he said on Tuesday. IANS

2 thoughts on “Dalit teen shot dead by upper caste men after temple visit in Uttar Pradesh

  1. India is not now India it is state of terrorists. It is a state of goons and criminals. Where innocent people being lynched by upper class Hindus

  2. It is high time Dalits set up their own temples. Why go to the ones run by high casts and humiliated and killed?
    If they have self respect, they should never visit temples run by their enemies.

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