Delhi Violence supplementary charge sheet reflects the real face of BJP character and trick : Yechury


By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  Reacting strongly to the Delhi police’s supplementary charge sheet which named prominent personalities including CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury as co-conspirators in Delhi riots case, Yechury said Delhi police’s these  “illegal and illegal actions  reflect the character of BJP’s top political leadership”. He also said it is the real face of Modi and BJP, character, trick and meditation.  While Delhi University Professor, Apoorvanand said, “The Delhi riots conspiracy case has an eerie similarity with the Bhima Koregaon case in which Maharashtra police had attempted to save the real culprits.

In an attempt  to reinforce its claim that the February North East Delhi violence was a “deep-rooted conspiracy” by anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) movement, the Delhi police also dragged the names of  Swaraj Abhiyan leader  Prof Yogendra Yadav, noted  economist Prof Jayati Ghosh,  activist Prof Apoorvanand, and documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy and others in the supplementary charge sheet.

CPI(M) leader Yechury attacked the ruling BJP leadership for this action of the Delhi police saying it acted at the behest of BJP leadership.

“Delhi police works under BJP central government and home ministry. These illegal and illegal actions of him reflect the character of BJP’s top political leadership. They fear the questions of the opposition and peaceful demonstration, and want to stop us from misusing power.”

Defending the movement against the controversial and religiously discriminatory amendment in the Citizenship law, he vowed to continue the stir against this law.

“Our Constitution gives us the right to not only perform peaceful demonstration against all kinds of discrimination laws like CAA, but also our responsibility. We will continue the work of the opposition. BJP government should refrain from their actions.”

It is to mention that the anti-Muslim violence took place in North East Delhi in February25 to 28 claimed   56 lives and injured over 500 injured, and worth crores of properties also destroyed.

Without taking the names of BJP leaders Kapil Mishra, Union minister Anurag Thakur and MP, Parvesh Verma,   he asked the Delhi police “There is a video of poisonous speeches, why are they not being taken action?”

‘Because the Modi government has ordered the opposition to be wrapped up, by any means.  This is the real face of Modi and BJP, character, trick and meditation. There will be a protest against this’.

He further said this Modi government is not only afraid of questions in Parliament, it is afraid of press conference and answering RTI – be it Modi’s personal fund or showing his degree.

Announcing that they will hit the streets, Yechury said “Emergency was defeated by us and will deal with this emergency too.”

Meanwhile, Apoorvanand also reacted on this news that was also grilled by the Delhi police in connection the Delhi riots earlier and sized his mobile.

He said there is an eerie similarity between the Delhi riots conspiracy case and the Bhima Koregaon case.

“In both the cases, the actual act of violence is not being investigated at all. In both the cases, the police are not interested in finding out the truth behind the violence at all. Here, they have launched an entirely separate exercise to criminalise anti-CAA protests and protestors, which is an ideologically-biased unbecoming of a professional force like police,” he added.

Attacking the  Modi regime, he said “the Delhi police has never been anything but a handmaiden of the political party in power at the centre, reporting to the central Home Minister and faithfully carrying out his diktat, and never more so than at present.”

He further underlined that “Any impartial person can see through the shoddily-worded so-called ‘confession’, full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.”

However, he said there are several judges who are also plumbing the lowest partisan depths today.

“Any judge worthy of his/her chair would summarily throw it out as inadmissible, but then, several judges are also plumbing the lowest partisan depths today.”


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