Desperate attempts are being made to destroy the Idea of India : SDPI


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New Delhi : On the issue of increasing fascism and threat to democracy, Social Democratic Party of India organized a conference inviting representatives of various political parties at India Islamic Culture Center in the national capital on Monday. The conference on “Stand Up For Democracy” was organized with the slogan ‘Bhuk se Azadi, Khauf se Azadi’ [Freedom from Hunger; Freedom from Fear], aimed at uniting all the social democratic forces to fight the anti-democratic and fascist forces and ensure our country’s integrity, pluralism and harmony be maintained to continue promoting peaceful co-existence among various diverse groups.

In their addresses, the leaders of various political parties termed BJP and Congress are the two faces of the same coin. The leaders expressed deep concern over unrestrained cases of rapes of girls, oppression on tribal, backwards, farmers, rampant injustice, equality being denied, brutal torture on the weaker sections and so on.

Dr. Taslim Ahmed Rahmani, the convener of the conference and member of the SDPI National Working Committee said that democracy is being destroyed during the last four years. The people are disturbed by the fact that 80% people of the country are disturbed.

SDPI National President A Sayeed, who presided over the Conference, said that our country is playing in the hands of Hindutva forces, to save democracy, we will have to come forward and sacrifice. Congress has sown the seeds of hatred and the BJP has taken advantage of it .The truth is that today it’s not the BJP which is in power but the RSS, he said. Sayeed further said, the BJP government is hell-bent to change the Constitution. He also took a dig at the politics of dynasty.

Jan Samman Party President Ashok Bharti in his address said, it’s not just the Constitution but the country also is in danger. And those who talk equality and rights, they are being crushed. Former MP Kishore Lal said that the BJP government has spread hatred during the last 4 years and the Muslim has come on the margins. He also criticized about the rampant corruption in government bureaucrats and the biased media.

Ambedkar Samaj Party President Tej Singh said that post-independence 90% of the country is not free even today. The transfer of power has happened to the upper class from the British and that a group of micro-minority has become a reason for our troubles.

Bhanu Pratap Singh, president of the National Janhit Sanghrash Party, said that we have to change our vision, when we don’t get our right, then we need to grab it. 60% of the weaker and marginalized sections are still in jails.

Renowned legal activist Adv. ND Pancholi said that democracy or dictatorship doesn’t work in democracy and it can be changed by electoral process. He expressed serious concern over the increasing unemployment, suicides of farmers and rampant cases of rape in the country.

SDPI national working committee member RP Pandya said that Manuvad (Manusmriti) has not ended yet; Brahmins have captured almost all the judicial system and the result is that 90% of the people don’t get justice. Referring to the plight of the Muslims, he said that before the independence there were about 30% Muslims in governance whereas they are not even 1%.

State President Parvez of the Popular Front of India, Delhi said that the branches of democracy are being destroyed. Fascism has taken over in the name of Hindutva.

Women India Movement National President Mrs. Yasmin Farooqi, expressed deep concern over the increasing hostility, discrimination, inequality and tyranny in the country. She described it as fatal to the country.

SDPI Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin said in his address, desperate attempts are being made to destroy the Idea of India and present an exclusive idea which is preached by Golwalkar and Savarkar, wherein the country is only for Hindus, devoid of Muslims and Christians of all the rights. The Constitution was handed over to Indian people with the promise of democracy and secularism which is under severe threat since the formation of the government by the BJP. All the political parties due to the lack of ideological base are conducive and are impliedly supportive are not able to present a solid alternative to the Hindutva ideology, that is why the tendencies have taken the change among the masses and a micro minority has got the power. That is why a countrywide alternative must come forward, hence SDPI has taken up the challenge, to save not only the democracy but the country. India has been formed on an assurance of the inclusion of the all the persons in the parliamentary democracy and the federal system. So, SDPI, to broaden the efforts to protect the country and the democracy invited all the leaders of like-minded parties to have a common understanding to fight out the menace. Leaders from the Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP, RLD, etc. could not make to attend the function and participate in the event but growing political parties dominated by Scheduled Castes (SCs) have participated in the event and assured their all support in carrying out the agenda of Idea of India and ensuring its implementation.

2 thoughts on “Desperate attempts are being made to destroy the Idea of India : SDPI

  1. Being a citizen of stand up for save democracy is obligation upon all.Great step has been taken from SDPI all Indians should stand up

  2. Being a citizen of india stand up for save democracy is obligation upon all.Great step has been taken from SDPI all Indians should stand up

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