Despite militancy Jammu Kashmir only state in India with zero percent crime against tourists


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Despite militancy Jammu Kashmir only state in India with zero percent crime against tourists. Jammu and Kashmir is “completely” safe for visitors and tensions in the border areas have “little effect” on its tourism circuit, a senior official of the northern state said.
Describing the last year’s attack on Amarnath yatris as an “isolated incident to scare away visitors”, the director of the tourism department in Kashmir, M A Shah, asserted that such attempts will not succeed.

“Apart from last year’s attack on Amarnath yatris, there has not been any instance of violence in the tourism corridor of the state, spanning Jammu, Vaishno Devi, Sonemarg, Gulmarg or Ladakh, in the last one decade,” Shah, who led a delegation from the country’s crown state to Kolkata, told newspersons in Kolkata. He claimed that Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in the country which has zero crime record against tourists.

Shah also said that the state has registered one lakh foreign tourist footfall in 2017, while the number of domestic tourists crossed 1 crore. People from Gujarat comprised 30 per cent of the domestic tourists last year, while those from West Bengal were the second highest in number at 25 per cent. “Had it been unsafe, we would not have had so many foreign and domestic tourists visiting Kashmir,” Shah said.
The state has a dedicated a tourism police force to assist travellers, especially in Sonemarg and Gulmarg areas. “Kashmir is not just for holidaying in summer time, it is a round-the-year destination offering snowfall in the winter, blossoms in the spring, endless alpine meadows in the summer and the glory of crimson chinar trees in the autumn,” he added.

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  1. Because native Kashmiris are basically a gentle and loving people who are being bullied by unjust oppressors on both sides for selfish political gains!

  2. Fake news .
    Reality is no authority registers any complaint of tourists in Kashmir valley.
    Tourists always threaten by locals.

  3. Exactly there was a news that tourists from Paris were manhandled by the locals, they were beaten by the locals there, and after sometime the police came up with the explanation that the tourist took a route to reach lal chowk which was not safe for travelling at the point of hours. Disgusting🤨

  4. In kaahmir there no militency these are indian militry agencies who try to grab the land of kashmiries, the Kashmir people so called terrorists by India are fighting with Indian forces for their right of fundamental.

  5. For Ulema and believers, today’s main religious duty is to maintain calm and peace and participate in the constitutional democratic process of national elections with all 100% strength to defeat the evil Savarna EVM fascist forces.
    Also encourage and bring our neighbours from Dalit-Bahujan, Hindu and minorities to come for casting their precious votes to ensure a fairly elected democratic government which will give equal opportunity to all citizens without playing hate-brigade “divide and rule” policy of Savarna bosses!

    Ensure 100% voting in elections for removing fascist forces and equal opportunity for minorities and Dalits too!

    Please watch Google youtube ” Dhruv Rathee how to vote”
    For info on how to get voter id for citizens, NRI and army officers at other locations.

    Google youtube “Mayavati ne Waman Meshram sahab ko kya kahaa?”
    For Dalit-Muslim-OBC-Minorites unity on removing Savarna EVMs from Indian elections!


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