Diriliş Ertuğrul : Will the ‘soft bomb’ explode?


By Mohammad Mahdi

The New York Times has called it a soft bomb. We know it why. In these two months of lockdown, we are continuously hearing more or less about the Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul. The series containing about more than 500 episodes first released in 2014 has broken all the previous records thrusting the Turkish film industry to prominence worldwide. It was also one of the higher-rated shows on Netflix and has acquired attention all over the world. Estimates show that TV series revenues will hit $1 billion by 2023.

With its release in Pakistan in the early days of Ramadan, the series got its fame over the Urdu speaking countries including India. It has been watched in over 65 countries and is been translated in many different languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, and Arabic.

Diriliş Ertuğrul, the series based on the 13th century is a historical fiction based on the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The series containing five seasons was based on the five different periods of Ertuğrul‘s life, father of Osman Bey, the founder of the ottoman empire. Historians are not very familiar with the character Ertuğrul. The chronicles that remain of him were written and compiled by early ottomans about two centuries after his death. The historical records are a bit confusing so it is quite good to watch the serial instead of reading the historical records.

According to the social media’s representation of the series, it seems that the story is based on real-life history and adventures of the man, well it is not. The writer of the serial Diriliş Ertuğrul also mentions in his article that “there is no certainty in this historical data. But history has a soul. We think that we describe the spirit of the 13th century in history. We are shaping a story by dreaming”. So we must not see it in the vision of our history. But yes we can say that it was more or less like it. The basic ideology of the series is based on the Sufi culture of Islam. It teaches how a man’s devotion to his God can give him guidance and success. It also presents a more attractive view of the Islamic culture, especially for the young ones of the new generation who find themselves estranged from their roots.

A fatwa that says watching Ertuğrul Ghazi is haram

About a month ago while the series was been released in Pakistan, a fatwa was sanctioned on the serial by Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah (one of the Middle East’s oldest and most influential bodies responsible for issuing fatwas, or religious edicts). The fatwa mentions the Turkish series as impermissible to watch and haram for Muslims. According to Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah,  Turkey wants to restore its empire by motivating people through this drama and using it as a soft corner for its propaganda. It also claims Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would do anything to spread his power across the world, even using cultural and artistic products while it is haram in Islam. Jamia Binnori, a Karachi-based Islamic institute, has also issued a fatwa against it by saying that “the series contains messages of love that are unethical for Muslims and people don’t necessarily need to know of.”

We don’t know very well why the fatwa’s has been given on a particular TV series. Throughout the year, countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, and even Egypt earn millions of dollars by making films and movies. In a year dozens of series were produced and not even a single fatwa was sanctioned against it, hence one can contemplate the political agendas behind such religious decrees.

Restoration of the Caliphate

My teacher once asked me what I think about the restoration of the caliphate and is it easy to once more establish it. Most Muslims want the caliphate to be restored but it is a very difficult task to choose the right person as the caliph, that too one who all the Islamic countries agree on. We know from history after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the caliphate, in India many movements such as the caliphate movement and the movement led by Maulana Maududi came into existence. All over the world, hundreds of different movements led by different leaders sprung up. But it seems the voices which had risen once have all been lost in the chaos of modern times. Till now we don’t have any conclusion or any road map which can lead towards the right path.

It is a revolutionary idea to again restore the caliphate. But we all know how the great empires such as the Muslim Spain, the Fatimid Egypt, and Abbasid Baghdad once famous for its house of wisdom, within a few years was reduced to ruins. What is the root cause that takes the Muslim world towards nowhere? We have to remember how the Muslims were successful in their early days. Some historians even listed the cause of why the caliphate came into existence as the political divisions within the previous kingdom, the people not getting proper safety and a prosperous life took Islam as an opportunity to get out of this chaos. One of the other reasons for such great success of the Muslim empires was the legal terms which they offered to the people. Scientific studies and philosophy also boosted the economy and status of the empire.

The main thing which the Ottoman Empire lacked by the time of its decline was education and unity. Even if we look at the peak of the Ottoman Empire in the reign of Suleiman I also known as Suleiman the Magnificent, the things which were sustaining the empire was wealth and strength. Lack of unity and education promoted the decline of the empire. That’s why within a few decades’ the empire which ruled for about 600 years finally met its end. The Ummah which once prided in her history is now dependent on reminiscing about her past glory. But does this very act of reminiscing, as the Diriliş Ertuğrul’s overwhelming popularity is showering, really hold the possibility of rekindling the Caliphal dream?


Mohammad Mahdi is a young student scholar. He writes on religion and philosophy. Recently, he has completed his class 12th from Shaheen Academy. He can be reached at mahdimohammad2002@gmail.com

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  1. We Muslims states are looking for brave leaders like
    صحابہ کرام رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ
    ، تعابین، اور دوسرے بہادر لیڈز

      1. First of all Muslims of subcontinent have a emotional and religion relationship with turkey (Abbasi caliphate and Ottoman caliphate ), since king Tuglak and King Altamash and Razia Sultana.
        Mughal came from Central Asia. Though they have a relationship with Ottomans.
        Muslims of subcontinent ( Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) and Turkey etc are followers of Imman Hanafi.
        Therefore have an emotional relationship.
        To correct this person caliphate movement in 1920’s was not started and led mulana modudi. Actually it was led by Mulana Muhammad Ali juhar. These two brothers (Mulana Muhammad Ali juhar and Mulana Shukat Ali Juhar) spent most of their life in prison for the shake of Muslims of subcontinent. Please get some knowledge and do research before writing.

      2. Idiot do you think the people who give fatawa I really educated themselves? What these assholes really know about history beside few books that they read copy paste, and become Mufti. Support your argument with something solid. where people have freedom of speech freedom of expression Freedom off. Idiot argument coming from country like Egypt governed by a****** dictator who dictate is lying to this so-called madrassas

    1. Mr. Mehdi, you bet you dont even know your real great grand father name and his date of birth. What qualify you to talk about real characters that existed in 13th century who’s mazaar “tomb” still exist in Turkey since then there are guards on his maqbara . Even greeks try to demolish that strucure since they remember the lessen which their ancester got from his highness Artughral. If it was some fiction as you portray these stuctures wouldn’t have existed since 13th century. get yourself educated before you talk about any legendry figure or leader. Asshole!!

  2. Off course countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria will give fatwa against of Ertugrul. These countries do not want their new generation to stand against tyrants and kings. Ottoman caliphates gave the same punishment to their kin as any other civilian. Unlike these countries where corrupt princes and rulers are not punishable even if they order the murder of a journalist inside their consulate. So this drama Ertugrul is a bone shaker for such corrupt leaders.

    1. Mashallah it’s true this series is real and they have have shown real face of this gulf and Israel pigs.

      1. This serial of Ottoman Empire Ertugrul will change the Muslim world if young generation follow its principle then only God

        can prevent from empowerment and spread of Islaam learn from this serial if you want to survive and beat the tyrants and evil one

    2. It may be one of the reasons but the thing that is focused in this serial is teaching of Sufi..as we all very Know Saudi and gulf countries are against sufism and it’s teaching and there is clash in their views with the teaching of Sufisim.

        1. Yes agreed but in those early years sufisim was the only practising sec so why would they criticise the series their argument is baseless I am a sunni and I loved the whole idea of Etrugul I love everything about the series

          1. Aisain muslims are have their own vision on islam by mullas…..attoman empire was just rules area like 20 kilometers radius of area…peoplw starts glorify dem selves wid foreigners…hahaha…chutyapa

        2. Hamara aqeeda hai ki imam mehndi alaihissalam ayenge is zameen pr aur zulm ke sath zalimon ka bhi khatma hoga inshaAllah

      1. Thanks for ur idiotic comment. No one is fool here to accept your foolish comment without any proof or refrence. Try hard to spread lies against Erdogan😂

    3. Very good serial ..i saw..its msg only for to do right thing and for stand for it..nothing else….i hope tis type of serials come more..i like it….aorry we like it…

    4. you are 100 and 10% correct! this is the actual truth which many of the Muslims cannot see while following orders blindly.

    5. Very well balanced article from a young writer really appreciable.
      The drama series is a tool for entertainment and should be enjoyed but the difference is that this series is informative and motivational for all the hopless and suppressed Muslim.
      Regarding fitwas from different religious schools of thoughts they should focus on other more important issues face by ummah and guide them properly rather to divide and depress the ummah and above all by giving such nonsense fitwas they will loose their credibility

    6. Huge cultural problem within the Arab world.
      Many Arabs think they’re superior to other races, which is against the teachings of the religion

    7. I agree with you.
      The main reason behind the downfall of Muslims is because of our leaders.

    8. Having gone through some of the posts it’s ironic that the new enemy of Islam in everyone’s eyes is now Saudi Arabic.

      People need to wake up to the propaganda before its too late.

      Why is it that the non muslims succeed in making the Muslims fight amongst each other.

      The world is huge and if Turkey wants to rule over some part of it let it and if Saudia Arabia wants to rule some part of it let it etc etc… at least wherever the Muslims rule properly there will be peace and tranquility for its inhabitants unlike what British, French American Colonialism has and is bringing to the world.

      Don’t try falling into the trap of Saudi bashing that has been developed over a number of years.

      The world is huge enough for everyone to share it. What we all need to do is work towards preventing injustices no matter whom they are that are at the receiving end of it.

      One example people may be able to relate to is Africa. Biggest continent in the world with the largest amount of diamonds yet it has the highest level of poverty that is heart wrenching. Where are the diamonds and where is justice?

    9. Why these bodues were silent when indian plays were watched by pakistan. They were showing their culture. This play is very important play indeed for muslims, so we can find that those who are going to issue fatwa are just pulpits in hands of india, Israel etc…

    1. Well of course those arrogant so called muftis are going to issue fatwas. In my opinion Imam of the khana-e-ka’aba should be hanged to death by letting those Saudis kill innocent people in Yemen. Why aren’t those so called muftis issuing fatwas against that savage named Bashar Assad of Syria and so on. They feel threatened by this marvelous piece of history that is why they want to issue those filthy fatwas. Hell with all those bastards. I love history and I am watching this series very faithfully and will keep watching it as I please.
      I would like to point out that “Those Arabs are communists they wash their hair with camel piss”

    2. Well.. RealitY iS tHAt Media Are sOft BoMb 😒..
      ThEY CAn nEvEr SToP SPrEaDiNG POisON AgAiNst MusLiMs..
      TheY aLwAys ShOws MUsLiMs As a TErrOrist WHiCh iS NOt TrUe …
      BeCAusE rEaL MusLiMs is NOT MeAN BY tErROR ..
      SWOrd Of MusLims WArRiOr AlwaYS TOok sTaNd FOr tRuEth , For SaViNG isLaM …
      RApisT ArE nOt tHe ReAL MusLiMs BUt iNdiRCtLY oNLY FOR eRNiNg mOneY BOLLywOod iNdStRY AlWaYs sHow ThE musLiM WARrieRs As RApiEst MuRdReR BLa..Bla..bLa…..
      BUt tHis DraMa sHOws REaLiTy REsLts BOLLYwOod POisOns FaKe MoViEs tOok DOwn LikE PaDMaVat , PaNipat & OtheR..😂 & Am HaPPy bEcauSe tHis iS RiGht FAkE MoViEs WhO SpRead isLaMoPhoBia is VErRy neCcasaRy TO tOok DowN 😗

  3. I hope all muslim country United and giving a good new

    Now a day you know the OIC is not doing anything wrong anywhere muslim community destroy like a masjid e Aqsa and more all are know that

  4. I can see why some Arab countries are worried about spread of emaan and spirit of true Islam that could revolutionize their young population that can be hard to stop. Plus, these countries are afraid of Turkish soft and hard power that can potentially reduce there influence on Muslim Ummah. I better be influenced by positive Islamic values than some Arab leaders arrogance and cruelty.

  5. We this is wonderful to see ERTUGRUL with family n revoke Islamic history, feeling pride in narrating the great time of Muslims. Wish we can see the same spirit n zeal in our coming years. Of course producer has worked hard on subject.
    Congratulations to ptv for releasing urdu dubbing also.

    Good luck

  6. Overall it’s a Drama….. It lesson to end evil Work that’s harmful for A Human being… ISLAM n Muslims is GREAT….. All humen must be wach Ertugrul series of Drama……

  7. In the holy quran there is no mention of king in middle east only kabilah..so many wonder where those kings come from….from deck of cards or colonial puppet…..colonial found oil i there u.s..rockefeelar n carnegie…in place l geographical terrain like the middle east in early 19 th century….they giv it a shot to try in middle east but most of middle is in ottoman rule from syria to morroco….world war 1 destory ottoman …ww1 to destroy ottoman wars start with german comander lrading turkish army attack on russia…………………..

  8. Their is a lot of truth in Ertugrul,and this is what the fake Muslims in the middle East are afraid of. An Islamic uprising that makes Islam great again. Islamic rule doesn’t last long because we will always have greedy people who will sell their soul to the devil for a bag of gold or royal title.

  9. We feel good to watching we saw how faith they have in All mighty Allah and i think there is no harm in watching Ertrugul season

  10. The people now are don’t have time for reading but they are have time for video watching . As a Muslims this dram Ertugrul you can watch with your family. But I surprised to hear about fitwa given by some religious people why they didn’t given for another drama , In Pakistan can you watch any drama with your family ? Answer is no.
    What they are showing to the people ? This drama will motivate the young generation of the Muslims world. Insha Allah

  11. You are right. Every year so many westernized films are produced in these muslim countries but the fatwa givers remain silent. Now they are giving fatwas – these are political parasites!!!

  12. The good thing how corrupt leaders be punished by the state in dirilis …this is the base of islam ..I like the series instead Hollywood and Bollywood movies

  13. Agreed with the view that fall of ottaman empire was because of lack of education and unity, but we have also to consider the internal rifts and hypocrisy and more so the plans of Jews and Christians by corrupting the power hungry insiders of ottaman people.

  14. Good effort Mustafa for a youngster at 12 th grade.
    Next time, also try to give a balanced view after considering both pros and cons, to be able to fairly analyse any significant event or the numerous fatwas.
    We need young thinkers who think innovatively with good understanding of our Deen and are not just blind followers of one particular narrow ancient cultural firqa or sect!

  15. Actually iN ThAt tiMe YOu MEdiA ArE SOft BOMB To ALL SOft PeOPlEs gOdi MEdia tOdaY TimE HAs bEeN chNgEd ..
    ReALitY is ThAt This DRaMa iS FULLY fiLled Of REaLiTY & It ALso ShOw WHat is ThE REaL MusLiMs !

  16. Actually iN ThAt tiMe YOu MEdiA ArE SOft BOMB To ALL SOft PeOPlEs gOdi MEdia tOdaY TimE HAs bEeN chNgEd ..
    ReALitY is ThAt This DRaMa iS FULLY fiLled Of REaLiTY & It ALso ShOw WHat is ThE REaL MusLiMs !

  17. These all countries who are against of Diriliş Ertuğrul are corrupted. They always support tyrants and infidels and are against Muslim countries in any situation At the time when Muslims want support but these countries act like as they are not muslims..Why Muslims in every part of the world are being oppressed?. This is because there is no unity among Muslims .If Mr. Imran Khan raised voice of kashmiri people at global level onle there were two supporters for Pakistan i.e Turkey(Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) and Malaysia (Mahatir Mohammed) At that time rest of the Muslim countries were sleeping as they were not aware of something .

  18. My dear fellow Muslims, I am disappointed by reading your comments here. This article is written by class 12 student and most probably edited by someone else on his behalf. Still Some of the facts written in this article are incorrect.

    Muslims can only be saved from oppression and tyranny if we want to follow path of Truth and honesty. There is no other way. Allah do not discriminate among his creation. Whoever follows the path of Justice, Compassion and knowledge is bound to be successful in this world. No matter what is his religion.

    Please do not live in a fool’s paradise. Don’t think that some Ertugrul will come and change everything for you , while you yourself continue doing all the frauds, deception and bigotry within yourself. That’s highly unlikely to happen .

    Instead of waiting for an Ertugrul, and keep living in past, Start living the present and be an Ertugrul. Today’s Ertugrul is someone who discovers and studies the laws of God that we know as science.
    Today’s Ertugrul is someone who speaks truth no matter whose against it is. You have to be nice and compassionate no matter what others think of you. Your niceness can not be conditional.
    Today’s Ertugrul need not to take a sword, instead take a Pen , Paper and Computer. Be the change you want to see in society. Don’t be the foot soldiers of your political masters. Instead be a foot soldier of Wisdom, equality and humanity. The world will be yours.

  19. This series are real pig if Israel and some gulf they are trying to stop this series because in this they have shown. The reality of some gulf n Israel how they have cheated our islam n Muslim. How strong our Muslim and clean heart was ertugrul gazi and osman gazi. This all film industry just washing our brains and they want to show only dummy fake movies. Whn turkey has stated real history of our Muslim fighter how they rule. Now this pig who are trying to stop series and blaming this real history if islam. Allhumdulillah i request to all watch this and let everyone know reality of our islam and Muslim nature and power.

  20. I think you should watch this series and give a fatwa . I don’t know how people’s become salves and work under the USA , Europe and jaws community. We are Muslim and this soft bomb will bring big change in Muslim . InshAllah

  21. They r afraid of muslim n power of Islam.if one muslim get up n fight for the Islam n for sake of muslims their power will be vanished, they will get crushed so they don’t want any such thing to happen.because they know very well that they may become slaves for many hundred years as they r before. this is power of namaaz n the name of Allah that still v r standing. Thanks to Allah subhan tala

  22. Ertugrul series is the series in the world I don’t know how some people’s give fatwa on this series they’re just Salve and under work jaws and USA . We are Muslim and this soft bomb will bring change in Muslim and again will tell the world that we are best and we need peace unity and happiness .Lion don’t care what jackals thinking.

  23. Each n every country want to overpower country other then them especially our muslim country lack of difference never come togather to discuss there mistake n make firm difference even at a time of prophet s.a.w. there was difference between SAHABA r.a.but they were togather at once when MUSWARA was made among them n lots of difference within them but when muswara was done they agree with it though kot of difference as MUSWARA have khair in it thats the power if our muslim ummah

  24. “how a man’s devotion to his God can give him guidance and success. ” I believe it is not just Sufi but mainstream Islam.

  25. Yes Callaphat is necessary for muslim umah now, and these historical facts mentioned in Turkish serial was only to know the muslim people of their actuall position

  26. …. are puting fatwa to see this as haram. Once thier sisters and mothers is dancing at live tv shows that is halal …

  27. Well, forget about real story or fatwa, it you get what series is trying to say about Islamic values that tells to stay on the right path, and you get it then it’s more than enough . Ppl perceive things in different ways good and bad.

    1. Why cant we just enjoy the drama and learn the good points in it. No need to politicize it. Just enjoy and pick up the fine points to use in our daily lifes. There is a lot of praising doas which if we practice will make others feel appreciated and humble. Dont put religion and politics into it. Look at ourself in the mirror first.

  28. Although slught fiction is part of this superb drama, this drama highly influenced the young generation. Its positive impact nd strong moral value showed the true picture of islam nd muslims. It showed how the muslims were fair, just nd bold. This great man turned the direction of brutal mongol. This only service of Ertugrul is enough to put him im high ranked leader. He was not h king but a nomad, but his character, courage nd faith made him an immortal figure.

  29. Jo bhi is ke khilaf fatwa de raha hai vo shaitan hai america ka or israil ka kutta hai film or natak ko pasand karta hai lekin jahan se inqalab aa sakta hai in mollon ko pasand nahi aata inka fatwa mere jute ke niche rahta hum muslim hai mera fatwa quran e pak se leta hon

  30. Ertugral is a great watch for entertainment and binging. But it is highly inaccurate and bias. For those of you that think you are watching a historical account particularly of the relation between the muslims and Christian’s- wake up and smell the oud. Every single scene in which the writer of ertugral depicts the Christian’s- they are evil and dark and mischievous and manipulative, even to the point where the background music becomes evil and dark. The writer seems to portray the muslim world as having but a few bad apples that are power hungry where the Christians collectively are bad and evil? I think this is tactless on behalf of the writer and not even subtle. And it’s very eye opening that the majority of the muslim audience dont notice this – meaning you have been misled into thinking that this is indeed the case.
    The truth is that in the 13th century there were very bad and evil muslims as well according to historians. Christians and muslims were both evil in those days l, killing innocent people in the name of their respective gods. In fact funnily enough it seems that only certain muslim governments are still doing funny things like stoning as punishment etc.
    What the writer of this article fails to realise, or he realises and condones it is that caliphates
    came to power by invading and killing innocent people who did not recognise their authority. Much like ISIS tried to establish.
    Also remember that muslims were some of the biggest slave traders in history responsible for some of the worst human atrocities (as were christians).
    So ertugral being worthy of respect as a tv novella that entertaines shouldn’t be seen as even vaguely historical because it serves as pretty tacky propaganda and not even subtle and EVEN suggests that sex wasnt a part of life. Sorry but there are historical accounts of sex between Arab muslim slave master and African slaves going on in Africa back in those days.
    I am someone who deeply respects Islam(particularly sufism and the teachings of Ibn Arabi) and have many muslim close friends but I am not bias towards any side which enables me to separate the bullshit from the truth.

  31. Fatawa is allready on the all things which r not according to the LAW’S OF SHERIYA so as per this serial We see it contains the things which goes against the ISLAMIC LAW it contains the the music the womans without pardaa n even the biggest thing it show the Haram relationship before marriage That’s wt we called love but as other serials are considered this is less haram the Those At last May Allah give us hedayet Ameen yarabulalameen

  32. Mohammad Mahdi,I appreciate for this article …u point out reasons for the decline of ottoman empire i.e education and unity..But tell me one thing what r the factors that lead to rule for 600 years …iz not the education and unity that may had promoted to rule for six centuries???
    Erdogan iz the only leader that always raise voice aganist the tyranny amoung Muslims that especially happened in nonmuslim countries where Muslims exist in minority ….One can’t feel the feel unless and until go through it..

  33. This is one of the best serial.
    भईया दरअसल इनका फट रहा है डर से की कहीं मुस्लिम एक ना हो जाए.
    जो भी दिखाया गया है, सच्चे और अच्छे अमल करने को कहा गया है, जो इस्लाम कहता है,

    1. I have watched few episodes. It me this TV series is promoting of SOFT ISLAMIC TERRORISM

      Or Agar Kafir ik ho gay..jaisay India main


  34. Why fatwa for this perticuler serial ? This is a historical fiction . How the Ottoman Empire was established and continued for 600 centuries. Any thing can be achieved with unity sincerity ability enthusiasm without corruption and of course necessarily faith and guidance of Almighty . That’s what is shown in this serial For every revolution that continued effort with dignity and uncorrepted mind is effective

  35. I think that people should get a message to this Turkish darma. They don’t enjoy the serial but they must encourage himself for battle against enemy of muslim.

  36. Drama will encourage youth of Muslim as they are not aware of their power and intelectual. They are busy in playing Games and wasting time on others rubbish things. This drama gives how to leave life with prestige and pride. How a Muslim men and women can present themselves in front of World. Muslims are presented differently in the world. Our generation should know about Muslim leaders and their sacrifices towards ISLAM. We should learn from them.

  37. Totally appreciable drama….. yes ofcourse the best message to muslims youngsters..totally connects with the heart of the followers… A great many messages that are same as is followed and should be followed by humans…. can’t describe the level of it..

  38. Totally appreciable drama….. yes ofcourse the best message to muslims youngsters..totally connects with the heart of the followers… A great many messages that are same as is followed and should be followed by humans…. can’t describe the level of it..

  39. Why the Muftis not issuing Fatwas and silent when Saudi Prince Mohamed B. Salman(MBS) is planning to form a future mega city project – NEOM, where every thing will be allowed without any Saudi’s Islamic rules will not be implemented. Any one can come and fully enjoy the Western type culture on this Holy Land.

  40. Well analyzed by young writer that It teaches how a man’s devotion to his God can give him guidance and success. It also presents a more attractive view of the Islamic culture, especially for the young ones of the new generation who find themselves estranged from their roots.

  41. Heey! You @ An who the hell are you hold your tongue don’t cross your limit aukaat mein raho apne samjhe.

  42. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and other country are the pig of Israel they do not want khalafat because these princess are crupt.

    1. Why the Muftis not issuing Fatwas and silent when Saudi Prince Mohamed B. Salman(MBS) is planning to form a future mega city project – NEOM, where every thing will be allowed without any Saudi’s Islamic rules will not be implemented. Any one can come and fully enjoy the Western type culture on this Holy Land.

  43. Ok well well as I read most of the comments it showing that people are answering or reacting based on their emotions or own ideas.
    But anyway I would like to say one thing as it also mentioned in hadith that in the last time there will some people who will to claim Khalifat but they will not sccussed three princes will fight our the khalifat
    But non of them will not sccussed .
    Today who our the kabba of course the Muhammad bin Salman so right now he is the Khalifa that was the definition of Khalifa by the ottoman sultan orhan was not Khalifa and also sultan Mehmet the Khalifat being when sultan Salim father of sultan suleiman took the kabba so it mean here now he the kabba he is the Khalifa because of kabba if not so why sultan Mehmet was not a Khalifa why sultan orhan was not a Khalifa so we can’t call it Khalifat but we can say Islamic empire like slajaqe empire
    Like khazanvi empire like khouri empire they were Islamic empire but I respect ottoman as a Islamic empire because they didn’t took it by willing of people because they had the power and declared the Khalifat they were that there is on one to stand against our this actions.
    And that is how after Salim thet Khalifa title added to the ottoman sultan but originally they were sultan not Khalifa.
    But they were turk like other Turks in central Asia and some parts of Iran when the saljaq defeated the byzantine then they moved to that area.
    I would like to in last today those who trying to become a Khalifa or want to establish a Khalifat in country like Turkey it so late for them they can’t make it 100% be sure. And no one will until inam madi cames he will also will be not interested but people will force him and that’s how he will become a Khalifa not like Erdogan trying very badly hard to again establish the ottoman empire and don’t forget establishing ottoman empire is different think than the establishing of Khalifat.

  44. Leave the Arab on there own because they don’t know what has happend with them they are going to the wrong side because now a days they are said to be Americans dogs nothing would happened with them this season is the best season to stand the Muslim nations on their feet and become unite

  45. Well of course those arrogant so called muftis are going to issue fatwas. In my opinion Imam of the khana-e-ka’aba should be hanged to death by letting those Saudis kill innocent people in Yemen. Why aren’t those so called muftis issuing fatwas against that savage named Bashar Assad of Syria and so on. They feel threatened by this marvelous piece of history that is why they want to issue those filthy fatwas. Hell with all those bastards. I love history and I am watching this series very faithfully and will keep watching it as I please.
    I would like to point out that “Those Arabs are communists they wash their hair with camel piss”

  46. Yes,it is amazing drama,after this series watched everyone wants to be ertgrul ghazi,ertgrul character is awsome everyone character amazing and we love it especially ertgrul,turgut,bamsi and amma haima😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕

  47. If Muslim Soft Bomb explodes then Muslim be prepared for Kafirs RETALIATION. All most all Muslim Terrorism erupts in their try replicate past Muslim glories which this particular web series reinforces. Normally, when Kafirs retaliate on Muslim Violence then Muslim start crying and it is “Excessive Force”, “Human Rights”, Oh UNO, oh OIC, Oh Modi, Oh Trump, Oh Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar.

  48. I agree with ayesha. Such things are really needed for all Muslim all over the world. .this is about whole ummat not just about turkey.

  49. One thing is very much clear that Muslims are not even allowed to remember their past nw. Saudi arab has been a big disappointment since many years on many grounds not taking a single stand against what all injustice happening to the Muslim world. Non Muslims consider Saudi arab as flag bearers of Islam. But unfortunately they never took that lead.
    As far as the series is concerned, it is very depressing to know that ppl r not highlighting the positive things about it although the negative things r v less in the series which r trivial having no disastrous impact on anyone. But the good things which are shown really have a good message which many ppl r finding it difficult to accept bcz they would never want Muslims to boast about their history or past.

  50. Actual propaganda is from the non Muslims. They want Muslims to c European history, Greek history, Indian history(although these would be entirely fictional) etc but when it comes to Islamic history then soooo many fatwas will be issued related to haraam n halaal, lots of investigation would take place, ppl will get divided into groups, viewers will be labelled as emotional fools etc etc. So the fact is Watch only contents promoted by non Muslims who will always portray Muslim characters in ultra negative roles thus serving the purpose.

  51. Fatwa against Ertugrul Ghazi drama is insane and disgusting. These fatwa given authorities not giving fatwa against Indian films.

  52. Yes, it’s a soft bomb. it’ll change and united our whole Muslim world. Thanks to Turkey for making this and also thanks to Pakistan for dubbing with Urdu…..I love the Urdu language.

  53. Well fellows, what I have analyzed may not be liked by us but these are the facts.
    1. Saudis consider themselves as superior nation and look down upon other Muslims.
    2. UAE people are buzy in making money, their deen and eeman is money
    3. Turks were in the race of becoming Europeans but after Erdogan, their mindset is changing.
    4. Iranians have their motives and targets which they want to achieve they can make friendship with any enemy
    5. Muslims of Pakistan and India are split in religious sectors
    So, overall we muslims have a history of traitorship . People and can be bought very easily.
    BUT whenever any Muslims decides to follow the true Islam ,Allah Almighty gives him strength and power to conquer the whole world . Unity and rope of Allah is the key of success whenever somebody wants to follow the right path , he or she may hold the rope of Allah which is Quran and Sunna .
    Allah Bless all Muslims… Aameen.
    Kamran Siddiqui

  54. I am a little bit confused about why these universities are not giving Fatwa against Films, Songs, Drama’s which are openly Haram?
    No, but they will give only for Ertugrul.

  55. Excellent series brilliant. It’s time for all of the countries to come under one banner Islam to show unity and love. We can bring lots of stability
    In the world and avoid human rights abuses.

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