Dr Zakir Naik Controversy: Watch myth busting video


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By Fasihullah Sheih

New Delhi : Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was in news for all the wrong reason for over a week in national media, following a Rising Star news report that allegedly referring a terrorist who was involved in recent Dhaka attack as fan of the preacher.

Finding it a suitable opportunity, many major media outlets in India vent their anger against popular Muslim figure Dr Zakir Naik, and even accused him of a terrorist sympathizer. They quoted a few cherry picked statements from his lenghty lectures, and accused him of promoting terrorism.

But how true are their allegation levelled against Dr. Zakir Naik? A short video by Hyderbad based Tajalli Productions places things in context to bust the myth.

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  1. good job. but the media just wanna malign Dr.zakir naik coz he said ISLAM is right and rest of religion is wrong. But these fools has got no brain that zakir naik has already done a great damage to hinduism and now any lay muslim can form new arguments and come.so what zakir naik is banned. he can give lectures in other countries and video shall be uploaded on social media and youtube from where we can watch. Even they block websites we can use VPN network or proxy server to get access to blocked sites.

  2. The agenda behind maligning Dr. Naik is to stop his Big Meetings and Stop Hindus to convert to Islam. But they will never succeed cause whenever they will try such methods people shall search for truth and the ugly face of communal media and other parties will be visible to everyone. And more educated people will turn towards Islam…

  3. Dr. Zakir Naik is insane. He has no right to say anything about Hindus. I have seen he was quoting the wrong statement as he was saying he knows everything of Bhagwat Gita. He is just a stupid man nothing else. He does not even know about the Quran well. Most of the European Islamic scholars challenged him.


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