Drugs Laboratories becomes first Unani Company to get prestigious ‘Ayush Premium Mark’

Dr. Sirajuddin Ahmad

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: Meerut- based Unani drugs manufacturing company ‘Drugs Laboratories’ is the one and only among the Unani pharmaceuticals companies which was recently accorded the prestigious ‘Ayush Premium Mark’ by the Ministry of AYUSH.  Now it would able to export Unani medicine abroad legally.

Considering the  state of  Unani pharmaceuticals industry in the country, it is not a mean achievement for the DL,  especially  if one compares it with well-known Hamdard company  which even did not get such certificate despite having much more popular and  older than the DL.

Talking to Muslim Mirror, Dr. Sirajuddin Ahmad, chairman of Drugs Laboratories said “Ayush Premium Mark’ assures that the product quality and GMP requirement is of international standard”.  Terming it a big achievement, Dr Ahmad said DL has become the first Unani and top Ayurvedic Company in India to get this prestigious certificate.

India has emerged as the world leader in Unani medicine but it has not been able to export Unani medicine to the world and Ayush Premium Mark has opened new horizons and possibilities for the promotion of Unani system, he said.

 Ayush Premium Mark’ recognition is given by the Quality Council of India in collaboration with Ministry of Ayush government of India. ‘Ayush Premium Mark’ is mandatory for export of Ayush products and supply of medicine in government institutes.

The certificate recognises that the products of a particular company are based on GMP requirements that are based on WHO guidelines and followed worldwide.

Dr. Ahmad said ‘Drugs Laboratories’ is the first Unani Company to modernize Unani products according to market needs which has 64patented drugs.

Currently company has more than 50 patented products and 64 classical Unani products. Apart from this Ayurvedic product are also manufactured.

We have developed 12 highly-effective drugs for instant relief ranging from cough to fever and even now allopathic doctors also prescribed these drugs to patients, he said.

Drugs Laboratories” with a fervour to keep Unani and Ayurvedic flag high and to serve the mankind, initiated extensive research in the field of Herbal with modern techniques in quality control and production.

We are also working how to make Unani medicine more popular across the communities and the country as it is a very effective medicine which has no risk of any side-effect, he said who’s father Padma Shree Hakim Saifuddin Ahmad was a very prominent Unani Physician. Hakim Saifuddin was also served as a Unani Physician to three Indian Presidents and was also appointed as the first Unani advisor to the government of India.

Talking about his family association with Unani medicine, Dr. Sirajuddin said this profession has been running in our veins for more than seventh generation as he has inherited this from his father Hakim Saifuddin Ahmad. His both sons have also been assisting their father in this venture.

 We did not keep the family prescriptions secret but made it public for the benefit of the humanity, he added. Highlighting the company’s future plans, he said we are doing scientific research on a number of drugs including how to get rid of the dialysis  which has become a mandatory for a kidney patient and many more things.

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  1. Quote ” Highlighting the company’s future plans, he said we are doing scientific research on a number of drugs including how to get rid of the DIALYSIS which has become a mandatory for a kidney patient and many more things.”
    Very amusing statement of extremely tall unsupported claims, wearing professorial three-piece suit !
    Arun Jaitley got his kidneys transplanted twice in US —he did not know of Ayush Premium– Hakeemji Sirajuddin Ahmad—nor his “‘research” to replace Renal/Kidney Dialysis and transplantation, in our own Meerut !
    Inb Sina/ Avicenna–the “father of modern Medicine” was a devout Muslim and one of the most popular and successful early scientific Physicians–and his methods of treating gave rise to modern medicine practised today. It was not hocus-pocus placebo-effect opium of masses–AYUSH specalities.
    Does anyone know of any AYUSH emergency modalities available for heart infarction/attack, brain stroke, heart arrhythmias, pulmonary embolism, war injuries, road traffic accidents, hip fractures, etc, etc.
    Islam does not allow nor forgives deception at all, and no playing with human life !

  2. Only answer is to make modern medicine accessible to all citizens through locally-available “‘Mohalla clinics'” and subsidized Govt hospitals, especially private and govt Medical colleges in every big town, which can care for and treat more than 85-90% of ailments.
    Rare expensive treatments are for the rich only or through charity help from govt, industrialists, philanthropists, etc.
    Optional cosmetic treatments, dental, plastic surgery and organ transplants are only luxury items for rich people only–and most organ transplants are more of a curse than a boon for everyone in family–including the patient–need continuous life-long expensive medicines, frequent hospitalizations, investigations and follow-up with super-specialists lifelong.
    Encourage and support more intelligent and hard-working students to become modern doctors–on their own merit, and they can change the community mindset about cheap quackery and authentic scientific modalities at affordable schemes.


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