EVM tampering : All  opposition parties should boycott the counting and demand for re- election


S.M. Anwar Hussain

Until the former president of India Mr Parnab Mukherji made his observations on the credentials of the Election Commission of India, the Election Commission was under the clouds only. People were suspecting the role of Election Commission. Many were seeing it in collusion with BJP. But political parties were not directly raising fingers against Election Commission as it is considered a constitutional authority working without any fear or favor for any party. But after Mr Parnab Mukherji himself expressed his concern on the constitutional and impartial role of Election Commission, nothing is left to mere suspicion and doubt. The way reports regarding the misplacement and displacement of EVM machines in trucks, busses and lorries are pouring into social media should be clear now to everybody that the Election Commission under the charge of the Present Election Commissioner didn’t remain a constitutional authority; it appears to have played the role of an organ of RSS., it is incumbent now on every adult individual, every social and political organisation and every political party to reject all the exercises performed by the Election Commission in the name of Present Parliamentary elections.

Now it is the solemn duty of all opposition parties – small or big- specially Congress, TMC, SP, RJD, BSP, JDS, DMK, TRS, Telgu Desham , left parties, Aap and so many others to give a clarion call to people to come on the streets and reject the present counting. Rahul Gandhi, as the president of a national party and the largest party should take a lead and immediately start consultations with the leaders of other political parties. Mr Rahul Gandhi, it is always a crisis or a coincidence that makes you the leader. It is the chance for you to prove that you are not a leader because of coincidence but because of your ability to sail the boat through the storm. You have to prove that you are a true heir of your grandmother Mr.s Indra Gandhi. No personal ego, no drawing room yawning, no five star breakfasts. You have to take it as a war. A war that has been necessitated when the very foundation of the nation is at risk. If BJP could win the present election with the help and connivance of the Election Commission, it means all the pillars of a democratic country have collapsed. Mr Rahul – you have no choice but to take the fight, expose the enemy, expose all those who are part and parcel of this Machiavellian tactics.

It was somewhat heartening to know that leaders of some 22 political parties met the Chief Election Commissioner and made their protest, but came back without getting any assurances. This act in itself is disappointing when you know that you’re seeking justice from a person or body that itself has been charged of closing its eyes whenever a theft or robbery or murder takes place. Complaint against the possible misuse of EVM is not new. For last five years people and and different social and political groups have been raising their voice against the possible misuse of EVMs. Nothing came out.

What to do? The answer is as simple as the question is complex. Simply refuse to accept the result, reject the counting, don’t even allow to start the counting. By today evening you must lead a delegation of opposition leaders to the Rashtrapati Bhavan with memorandum of demands to scrap the present election, dismiss the present regime and impose the presidential form of government or the Chief Justice of India looks after the administration till the re elections are over. After meeting the president , the leaders should hold a press conference and give a call to public to come out of their homes and gherao ( surround) the counting centres. They should not allow anybody to enter into counting halls -neither any official nor any party nominee or agents until and unless the president of India announces the cancellation of present exercises and reholding of elections within six months, and pressent Election Commissioner is suspended and a judicial enquiry is ordered. Yes Rahulji , circumstances have provided you a crises and now it is up to you to prove that you have got the will and vision to sail the ship through the Tsunami trying to backstab People’s will.

It was the high time for Mr. Rahul Gandhi to prove that he is heading the same Indian National Congress that once led the freedom movement in India.


  1. EC had given open challenge to prove EVM machine can be tampered.. no political party could prove it.. is it so easy to hijack EC by ruling party? Had it been so Congress would not have lost the 2014 election..
    I think Muslim community is afraid of Modi again becoming PM and hence started blaming EVMs.

  2. Modi is much better PM than Pappu.. Muslim community is encouraging weak & corrupt Congress government in center.

  3. hahaha congress were never control media n jurdisticon n other govt body like bjp did in his last tenure that’s y no media talk against bjp and supreme court judge came out to speak against bjp that’s show how bjp can control all govt body under them


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