Exercise self-control as SC announces Babri verdict : Sheikh Abubakr

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

By Muslim Mirror

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India, stated that believers should reserve from going emotional and work out restraint when the final verdict of Babri Masjid is announced.

It is the responsibility of the citizens to accept the decision of the apex court of the country. Individual responses, with regards to the verdict, should be in respect of the judicial and democratic systems we live in. Since the judgment is highly significant in India, considering the immense unrest happened earlier, public actions must be thoughtful and not to cause tension and chaos in the country. Collective efforts can strengthen communal harmony. Babri case, being of tremendous global attention, the reactions of people towards the court pronouncement should be humanitarian and an appraisable act, exhibiting the wisdom of the community. As the Babri Masjid issue is prestigious to the Muslims so is the peaceful and fearless coexistence of different faiths in India, said a press statement of  Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad.

“All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulema shall formulate a general consensus with the Muslim leadership of the various states of India immediately after the verdict is pronounced”. Talks are on with Hindu religious leaders for practical ways to promote peace and harmony in the country”, he added .

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