Fact check: Indian channels showing three years old video as a ‘proof’ of Indian attack on Pakistan


By MM Staff

New Delhi, 26 Feb  : New Delhi:  It seems  Indian news anchors  are  suffering from war hysteria and trying themselves to become a laughing stoke  before the world  and at  the same time they are  discrediting  the claims of Indian government on ‘surgical strike2 ’  by showing a three years old video from YouTube.

The video being shown on Indian TV channels since early morning as proof of  attack by Indian Air Force across the Line of Control is available on YouTube since 2016.

It has been found out that the video was uploaded on 23rd September, 2016 with the name ‘Pakistan Air Force Islamabad night flying’ which was uploaded by Muhammad Zohaib.

The Indian TV channels have been widely circulating the old footage since morning by claiming it to be  a strike by Indian Air Force fighter jets on the biggest camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammed, killing over 300 terrorists in PoK.

The video is being shown on Indian channels  since early  morning on Indian channels  has been taken  from YouTubewas uploaded three years ago. Interestingly the video shows the  Pakistan Air Force and has noting to do with Indian Air Force as being claimed by  Indian news channel.


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