First-timers vote at Shaheen Bagh


New Delhi, Feb 8 As voting began on Saturday for the 70-member Delhi Assembly, long queues of voters, including first-time voters, were seen at Shaheen Bagh, the site of the anti-CAA protests.

672 candidates are contesting the Delhi polls.

Wajiha Fatiha, a BSc. cardiology student at Jamia Millia Islamia who lives in Shaheen Bagh, said: “I want that the person who could do some good work for the people of Delhi should win.”

“Politicians shouldn”t ask for votes on the basis of religion. I won”t vote on the basis of religion. I want a government which keeps development as the first priority and is secular,” said Zoya, another resident of Shaheen Bagh and a student of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya.

“I want a government which gives better facilities and security to the students,” said Nasht, a BBA student of Jamia. She did not comment on the CAA issue.


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