From a home-maker to a corporate trainer- the inspiring  journey of Rabab J Ghadiali


Rabab J Ghadiali a Belief Transformational Coach, Empowerment Coach and Corporate Trainer on her journey from being a home-maker to corporates helping people overcome their self-limiting beliefs and creating a positive change in their lives. She has conducted 110+ private individual coaching sessions, & conducted 100+ events as a trainer. Excerpts from  the interview .

MM:  Tell us something about your journey, right from your childhood to this date and how has that journey been?

Rabab: I had a very strict childhood. Coming from a middle-class family everything in the house was calculated. Be it the amount of food you ate, friends you met or clothes you wore. We never had a helper in the house. Most of my time after school would be spent in household chores, leaving me less time to study and no friends to hang out with. My father supported me and like for every daughter he was my hero. All these difficult circumstances led me to become a very shy and reserved person. I also had very low self-esteem and almost no confidence in my abilities. The situation worsened when I lost my father at a very young age when our life overturned overnight and I had to support my family financially. I took up various jobs at a tender age. I would interact with people from different fields and gain from their knowledge and experience.

I got married at 18 and had not even graduated then.. My biggest surprise came when I received tremendous support from my in-laws and especially from my mother-in-law who suggested I get back into college. She is a clinical psychologist herself and understands the importance of education.

I did my 12th privately and after that enrolled for BMM (Bachelors in Mass Media) post motherhood to get my degree. There were times that I used to take my child who was barely 2 years old to college and feed her between lectures. The Professors were also very supportive.

My family especially my husband and in-laws have been a strong support system and instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my career with great zest and enthusiasm. There have been times at which due to professional commitments I cannot go to pick up my kids from school. My husband fills in and picks them up. I feel I am truly blessed to have them as my family. I have been extremely fortunate to have met people along the way who have believed in me probably more than I believed in myself and have made me what I am today.

MM: That’s great. So how did you decide to get into the field of training and coaching?

Rabab: Starting early and learning to interact with many people made me realise that I was blessed with an ability to understand people and their mind sets. I was the go-to person for all my friends when they needed help. I was able, more often than not, to give them a sound advice and help them. I started developing a keen interest in understanding the psychology of people and would often observe people to understand why people behaved in a certain way. I am a voracious reader and apart from learning from my life experiences, I started reading numerous books on psychology, counselling and behavioural sciences. So, when I decided to become independent and start working I just made this passion of mine into a profession.

MM: Rabab, in your intro you mentioned that you are a Belief Transformation Coach?  What does that exactly mean?

Rabab: Beliefs are the root cause of all the pain and pleasure we experience. Through social conditioning & life experiences, it may so happen that we may have numerous self-limiting beliefs in our lives. These prevent us from achieving success in various aspects of our life. If we are able to identify these beliefs, we can alter them and replace them with a positive belief. This alteration allows people to free themselves of the limits they have placed on self, and hence create a positive impact in their life. Since we are addressing the root cause the change created is permanent and will help the person to transform to a better version of himself/herself.

MM: Can you share an example?

Rabab: Sure. So one of the beliefs that we have is that if we do not get the desired result than we fail. Due to failure people may lose confidence, self-esteem and overall enter into a negative mind set. Also, in our society failure is looked down upon and is considered to be as a sin. However, I believe that there is nothing in this world as a failure. When we are not able to get a desired result we need to analyse it, learn from our mistakes and devise a new way to overcome the obstacle. So f we are doing this process correctly the outcome that we get is we learnt something from our experience and became better at handling things. Now, how can that be not a good thing?

This is what I do in my flagship program “Succeed or Evolve” where in I have developed a process that allows people to overcome various challenges that they face in their daily life, not only failure.

Oh that’s a great way to look at things. What are the other aspects you provide training for?

I also have a “Mentorship” program where in I mentor entrepreneurs. In today’s day and age, apart the entrepreneurs face a lot of stress and challenges in their personal as well as professional lives. They are trying their best to run their venture, but in the process may often neglect their family life, their health and their peace of mind. So, I have developed a holistic mentorship program that caters to both their professional and personal aspect of life.

Also, being a mother, I do conduct a lot of trainings for parents and children. Today, we are moving away from the concept of joint family and so many parents do not have the guidance of elders. Also, the current generation of millennial provide a different set of challenges in comparison to the previous generations. I conduct parenting sessions as well as in many cases, offer one-on-one counselling to parents who need help.

Another one of my programs also comes from my passion for teaching. I have developed a customized “Classroom Management Program for the teachers and schools. Today with advent of technology, students can get the knowledge and information about any topic they want on their fingertips. So, the role of teacher becomes challenging and they have to become more of a facilitator then just a teacher. They should be able to know more about their students and understand them better. The one size fits all methodology no longer is applicable nor effective. In this training session I train the teachers on how to engage students while teaching and making the topics relevant and interesting for them.

Also, I am planning on introducing one more program catering specifically to the women in the Muslim community.

MM: Can you shed some more light on it

Rabab: In our community, women, in general, due to social conditioning and sometimes due to their attitudes do not value education. They do not have a sense of purpose in their life. Their only aim is to get married and become a home maker, a good mother, a good wife and a good daughter in law. That is great and every woman should aspire to be that but it is very important to complete basic education and if possible try and be more independent and confident.

So for the women who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs or need career counselling I am coming up with a program specially for them. This program is based on my experiences and challenges I have faced in my entrepreneurial life as a Muslim business woman. It is going to be a very focussed training addresses the specific challenges that they may face in their day to day business life.

MM: Any message for our readers?

Rabab: I would just like to say that always believe in yourself and in the unlimited potential you possess as an individual. Life offers you great lessons at every stage. Learn from each of these experiences and keep on evolving.


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