God won’t forgive those who mislead Hindus; Hindu priest slams BJP


puri-shankaracharya-swami-adhokshjanand-tirtha-121767By Muslim Mirror News,

Lucknow: Swami Adhokshjanand Tirtha, who heads one of the four main religious seats of Hindus in the country, has slammed the BJP and its mentor RSS for politicizing religion to gain power at the Centre. Talking to reporters here on Sunday Shankaracharya of Govardhanpeeth  said  that BJP president, Rajnath Singh, will never allow Narendra Modi to become PM of the country as he is vying to hold the PM chair.  He pointed out that there is no bonhomie between Rajnath and Narendra Modi as both tried to show in public. Blaming Rajnath for the poor state of BJP in UP, Swami said he has begun lobbying for the PM’s post. “He (Rajnath) always follows divide and rule policy to gain position in the party”.  He also came down on Modi and Advani saying both are misleading people for personal gains. Taking a dig at Modi, Swami said a person who did not fulfill the promise with his wife after taking seven rounds before the fire of marriage (Hindu ritual of marriage), how can he fulfill the promises he is making with the public. He said Rajnath and Modi will finish by fighting themselves as both do not want see each other on the helms of affairs of the country.   He also refused to accept Modi wave is blowing in the country saying it is the creation of media. He predicted that after polls the edifice the saffron party that has been built on false propaganda would collapse.

6 thoughts on “God won’t forgive those who mislead Hindus; Hindu priest slams BJP

  1. I support the views expressed by Swamiji that the edifice of BJP will collapse after the election. I also add that the dream of Modi to become PM will also collapse like a pack of cards. BJP is digging their own grave by their foolish statements. Now that better sense has prevailed among swamis pundits and religious thinkers about the dangers of Modi bandwagon. BJP is fst loosing ground and they are now jittery over the universal condemnation of the hatred speeches made by Amit Sha, Giriraj Singh, Baba Ramdev, Thogadia etc. An anti-Modi feeling is looming large in the minds of all right thinking people of the Country. He has also antagonised all political leaders who are not in NDA alliance, like Mamata Banerjee, Nithish Kumar, Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh, Mayavathy, Farook Abdulla, Jayalilitha, Karunanidhi, Deva Gowda etc. So he is unlikely to cobble a viable alliance after the election to stake claim to form Government. The election result will be a great blow to the BJP to capture power raising divisive and communal bogey. India, having a rich cultural heritage of tolerance and secular ethos of Unity in Diversity will never vote on communal lines. Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam and Sarva Dharma Sama Bhavana were the proclaimed goals of our Sages and Rishis for centuries and I congratulate Swamiji for upholding this great Indian Tradition.

    1. You are congratulating Swamiji not because of anything else, but because he is buying you to some more time to realize your designs of Darul-ul-islam in India.

    2. Power comes from none but ALMIGHTY CREATOR. Hate results hate. You Hindu Priests are ready to create hate between Muslims & Hindus to earn fat money. Your Rig Veda 6/17/1 & Monusmitri allow Hindus to eat Cow meat but you kept all Vedas teaching to create hate in every house in India.
      Truth will come out when the time is ripe. You Hindu Priests
      donot allow general people to know about Vedas teaching against Idols & seat in mondirs to ear money. Where as Our Muslim Imamas live in poverty for they know not cheating as you do.
      Mr Modi may have read Vedas & know the truth & will not
      destroy unity between Hinmdus & Muslims.
      No one can displace Mr.Modi until ALMIGHTY allows him so reder peace in the country & not hate cry . Learn to bow down before ALMIGHTY supreme CREATOR & not the creation monkeys, Sun Moon & the like as everything will disappear only ALMIGHTY will remain. Read the Muslim Holy Scripture on Science & Creation by Dr.Moore & Dr.Mourice & exdpand your knowledge. Islam propagate no hate but love for humanity.At leaset read Veda which is clear that there is ONE ALMIGHTY CREATOR & HE HAS no Pratima
      HE has no beginning nor end.

  2. Shri Narendra Modi a dedication by an admirer.
    You could have been the man in the bosom of your lover like Sita and Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Radha but you chose the tough way for the love of India and people. We are the fortunate ones to reap the harvest as beneficiaries of your generosity kindness strength acumen and skill. Some British educated are cynical call you Chaiwala derogatively Rahul Gandhi not a son of the Mahatma in particular but we know you are not Chaiwala but Amritawala which they are not aware.

    You are the Man of the moment come to our rescue of INDIA’s needs and have been waiting for in order to restore it to its former glory of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and others……

    Glory lost in the scandalous marriage of a traitor son Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Maino Italian MAFIA Catholic of loose moral values and their progeny Rahul and Priyanka fostered in the mould of their traitor parents.

    A nation still to be freed of their influence pecuniary interests and betrayal of the glorious culture and ahimsa Land of the Gods holiness Krishna, Ramachandra, Al-Kabir, and Guru Nanak.

    The corrupting influences of Doordarshan SUN TV Zee-TV NDTV India Times Guardian BBC The Hindu as they strategically call themselves this is what they had to say about the election campaign between the TV channels and News Prints attacks and lies persecuting Shri Nanrendar Modi demeanour. In her crisp lemon yellow handloom saree, black three-fourth sleeves tee-shirt blouse and flat sandals, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra disembarks from the white Fortuner she travels in and mingles with the crowds. They seem to do their research on the count of “warp and woof” fabric of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s undies. That is the status of play in the Indian Election scene aided and abetted by Rahul, Priyanka and lustful rapist’s media.

    Who look up to you to rid of the recent threats to Indian way of life by the Italian Mafia DIRTY DESPERATE HUNGRY RATS way of life who try every trick in the book to subvert enslave India to their ways of atheists, unethical, unforgiving, unrelenting, unchanging ingenuine, inhuman, disloyal worshipers of power, money corruption and things temporary which India abhors.

    Born of the soil of cosmogonal land of the saints Bharat dedicate and pay tribute to Shri Narendra Modi for what he has done for the people and look forward to India back in good hands such as the great rulers of India in this auspicious year 2014. Let the light of Rama Rajya be lit with your hardworking sympathetic gracious prosperous good omen hands.

  3. Rahul once applied for a job as a C++ Computer Programmer and at the job interview when the interviewer asked him to say something about himself as a C++ Programmer, Rahul said I program in She++ and likes more females to program in she++ as it is full of males which confused the interviewer. He was told at the end of the interview that the HR will get in touch with him however he never heard from HR to date but it is mentioned Rahul is still hoping he will be selected for the job even though 14 years have passed by. Typical of the fucking areoles Rahul and Priyanka they are the proverbial jack of all trades but master of none have the acute autism spectrum syndrome a Psycho Mental Social Aberration disease inherited from their parents Sonia and Rajiv which unfortunately is incurable but they intend to check in at the Amethi Mental Hospital ahead of the others in the queue on May 16th. Unfortunately we basteds keep reelecting them over and over again and we should have the fucking RWS Reinventing the Wheel syndrome.

  4. Rahul Gandhi who will take over from Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister on 16/5/2014 has never done any paid work so far not even a single day in other words he has never been employed or held a job in his entire career in anger. A fascist inglorious feat no doubt. When we compare it is the same with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra which is an insult to the hard working common man. There may be a few who would say how about his job as the Deputy to his Mom but that is entirely voluntary and honorary and he shouldn’t be paid according to political party rules all over the world as he was not required to attend parliament except accompany his mom Sonia Gandhi an elected member of the Lok Sabah.

    This is a world record and destined to go down into the Guineas Book of world records which would be a proud achievement for Rahul. Walking through the implications of this to people of India we don’t have to look further than Lady Diana’s and Prince Charles’s adult children Prince William and Prince Harry they have never worked either in their entire life and can say they are a mirror image of Rahul Gandhi our future Prime Minister in waiting.
    The mortal curse befallen on the children of the Rich and Famous is undeniable to say the least/. In dynastic parlance their children are usually referred to as half-wits.

    Accordingly we can safely conclude from Murphy’s laws that Rahul Gandhi is a half-wit.

    Here are a few examples of Murphy’s Laws relative to hardware.
    1. If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.
    2. If anything can go wrong it will.
    3. Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
    4. It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.
    5. Everything goes wrong all at once.
    6. Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.
    7. Smile… tomorrow will be worse.
    8. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the first one to go wrong.
    9. If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then.
    10. If several things that could have gone wrong have not gone wrong, it would have been ultimately beneficial for them to have gone wrong.
    11. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
    12. If anything can’t go wrong, it will anyway.
    13. If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.
    14. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
    15. Everything takes longer than you think.
    16. You never find a lost article until you replace it.
    17. If nobody uses it, there’s a reason.
    18. You get the most of what you need the least.
    19. Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.

    It’s patently clear we don’t give enough thought not that we don’t care a damn when it hits our stomachs it’s about time something has to be done we cannot postpone much longer. Our GDP forecast is not good a drop of 4.7 percentage points from 8.2 in 2004 to 3.5% in 2015 looking ten years back. All that glitters are not GOLD is an often repeated saying. Our future is not in the hands of the Gods but in our own hands that we elect and we should exercise it with responsibly. Rahul Gandhi is nothing but Manmohan Singh white washed sepulchre. For instance during the BJP government the annual growth in GDP in 2004 stood at 8.2% and the Congress government in 2014/2005 the annual GDP growth plummeted to 3.5% threatening Standards and Poor’s credit rating to junk status in 2015 unless we have a change of government advices the World Bank. Do we want to throw away this opportunity to economic realities or go on a Congress Party big Bash on 16/05/2014 pouring the future of our young ones down the drain?

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