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Government misusing pandemic situation to curtail democratic rights : SDPI


By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) alleged   that the BJP-led Central government has been misusing Covid19 pandemic situation to curtail democratic rights and to implement the hidden agenda of its parent organisation. It also alleged the government of snatching hard-earn rights of working classes by passing anti-farmer and anti-labour laws.

After hiatus of seven month due to Covid 19 lockdown, SDPI’s National Secretariat convened its meeting on 24th Sept 2020 at Tirur, Kerala which deliberated upon the current socio-political situation in the country and passed a number of resolutions concerning the country.

On misuse of  anti- terror laws, the resolution noted that “when the nations around the world are struggling to defuse COVID 19 pandemic, Modi Government is using the opportunity raised by the lockdown to jail or harass the dissidents and denying them of their fundamental and democratic rights using fabricated cases. Akhil Gogoi an RTI activist is charged with sedition and conspiracy, while Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha and 11 others were arrested under UAPA and NSA in connection with Bhima Koregaon case. But the key conspirators of Bhima Koregaon violence, the RSS activists Sambhaji Bhide and Milind Ekbote are still at large.”

It further pointed that “Masrat Zahra, a young internationally acclaimed photojournalist, was booked under UAPA in Srinagar for silly reasons. Similarly student activists like Meeran Haidar, Saffora Zargar, Shifaur Rahman, Sharjeel Imam and Khalid Umar, and many other activists were also booked under UAPA all on trump up charges. Police still haven’t booked or arrested the real instigators and conspirators of Delhi riots such as Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma and other BJP/RSS leaders are moving around free. While Muslims and progressive leaders and activists under the guise of national security are being targeted only to suppress the voice of dissent and crush the anti- CAA/NRC/NPR movement.”

 Government is killing farming

Demanding to take back recently passed the three Farm Laws, SDPI says these laws will only to benefit corporate companies and will be boon to booming agri-business and put an end to the MSP system and also will lead to destruction of the Mandi system.

On the ‘lawlessness’ in UP, the party resolution says  “UP the biggest state of India has become notorious for its crimes, rapes, murders, revenge politics, misuse of power and communal politics, etc. Killings and mob violence are repeatedly happening in Bulandshahar, Hapur, Lakhimpur Kher and Gorakhpur. A journalist Vikram Joshi was shot dead in Ghaziabad recently. Even policemen are not spared.  In 2017, 93 policemen were killed and in 2018, 70 policemen lost their lives. Incidents of rape are   on the rise.   Expelled BJP  MLA Kuldipsingh Sengar is now behind the bars for raping a Dalit girl.”

It noted that “CM Yogi Adithyanath is more interested in changing the historical names of the cities than developing the state. He is intolerant of Muslims and demonizing the community with hate and vengeance.  The case in point is the arrest and harassment of Dr. Kafil Khan.

It also notes with concern the formation of Special Security Force (UPSSF) by Yogi which would allow arrest without warrant or ‘without the order of magistrate’ which will give free and indiscriminate power to the police to act at their own. SDPI urges the President of India to intervene and take necessary steps to ensure public safety, law and order, democracy and social justice in the UP.

On the new education policy, the party says there is no indication of secular principles in the policy. NEP allows NGO’S to play key roles in teacher training, assessment, security services in schools and university premises. It fears that “This will lead to genuine fear that RSS backed bodies will infiltrate the system and poison it with their own sectarian agenda. Introduction of distorted history syllabus will spoil the minds of young generation”.

On human rights violations and denial of constitutional rights,   SDPI resolution says that “Imposing UAPA on students, social activists, human rights activists, Dalit and Muslim leaders and the anti-CAA protestors is nothing but absolute misuse of power.”

It also alleged that the BJP governments at the centre and states are trying to create communal tension by creating communal incidents.  Referring to incidents in Bangalore and Delhi, it says in Bangalore BJP provided provocative and abusive cartoons to ignite the communal riots and in Delhi, the BJP MPs, MLAs and leaders inspired the Sanghi workers to shoot the protesters.

 SDPI is of view that the BJP and RSS are using fascist and racist tactics to establish Manuvad hegemony.  SDPI calls upon the people to unite and fight against evil forces disturbing the peace, prosperity and pluralism in the country.

The meeting was presided over by the National President M.K.Faizy.  Vice Presidents Adv. Sharfuddeen and Dhehlan Baqavi, Gen. Secretaries Abdul Majeed Mysore and Mohammad Shafi, Secretary Dr.Taslim Ahmad Rahmani, and other secretariat members Prof. P. Koya, Abdul Majeed Faizy, Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, Abdul Hannan, Abdul Sathar were present.

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