Hate monger like Pushpendra Kulshreshtha may not be allowed to go Scot-Free  


By Syed Ali Mujtaba

There are many hate factories opened in India whose full time job is to do anti-Muslim anti -Islam propaganda.  One such person whom I have stumbled upon is Pushpendra Kulshreshtha (PK). Watching him on the ‘You Tube’, my summary is, he is a cancer to the society and such people need to be punished.

A little search about him revealed that PK worked as a journalist and was the Bureau Chief Pakistan’s Aaj TV news in New Delhi. It’s due to that he got himself elected as general secretary of the Press Club of India not once but thrice.  It was in his third term during 2009, he was caught to be doing financial irregularities with the Press club. There was an extraordinary general body meeting called by the Press Club members and there were over 200 members who attended this EGM and he was he was disgracefully removed from his post.

Going further deep into him, I learnt that he is from Aligarh and was educated in Aligarh Muslim University. He has good command over Urdu language and has developed oratory skills in this language. He follows the ideology of Veer Savarkar and M. S. Golwalkar. His mentors are reported to be Col. RSN Singh (Ex-RAW Head), Major General G. D. Bakshi retired Indian Army officer, Ajit Doval, (National Security Advisor) etc.

PK addresses the RSS gathering in north India where some 5000 to 10,000 people attend.  His speeches are full of wild allegations couched with lies, unsubstantiated facts, defamation, slander, libel, and against Muslims and Islam. He thinks Islam is the cause of every problem in the world. He wants to wipe out every Muslim from the face of the earth. He thinks Muslims do not belong to this planet and Islam is not a religion.

It appears PK has a team that helps him prepare his hateful speeches. In all such speeches, his bigotry and rabble rousing are explicit. He is brain washing the Hindu youths, inciting them to commit violence against Muslims. He directly asks them to commit genocide against Muslims.

It seems he is let loose on the internet since 2014 spewing venom against Muslims and Islam. . He has uploaded many videos on the ‘You Tube’ that are blatantly anti-Muslim and anti -Islam. His You Tube shop is only thriving rebuking at Muslims and Islam. He wants either Muslim should converted to Hinduism or be ready to be killed. He is a militant Hindu face on the internet and enjoys a large fan following.

Going by the hits to his videos one gets the impression that he has created a fan club that gleefully watches his videos. Reading some of the comment in the comment section of his YouTube channel, it can be found some persons talking about starting a civil war against Muslims in India.

PK thinks Hindus and Muslims cannot co-exist in India. He supports Mahatma Gandhi’s killing. He also supports the mosque attack in New Zealand. He views are full of prejudice and hatred against Muslims and Islam.

I am sure he enjoys the protection from the political leadership that may have asked him to do such hate mongering to unite the Hindu community for political gains.  He also is likely to enjoy protection from Google that has given him the hate mongering from its platform. His views are definitely a threat to global peace.

There is little doubt that PK is a cancer for Indian society. He is creating enmity among different sections of the society and a threat to peace and harmony in the country.

Talking to a Supreme Court Lawyer, Syeda Hena Rizvi, I inquired how can this deadly destructive virus can be taken behind bar. I was told that such a rabble rouser can be booked under different sections like; 124 A & 153A & 295 & 295A of the Indian penal code. He can be show click only if some social activists and lawyers may come forward and file case against him.

Explaining about different sections the lawyer said; Section 124A become operative when an offence is committed by words, either spoken or written with intention to bring hatred or contempt, or attempt to excite disaffection among  sections of society. In general terms it is called ‘sedition’ which is a non-bailable offence and punishment ranges from 3 years to a life term along with fine.

The Section under ‘153 A’ deal with acts of promoting enmity between different religious groups and inciting violence prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony in the society. It includes acts of causing fear and insecurity among members of other religious group. This is a cognizable offence and punishment for the same is three years, that can be may extend with fine, or with both.

The Section ‘295 & 295 A’ is operative when someone is found guilty of insulting  other religion or religious beliefs. The said insult may be with a malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings. The offence under section 295-A is cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable offence. The person can be arrested without a warrant and punishment is with imprisonment upto two years that can be extended, with fine, or with both.

Looking at the offence committed by person like PK, few cases come to mind that has hogged the media lime light. These are Zakir Naik case who was accused of spreading communal hatred between communities, Akbaruddin Owaisi, who too faced similar charges, and recently of Sharjeel Imam, who was charged for sedition. If we compare these cases with the kind of offence Pushpendra Kulshreshtha is committing without impunity, it sees to reason that it’s high time that such people should be brought to justice. The should not be left to go scott-free and be punished in such a way that may set an example for others.

In sum, in a country like India, that houses different religion and cultures mutual tolerance and understanding of different religion is essential to maintain internal peace and harmony.  The diversified and composite culture of India has to be nurtured carefully as it is essential for the progress and development of the country. In such endeavor it is very important insane people like Pushpendra Kulshreshtha who is creating social disharmony be brought to justice. There are enough legal provisions to deal with such kind of people. And this should be done sooner than later.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba2007@gmail.com


69 thoughts on “Hate monger like Pushpendra Kulshreshtha may not be allowed to go Scot-Free  

  1. Every muslim nation is self destructive . Every muslim family is self destructive . All we need is let them live in isolation .

    1. No muslim Nation is self destructive nor any muslim family is self destructive , if he is destructed ,it’s only of his innocence and he trust his friends and he put his trust in the Brother hood of his countrymen,his trusted friends whome he Surender his own life , but w th I could know where the jackals burrows are hidden in the limelight of trust ,these jackals couldn’t do any favour to themselves nor to others ,their only way of living is to look for appropriate time and then pounche upon the same person whom he was be friended, history is evident that muslim is not a traitor nor he will run away from the battle field where he is pulled purposefully ,with vicious attitudes of the jackals and made him to take arms to defend himself from the jackals, because jackals are one among those animals like heynas ,read the history of muslim you will get the answer ,if your wise and truthful,

      1. remember 1971 war in bangladesh.

        90,000 muslims surrendered to indian army- without a fight. 30,000 muslim soldiers surrendered to 3000 indian jawans under command of jewish general jacob general niazi was seen crying . get hold of the pictures.

        remember armies of of 6 arab countries defeated by israeli general moshe dayan
        indian muslims are ignorant and naive-full of pride,
        ignorant that you are poor, powerles ,in front of your enemies

        israel can defeat all muslim countries togather.

        1. I see the Hindu gutter rat is trolling again. Remember that we Muslims ruled over your primitive backward superstitious unhygienic Hindus for centuries creating India and putting it on the map with the best economy of the world. Now you’re peddling Zionist propaganda like its your pride As if its some great achievement that a nuclear powered terrorist entity like Israel with full American and European financial and military backing and protection is the weak party. All it took was a handful of Chinese soldiers to take over ladakh. Hindu soldiers ran off with their tails between their legs. Modi’s silence shows that India is only good at killing unarmed men, woman and children.
          Know your history, bhangi boy.

          1. 57 Islamic countries in the world and still there is no Secularism . Islam is the major religion in these countries. Muslims still go to Europe, US, Uk and other countries for better Life.

            Wherever, this community has ruled and migrated, death, destruction, terrorism, mass rape, loot has followed. Than you demand Sharia Law.

            Your community asks Papers of Lord Rama existence but when comes to you, violent protest and riots starts.

            In USA you are stripped naked, Burkha ban in Srilanka, In China, Roza is for 5 hours, beard should be small, Mohammad, Jihad, Islam and other 26 names are ban.

            But still feel unsafe in INDIA.

            Wherever, a nationalist leader comes to power you feel unsafe, oppressed minorities and victim cars comes in picture.

            Your community is the most unenlightened.

            During Indo- China war India was defeated, what about 3 wars with Pakistan. Who ran away with tails between their legs?

            The crimes made committed by your community is endless.

            An individual may be nice and good character but as religion, currently, it as threat to the world.

          2. You are a Indian right? If dog bites you you don’t biteback with things you can’t prove.lets get where we find ways to be on same page as modi’s India as he says is for each and everyone of us , make it great India

          3. @Anonymous aka lying Hindu gutter rat,

            Its one lie after another.You Hindus are not only stupid but anti-national hypocrites who resort to whataboutism and distractions whenever your crimes are exposed.Your entire comment reads like the typical RSS IT cell feces.Your English is written like 3rd grader.

            I deal in truth not Hindu lies.

            Your own arguments apply to you, not Muslims. Why are so many Hindus overseas and leave India the first chance you get? Why are so many of going to work and live in Muslim countries if India is so great? You don’t believe in secularism yourself, thats why you want hindu rashtra. Maybe Idi Amin was right when he kicked you Hindu snakes out of Uganda. You are crooked and disloyal parasites.

            Muslims brought civilization to what the hundreds of warring states and created the national identity of India making it the world number one economy. You Hindus are a primitive backward satanic cult who have turned India into the shit hole that it is today. You elected an illiterate terrorist who is now a paper tiger.

            It’s not surprise that Hindus have always been on the wrong side of history. You supported Hitler and Mussolini, you believe in fascism and exterminating anyone who isnt a member of criminal Brahmin death cult. You hate Islam because it brought Enlightenment, and we were tolerant when we could have easily converted you by force or exterminated you all. Yet you still defecate in the streets in 2020 and lie and behave like subhumans.

            You don’t believe in the Constitution of India. You believe you can bypass the constitution and use brute majority to impose a Hindu dictatorship and turn Muslims and minorities into third class citizens and throw them in camps. This is not nationalism but fascism, and we will not stay silent.

            Why are you so proud of beating Pakistan, whcih is 7 times smaller then India? Is that some sort of great achievement? Just now China utterly defeated and humiliated India, so why so quiet? Hindus are cowards who can only kill unarmed civilians.

            Hindus are behaving terrorists and filthy animals which is why they be treated as such. Attack us and we will respond. Don’t forget your history, and repeat the mistakes which will make you subservient to us again.

          4. Tum shant raho
            Pata nahi sare ke sare bhikhari dusre desho se yahan raj karne aaye
            Bolte ho raaj kiya
            If ur from pakistan
            Toh china ki ga*d chatna band karo
            Tumse pehle hum chouhan o ne raj kiya tha
            Phir hamararajya tum bhikhariyo ko bhik me diya

          5. You don’t teach daddy how to make babes, Islam is like a sopiled brat and Islamist are nothing but pests and to tell you the truth if it’s not for Islam the world would have been a better place without it

    2. Pushpendra talks on facts and not his own thoughts. If you are against him tell us facts about how has islam contributed in 1400 years..only war…blood..and terrorism

      1. Pushpendra is peddling the usual Hindu lies. You’re a typical shit eating RSS hindu bhangi who doesn’t know your own history. Pushpendra is just another ugly smelly hindu hate preacher, no facts, no figures just lies to entertain Hindu criminals.
        Hinduism is an ancient Aryan death cult which has contributed nothing but death, destruction, bigotry, racism, filth, misery and terrorism to the subcontinent. Good thing Muslims brought civilization and enlightenment.

        1. You follower of a sex-starved brat who married a lady pretty older than him. You follow a pervert who married 5 ladies on record and 29 off the record. You nasty hogs who marry your sisters and brothers. Sex is everything to you like your founder. Stop abusing the most tolerant race

    1. Use Zakat Foundation of India 50% money to file cases against all these hate viruses, including against the PM, HM, Yogi and they can be referred to International Criminal court of justice, in case our loyal Supreme court does a Babri musjid type favour to the fascists.

      1. 😂😂😂. Well you know you really believe in supreme court’s and the law and order system only when the decision comes in your favour. The hate is visible in your words. Keep it up.👏👏

  2. Mr. Mujtaba, you seem to be naive the IPC 125A, etc you mentioned were all applied to Muslims. What do you expect, Don’t ever think even in your wildest dream in the current scenario it will apply to PK. Police, Bureaucracy, and Judiciary are on their side and still, you expect. I can only laugh at your nativity.

  3. This Syed Ali is out of his mind. He is telling so many lies for pk. He shd come with facts and example.
    I hv bn listening to pk. He just brings out historical facts suppressed by congress and communists and radical Islamists.
    Pk has never said any wrong thing , and never tried to create enmity.
    This Syed is playing politics and instigating Muslims. There is no fact in his article.
    If he does not agree with any point of pk, he shd discuss and present facts to counter him. He has no point.
    I challenge u or any of ur chamcha to take legal action. Why they hv not done this till now.? They know it will not bring results.
    So, easiest is to play victim card and do dramatics.
    Now, whole India know all these games.
    So, beware. Ur games r over.
    Stop all this false nonsense.

    1. Dare these ppl to protest against China.. China is massacring Uighur Muslims but none of the muslim nations have the balls to talk in world stage against them…Just because we have been tolerant, these ppl talk & try to do rubbish…shame on you…

  4. Has your darling PK ever tried the troll-buster “Riddles of Hinduism” powerful antidote by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Sir?
    Available easily on google!

  5. It is time for ‘You Tube’ act taking down all the hatred videos. As far as India’s justice system seems to lowest in all time. I believe all the sections mentioned above will only make him ‘bold’ or ‘underground’.
    It won’t surprise me if this hatred continues some day someone will take the ‘Goli Maro’ call of junior Finance Minister Anurag Takur calls seriously.
    But if wish for ethnic cleansing of Muslims of India, who rejected the two nation theory of RSS and Muslim league and stayed back in India accepting it as their motherland need to be tried for his words.
    We India don’t want another ‘Rwanda’ or ‘Burma’. We believe in composite nature of the nation in which constitution given us equal rights.

    Jai Hind

    1. Hatred.. The most intolerant, inhuman, fascist religion followers on the planet is saying things on “hatred video”..
      Jaake apna Owaisi aur maulvis ka muh bandh kara.. Chale “Jai Hind” karne..

    2. muslims should get their own areas in india,
      jinnah got pakistan-but the ignorant muslims stayed back-
      now pretend they believe in denocratic india,

      they found india was tolerant- nothing has changed.

      muslims showing real face.

      lookat other muslim countries-

    3. juth bolna bandh karo fact check karlo 95% muslims ne india k muslim league ko 1946 me vote kiya tha…..57 muslim countries me se ek me bhi democracy nahi hai….jinnah jisne pakistan islam k naam pe banaya tha…us mulk me kabhi democracy nahi aayi…so stop saying that muslims mil k rehna chahte hai…see all over world muslims hi baki sabhi religions vaalo k saamne lage huve hai….kisi religious book me hanood o yahood jaisi baate nahi hai…gajva e hind ab sabhi ko pata chal gaya hai….ab bhaichare ka mukahota utar do….is desh k kisi bhi muslim ne kabhi ram mandir k liye rally kyu nahi nikali….soch lo..ham to samaj gaye hai ab sab jol…

  6. wherever there are Muslims, there are problems. Even after making Pakistan on the basis of religion, see the problems over there. It has become a failed state and they are begging to every nation and world banks to run their country.

    1. Ask these idiots to show one country, one muslim city which is free of violence and hatred. Muslim majority countries have majority problems….I wonder what you ppl will do if at all you manage to kill all the non-muslims of the world who remain after converting a few….you ppl will find another excuse to kill each other…..you have preached and spread only hatred towards other religions whereas Hinduism is tolerant of all religions. Just becoz we tolerate, doesn’t mean we will let u walk over us and our rich culture….

  7. If all these sections are well applied across the country, 90% of Maulanas at Madarsas would be behind bars in jails. Playing victim card on the above lines has been a historical trait of our muslim community, even if they have to speak blatant lies.

  8. Pushpendra’s facts are undisputable. Kamlesh Tiwari, Ramalingam, Bharat Yadav, Dhruv Tyagi, Chandan Gupta, Ankit Sharma, Ankit Saxena, Dr. Narang and many more hindus have been killed by some hate filled muslims. The fact that the media makes a issue only of Aklak and not of the many Hindus killed, will make anyone’s blood boil at the dual standards.

  9. I support pushpendra. The thing is Indian National Congress and other parties in Bharat wants to wipe Sanatan dharm from Bharat.

  10. I have watched many of his videos, if being outspoken is hatemongering to you then be it. If you can’t digest the mere reality and dare to label that hatemongering, what an I say? What substantial proof do tou have regarding this major allegation?

  11. Chutiyon, vo to keval duniya ke ek दकियानूसी व घटिया धर्म और उसके अनुयायियोंको जरूरत से ज्यादा दी जा रही भीख व तवज्जो पर टान्ट कर रहा है।

  12. उसकी कही बातों व तथ्यों को झुठा साबित करने के बजाय धर्म को बीचमें/की ओर रुख करने वालों,
    या तो तुममें जाहिलियत या तुम्हारे धर्म में।

  13. Pehle apne maulvis, madrasas ko bandh karo.. Pehle jaake Owaisi ka muh bandh karao.. chale Pushpendra ji ka bhashan bandh karne.. Achcha aur suno “he must not be allowed”.. tera baap ka maal hai kya be madarchod.. Saare muslanman Pakistan jaaye

  14. I wish Mr. Syed Ali Mujtaba take Mr. Pushpendra to the court then only he will find out if he is spreading hate or telling the truth. You all know very well that the Indian Hindus have been kept in dark for over 70 years not only by Muslim but by our own Hindu leaders.

  15. One should not even bother to read such a baseless article. There is no fact, no proof- just opinions underpinning an agenda. Pushpendra kulshreshtha talks about historical facts. He has never instigated violence.
    If anyone is cancer for society, its people like syed Ali who have an agenda against truth.

  16. Bhosdiwalo sachai suna raha ha bnda ….isliye tumhari ftt rhi ha …pushpendra ji is right…wo jo bi aaj kr rhe ha .bahut pehle krna chaiue tha …..jai hind jai bharat

  17. Sicktard muslims are cancer to society , you people cant live peacefully anywhere in world.. We all know your bloodiest history of 1400 years , yemen syria, lebenon all wont have any RSS, VHP branches but still they are kiling each other more than 2 million people died whom do you blame for that ?
    in india its RSS, in afganistan its USA , in europe its chritians ,, get a life piglets we all know you very well

    1. Go learn some proper English first, you lying inbred Hindu sewer rat. Of course you make no sense because you’re a whatsapp university drop out. Islam brought civilization to you primitive pagan savages, we know your history steeped in superstition under the terrorist cult of Hinduism. Money worshipping, cow urine drinking, RSS terrorist Hindu sh1t eaters will be dealt with.

  18. Three decades back ,I lived adjacent to a Muslim ghetto . I was surprised to see small Muslim kids of age 5 to 7 years playing and shouting ” Hindustan murdabad,Pakistan Zindabad”.
    These were innocent children who I suppose were just reflecting what ever was discussed at their homes. I was deeply saddened with what I saw as iam yet to see Hindu kids this small having this kind of indoctrination.

  19. This article has more hate than any of the PK’s speeches combined. First get your facts right. Don’t post imaginary articles. Where is the proof for all the accusations you did against PK ? This kind of Mindless accusations, filthy comments on any free thinker, Philosopher is the reason for the backwardness of you religion ! People like you are the biggest enemy of your religion.

  20. This website names muslimmirrior so i would like to ask the owner of this page to go and look into the mirror for what he/she has written. First thing the person who has created this page has no idea what muslim have done to india. How much destruction they have made in past. How much hindu womens were raped and mans were killed by this muslim in past is not known to the owner of this page. Infact the writer of this page is also a Madrsa Chap Katmulla who have no knowledge of Indian history. And yes its time to remove islam from Bharat and we will make it. Go and file whatever complaint you want to file because now your Khangress Party is no more to save you.

    1. @Anonymous hindu terrorist gutter rat,

      Theres nothing wrong with this article or website. You’re a typical Hindu RSS sanghi gutter rat lying and calling for genocid against Muslims. Uneducated dirty BJP bandars like you don’t even know your own history. Muslims have always way far more tolerant towards Hindus, we ruled over you , and gave India its national identity, and turned it into the world’s top economy. Everything great about India came from its Muslims, while its worst aspects from Hindus, and their satanic Brahminism.

      You Hindu scavengers treat your own women like shit, and you’ve made India famous for the rape capital of the world. You kill your own daughters by female selective abortions! Dowry killings! That’s why India is world’s worst country for women.

      You think you can exterminate India’s Muslims? You are dreaming, filthy Hindu cow shit eater, it will be you hindu extremists and terrorists who will be kicked out of Bharat. We don’t need Congress to save us. We’ll have you primitive dogs kicked out of every Muslim country. We wont be complaining in India, we will fight for our rights and, we will chop you terrorists up worse then the Chinese. Know your place, good bhakt. In the gutter!

  21. you all filthy bhakts !! PK is the biggest liar, check his new lie which has been denounced by Ministry of Ayush!!!

    Ministry of AYUSHFlag of India #MyLifeMyYoga
    It is clarified that the
    has not removed any doctor or medical officer from duty or service at any time in the recent past.

    Pushpendra Kulshrestha
    आयुष मंत्रालय ने डॉ. मुजाहिद्दीन हुसैन को उनके पद से हटाया नहीं है यह जानकारी आयुष की साइट से उपलब्ध हुई है सही जानकारी देना ही मेरा कर्तव्य है इसलिए इस अधिकृत जानकारी को ट्वीट कर रहा हूँ।

    he cannot even get the facts correct and playing the filthy islamophobia games, and you ignorant people thinks he is a Philosopher and a thinker, anyone can search how many scams he did in his past…and now he is a desh bhakt, like all other andbhakts…. Jago India

    It was Dr A P J Kalam who made INDIA a powerful nuclear nation, otherwise Sanghis would be hiding in their shakha-holes!

  23. bhai woh joh bolta hai prove kae sath bolta hai tumhari trh nhi agr woh kattar hai toh hai tum na ho tum muslims right ki baat kro toh thik pr woh agr hindu right ki baat krae toh glt yeah kya batemizzi hai

  24. Rangeela rasool pedhiye aap bhai
    log..sab kuch galat likha hai usme ..ek aadmi jangali logon ka maseeha ban jaana jaata hai.
    Wo jangli log civilised ho hi nehi patey.

    Horses for courses…
    Hindu are exceptions crass to humanity…
    Thier intellectual contribution is gone to dogs if they think any can be write something like Rangeela rasool.

    Full of lie and creative romance on someone they don’t know of.

  25. I think you my friend, have to see the islamic nations around us. Take a good look at pakistan its an example

  26. But still, u were, u are, and u will always remain a CONVERTED SLAVE. Before abusing Hindus, don’t forget ur ancestors were stripped naked before they became a Momin from Kaafir. Yet, u r treated worse than pests by ur original masters, i.e, the ARABS

  27. I hope there is a write up like this for Zakir Naik on this website. Then only this story and this website can be called balanced and justified

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