HC issues notice in plea seeking NIA probe in anti-CAA protests


New Delhi, Feb 28 : The Delhi High Court on Friday issued notice to Centre and Delhi Police on a petition seeking the National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe into “anti national forces” behind the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The petition, filed by one Ajay Gautam, sought a direction to investigate the role of “anti national organisation known as the People”s Front of India (PFI) which is funding, motivating, supporting and backing these anti-national protests.”

A Bench of D.N. Patel sought response and listed the matter for April 30. Protests against the CAA have been going on for over three months.

“It is not a normal protest, it is submitted that anti-national and Anti-Hindu forces are behind these protests and some vested interests/parties/countries are funding these protesters,” the plea stated.

The petitioner also raised concerns with regards to the closure of various roads in Delhi”s northeast area.


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  1. Protest is a democratic way of expressing someone concern.hence it is not a crime in democratic country.
    Whereas allowing riots for controlling the protest is not a democratic way.
    Even I know hindutva fringe elements become very active in the riot hit area since 2010.
    It is wierd that indian intelligence department are not aware of this.
    Are intelligence department and police manufacturing these riots?
    Do they do not find any other way to quench protest?
    Just listening to the people might have solved the issue.


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