Ayodhya verdict : Hindutva kills Hinduism


By Aslam Abdullah

The practice of Asteya in Hinduism demands that one must not steal, nor have the intent to steal another’s property through action, speech, and thoughts. Astute is one of five major vows of Hinduism and Jainism. The other four are:

Nonviolence – Ahimsa, Truth – Satya.
Celibacy/Chastity – Brahmacharya.
Non-attachment/Non-possession – Aparigraha.

Additionally, six sins lead the soul to hell for eternity. They are 1) Anger  2) Greediness or corruption, 3) Illegal sex, 4) Fascination to the world, 5) Ego, and 6) Jealousy.

In his Deivamani Malai, the most famous Tamil poet Saint Vallalar says that seven qualities keep us from reaching God. Kama, Anger, The mean man, Laziness, ego, and  envy.

What is evident in the movement of reclaiming the Babri Masjid for building a Ram Temple is that Hinduism lost its soul. Violence was used to intimidate people. They subverted the Truth and sought worldly gains. Their leaders at the forefront were the ones implicated in rape and sexual abuse cases.   Anger was their lifestyle, and the meanness was their behavior. Egos were high, and jealousy towards Muslims was well known.

Hindus, who were claiming that they believe in Satya concocted and promoted lies. Religious leaders who vowed in the sanctity of their faith indulged in violence and used dubious means to capture the land where the Masjid stood for almost 500 years. The people swearing on their religious texts, instigated their followers to commit destruction and murder.

Every vow that Hindus make to follow their faith was broken. It is on these broken vows, Hindus would build the Temple they would dedicate to Ram, their deity, or the manifestation of Shiva.

What an irony that the Temple would now stand on the debris of Hindu values.  It is the debris piled by the people who claim to be devotees of Hinduism.

Muslims must understand that God is not their God only. He is the God of every human being. Any place that remembers him as the sole creator of the universe is sacred. The Masjid was sacred, and its destruction is the desecration of the divine sanctity. Those who plotted to defile it and changed its identity are the ones who would be held accountable. In our lifetime, we will see these people experiencing the divine wrath. It will come at the choosing of God. A Temple built on deception and violence can never be called a place to worship him. It would always remind people of the injustice, fraud, injustice, and abuse as long as that Temple remains in existence. Ram Temple would be associated with the broken vows of Hinduism.

The idea that the land allotted to Muslims instead of Babri Masjid is a symbol of injustice. Muslims are capable of building hundreds of Masajid and welfare institutions without the dole coming from those who engineered the demise of Hinduism. They should reject it and work with those Hindus who believe in the sanctity of their religion to build institutions dedicated to justice and fairness.

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