Hizbul Mujahideen appoints new commander in Kashmir


New Delhi/Islamabad, May 11 :  Banned militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen has appointed Gazi Haider as its new operation chief in Kashmir, replacing Riyaz Naikoo who was killed by Indian security forces in a highly successful operation last week.

As per a statement issued by the outfit on Sunday, a copy of which IANS accessed, Hizbul Mujahideen announced the appointment at a meeting of its council under the chairmanship of United Jihad Council (a Pakistan-based conglomeration of several terror groups sponsored by ISI) and Hizb supremo Syed Salahuddin. The meeting had been called to mourn the death of Naikoo and his aides, Mohammad Bin Qasim and Mohammad Adil who were killed Beighpora in Pulwama district of south Kashmir.

Besides announcing the appointment of Gazi Haider, the banned group based in Pakistan, during the meet, also announced Zaffar-ul-Islam as “deputy of Haider and Abu Tariq as his “chief military advisor”.

The UJC chief, as per the statement, called Naikoo and his associates ”martyrs” and hoped that their “blood will surely benefit their separatist movement in Kashmir.” Hizbul Mujahideen has been seeking Jammu & Kashmir”s secession from India and merger with Pakistan.

One of the most wanted terrorists, Salahuddin during the meeting praised the “determination” of the mujahideen (terrorists) towards the separatist movement. The participants at the meet avowed that the separatist movement “will continue till its logical conclusion and nobody will be allowed to exploit the sacred blood of martyrs,” statement said.

On Saturday, a video of Salahuddin surfaced on the internet where he appeared distraught by the killing of Naikoo and his aides. Speaking in Urdu with a Kashmiri accent, he was heard saying, “It”s a shock for all of us but these ”shahadats” (sacrifices) are going on in Kashmir since long. Since January this year, 80 mujahideens have given their ”shahadat” and all of them were highly educated and trained.”

However he acknowledged that it was a lost cause for Hizbul Mujahideen, saying, “Mujahideen also broke the back of enemy (security forces) in Handwara, Rajwar recently but the enemy (India) has the upper edge.”


3 thoughts on “Hizbul Mujahideen appoints new commander in Kashmir

  1. Muslims cannot live without violence. If you see all over the world, muslim community is involved in some sort of violence. It may be Iran-Iraq war, Afghan war, Palestine issue, Kashmir issue, Rohingya conflict etc. Their traditional approach is first settle down in non-islamic state then start increasing population (population jihad) then demand separate country through terrorist activities. Entire world is fed up with muslim nuisance.
    Now, about Kashmir.. It is true that muslims & Hindu Pandits staying there since last several centuries. But this land belongs to Hindus because Kashmir is an origin of Hinduism. Hence, there was special status given to Kashmir so that ownership will remain with Hindu but Kashmiri muslims will enjoy freedom also. But what these Kashmiri muslims did? They misused their special status & they started terrorist activities with help of terrorist country Pakistan. The demand of Kashmiri muslims to get separate country is an extreme demand because:
    1) Kashmir is an origin of Hinduism & hence land belongs to Hindus &
    2) Kashmiri muslims have killed many innocent Hindu Pandits, raped Hindu women & expelled them from Kashmir valley in 1989.
    Hence, kashmiri muslim have lost moral rights to demand freedom. But since, they can’t live without violence, they have started terrorist activities.
    Atalbihari Vajpayee had started peaceful talks with Pakistan but outcome was nothing. Now Hindus have understood that these people does not deserve peace & harmony. Hence, India has decided to crush this unethical freedom movement started by Islamic terrorists. Modi government is on correct path.. soon Kashmir will be free of terrorism.

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