I have nothing to say on PFI’s link to violent anti-CAA protests: Amit Shah


By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi, Feb 14: Speaking on Popular Front of India’s link to violent anti-CAA protests, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said “When the investigation is going on, I have nothing to say about PFI. When it gets over, I’ll say what I want to say and if there is anything to say.”

The Home Minister was speaking at Times Now Summit 2020.

“In reality we didn’t say anything about PFI; it’s your channel which propagated those things about PFI. Our ministry is investigating the matter and ‘ if’ we find anything necessary to act upon, we will act ” he added.

When asked about Sharjeel Imam, the Home Minister said “Such extreme statements should not be made. Sharjeel Imam said he will cut off Assam (from India). We have held him for that,” the minister stated further, referring to the JNU student’s seditious remarks.

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