IIT Madras student Fatima Latheef committed suicide due to ‘humiliation and religious discrimination’  


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Chennai : Days after  Fathima Latheef, a  19-year-old first-year undergraduate student of  Indian Institute of Technology Madras committed suicide in her hostel room  in Chennai her father Abdul Latheef has alleged that she took such extreme step due to   humiliation and religious discrimination she was facing from her faculty members.

Fathima hailed from Kerala and was pursuing her under-graduation course in the humanities department at IIT Madras. She committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in her hostel room on Saturday.

Latheef has appealed Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to ensure a fair probe because his daughter in a text had reportedly accused one of her professors of harassing her.

Abdul says Fatima had told him she would be switching her phone off as she wanted to study. But the next thing he heard from her hostel was the warden informing him that Fathima has committed suicide.

He says when he reached Chennai with his family, Fathima’s sister Aysha switched on her phone. In the message, she had blamed one of her professors to be the “cause of her death”, Abdul claims.

The family says that after reading her note they realised that Fathima was being constantly harassed by her professor at IIT Madras. “It hurt her dignity.”

Abdul has also accused IIT Madras officials of giving “contradictory statements” to “cover up” the matter.

Earlier Police had said no suicide note was found from Fathima’s room and the preliminary probe indicated that she was concerned about her academic performance.

In a brief statement, IIT Madras expressed deep grief and sadness over the girl’s death.

“IIT Madras faculty, staff and students extend their deepest condolences to the family, friends and other near and dear ones of the deceased student. This is indeed an irreparable loss to the institute and the family. May her soul rest in peace.”

(With inputs from PTI.)

7 thoughts on “IIT Madras student Fatima Latheef committed suicide due to ‘humiliation and religious discrimination’  

  1. We have to educate young Muslims about Challenges of being Muslim in India.we live in an age of psychological pressure and intimidation. We got to be able to Resist this by developing a mindset based on the the STRATEGY and psychology of
    There is None to be feared but ALLAH,
    There is none to be worshipped but ALLAH.
    Labbaik ya Mohammada
    Labbaik ya Rasulallah sallalahoalaihiwasallam.

    1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon!

      Easier said than done!

      Islamophobia is a widespread Cancer growing malignantly!

      If you want to surgically treat this cancer in India, fight to ”Ban EVM fraud elections” which emboldens majoritarian fascism and gives impunity to these racist Islamophobic Manuwadis!

      Otherwise just sit back and enjoy like Owaisiji and all our selfish Sectarian jamaats ; till this cancer eats up your last bit of self-respect and dignity!

  2. We all youths specially Muslim youth should come fwd & take appropripriate actions against all such incidents and teach a lesson to dese culprits, so that no one should dare to repeat such incidents.

    1. Never in this life, my dear !

      We Indian Muslims believe in only one Almighty God Allah!

      Fathima Lateef is already enjoying in Paradise jannah for eternal period Alhamdulillah, as she was forced by oppression by your racist Manuwadi Islamophobe fascist majoritarian brute gang….
      Islam is win-win always!

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